Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


11. Chapter 11

A/N: Oh shit, I'm so so sorry for the long wait! I was really busy looking for a job and I sort of forgot about Movellas...Anywaaaays, thank you everyone who got me in line and told me to update as a lot of you say that you've fallen in love with this and you want to see what happens next, so yeah, thank you and you may start reading! -Scarlotte <3


Mealotte's POV


"Wait, excuse me. Jace is going to give me this tattoo?" I questioned the worker who just nodded, "Did you forget that I work here?" Jace laughed while slipping on a pair of gloves, me glancing at Harry who was on the chair where he was going to get his piercing.


He looked anxious. Not like anyone wouldn't feel like that if they were going to get a facial piercing.


"So you want to cover a patch of skin on your tattoo sleeve?" Jace looked at me as he sat me down on the tattoo chair, sitting beside me on a stool with a piece of parchment paper, a pen and he had glasses on, ooh-


"Yes, Jace. I do want to cover a patch of skin on my tattoo sleeve." I responded while raising my eyebrows, I've been talking about this tattoo for quite a while now..


"Don't need to be sassy, what do you want the tattoo to be?" he chuckled, his hand ready to start drawing whatever I want.


"Um, I want this specific date on my arm." I smiled as I thought of the time all seven of us had met, at a friend's party.


"Oh, and can you add a red solo cup and a coin beside the specific date too?"


I added on while remembering how we all became friends, Harry and I won a game against the winners who were the never-losing champions, Jace, Matthew, Jason, Scott and Drew.


They liked us a lot after we defeated them, so we all became friends. Anyways, this isn't about friendship, this is about tattoos right now.


"Alright...Can you now tell me the date, darling?" Jace questioned me politely as he glanced at me, noticing I was day dreaming a bit.


"Oh, yes. The date is 3.20.09." I answered with a small smile on my face.


"Isn't that the date when all of us had met for the first time?" Jace grinned as he cocked an eyebrow, wiggling the pen at me. I nodded with a slight glint of happiness in my eyes.


"March twenty, 2009." we both said at the same time with a gasp. Well mine was a fake gasp as I wasn't surprised about when we all had met.


"Now hurry up! Harry's lip is almost done with his piercing!" I exclaim while taking a quick glance at the boy, his eyes were squeezed shut and he was mumbling my name, looking for comfort.


Well that's adorable.


"Alright, alright. Just be patient and this'll be finished in no time." Jace chuckled as he finished writing the date on the parchment paper. He put the paper on the wide patch and buzzed the tattoo needles, dipping them in black ink.


He traced the outline of the sophisticated designed numerals carefully and slowly, making sure to make it perfect.


The pain was just- it was just unbearable, too much pain, it was like a shark slowly creeping up on you in the water and then starts to rip your arm off with its own sharp, needle-like teeth.


"Oh shit this fuckin' hurts." I groaned loudly while leaning my head back, gripping the arm of the chair. "How sharp is this fucking needle?!" I exclaim loudly as it didn't feel like those normal needles at fucking all.


"Sharper than a sharpened #2 pencil." Jace answered the a small grin as the ink that was traced on the parchment paper seeped through it and onto my skin without missing a patch of skin.


"Okay, really? What the fuck?" I say with enthusiasm, which filled in after with pain.


"Oh don't be such a girl."

"But I am a girl."

"Stop being such a soft kitten."

"I thought I was a tiger."

"Okay, stop being such a softie kind of tiger."

"Shut the fuck up."


I argued loudly as I heard a loud gasp from Harry, I guess the lip ring got through his lip. Yeah, it's pretty painful.


Rolling his eyes, Jace filled in the letters without the parchment paper. It hurts like losing your virginity. Well, I don't know how much that hurts..


"If only this can go faster..." I grumbled quietly, crossing my legs and fluttering one eye shut in pain.




"We're done!" Jace shouted happily, throwing the container of red and black ink to the floor, as well with the multiple needles.


"Shit, Jace. You just made a fucking mess!"


I giggled as I wrapped plastic wrap around my arm, so that the ink won't smudge. "Yeah, yeah. Barry will take care of that. You guys! Let's go!" he squealed quickly, grouping everyone up and pushing us out of the tattoo parlour.


"Ow-" Harry groaned, his face coming into contact with my head, his lip brushing the shell of my ear.


"Holy shit." I gasped as he moved his head back, his lip ring coming into view.


Fuck he's hot.


"What? Is there something on my face?" he questioned while moving his hand around his face, carefully brushing his lower lip.


"No shit, sherlock. Yes there is something on your face, might as well make it hurt less." I say quietly, trying to make my sentence sound lest flirtatious.


Harry furrowed his eyebrows in confusion, having no clue what I meant. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and raised my head to connect my lips with his own.


"Awe." the other boys cooed, I noticed that Matthew didn't respond, I fluttered one eye open to see him gazing at me. Well, more like jealousy stare.


Harry then pulled away with a whimper of pain. "My lip is sore now..." he trailed off, rubbing the underside of his bottom lip.


"Awe, sorry boo." I grinned while nudging his shoulder, running over to Matt and jumping on the boy's back.


"Back to Jace's flat, bunny!" I laugh, I smacked Matt's head and he started to run freely outdoors, everyone else following us. "What I think right now, is that you should be in my bed, tiger." Matthew whispered in his low voice, him turning his head and winking at me.


"What I think right now, is that my answer is a no." I respond, me flicking Matt's nose as he started to walk. He grunted with fake sadness, jogging toward's Jace's door.


He let go of me and ran into the door.


He ran into the fucking door.


That wasn't very smart.


Poor door.


"You fucking idiot, Matthew. You chipped my fuckin' door!" Jace exclaimed loudly, hitting Matt's head with a stick.


"Okay, wait, what." I stammered, holding my giggles in.

"Poor door."

"Jesus, Jace. Don't be so dramatic."

"I'm not bein' dramatic."

"This is an abandoned flat that you all live in. It's been chipped for ages."

"You got a point."

"What the fuck do you mean? I've got more points than that."

"Jesus christ, let's just get inside and eat marshmallows."

"Ew, what the fuck no. You dribble when you eat marshmallows."


"You guys shut the fuck up, we'll just have hazelnut hot chocolate." Drew laughed loudly, grunting slightly as he pushed the door open with his foot.


"I swear to god, you guys are like a married couple." Jason sighed while plopping down on the floor, everyone else sitting on a sofa.



"Shut the fuck up, Jace."

"What, I wasn't even going to say a fuckin' thing."

"You're begging for a fucking smack to the face."

"Excuse you, no I am not."

"Just stop talking."

"But you keep talking to me!"

"That's why you don't respond!"



I smacked Jace's face with a pillow, cutting him off. "Don't say 'fuck you'. It is rude and noone wants to be fucked by you, Jace." raising my eyebrows, Jace mumbled stupid shit and slumped, crossing his arms.


"Child." I mumble with a slight giggle, crossing my legs and arms, closing my eyes to take a nap.








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