Innocent Boy [16+]

It's funny, really. Very weird as well, isn't it weird how the girl is the bad one and the boy is the good one? Isn't it weird how the girl is the perverted one and how the boy is the innocent one? Isn't it weird how a girl can change a boy's personality and his looks? Well, let's just say this girl can do anything.


10. Chapter 10 *Short :'c *

*Harry's POV*


I've estimated that I've been sitting here for at least fifteen minutes. I'm very impatient now, what is taking them so long? "Ow!" I heard Jace screech as I heard a solid smack.


"Stop wasting our fucking time! We've got enough clothes for Harry already!" Mealotte scolded, shuffling towards me -I think-. "Hey! That rhymed!" Jace laughed, his footsteps heavily padding towards me.


Mealotte sighed, I just imagined her right now, I think she was rubbing her forehead and was ready to remove the blindfold from my face. Just then, the bright lights from the store's ceiling blinded me. "Oh god." I choked, covering my eyes.


"Oh, Harry. Just be quiet and try on all of these sets, we'll choose the best three sets. Now go!" Jace shouted, pushing me towards a changing room. I sighed, these clothes didn't suit me at all, I think Christmas sweaters and skinny jeans fit me best.


But I'm going to do this for Mealotte's sake.


I tried on the black set first, a black button up shirt with black skinny jeans, yay! There was also brown boots, a black fedora and a cross necklace.


To be honest, it was difficult to put all of these sets on as Mealotte and Jace kept rushing me.


"Last set!" I called out, relieved a bit as we were finally finished when I walked out of the changing room. "Holy shit-" Mealotte gasped when she looked up from her phone, her eyes widening.


"But that's just a sweater and blue skinny jeans.." Jace trailed off while looking at the outfit that Mealotte picked for me. "We're buying that set, the black set, and the brown set." Mealotte grinned and told me to change back to my old clothes so that they could buy the sets.


So I did as told.


*Mealotte's POV*


I was waiting for Harry to finish changing as Jace bought the three sets, the other boys waiting outside of the shop. "Ah! You're finished." I smiled at Harry whose hair was tousled at different sides.


To be honest with you, he's fucking hot.


"Let's go to a hair stylist, yeah?" Scott called out, pointing out towards a barber shop. Wouldn't hurt Harry, right? Like, he's not scared, right?


"What are we going to do there?" he questioned, the three of us walking out of the shop, everyone else following us as we walked to the barber shop. "We're just going to pay for an eight month perm." Scott shrugged, his answer quiet clear to Harry that they weren't going to cut his hair.


"Oh, okay...Then let's go!" he cheered, running straight into the barber shop. More excited than I thought. Oh well.


~After perm~


"Woah, my hair looks...amazing." Harry gaped, looking himself in the mirror while replacing some strands of hair.


"Ugh, stop admiring yourself. We're going to the tattoo shop!" Matthew exclaimed, grabbing everybody and pulling us out and heading to the tattoo shop.


"Why the tattoo shop?" Harry asked.

"They give free piercings."

"Oh, I see."

"Yeah, but someone needs to get a tattoo."


"Oh, I'll get a tattoo. I need to fill in one patch of skin on my tattoo sleeve." I raised my hand up as Matthew looked at all of us when we entered the shop.


"Oh, cool. So, Harry will be getting a lip piercing and eyebrow piercing. Mealotte, what tattoo are you getting?" I shrugged, I don't even know, but I'm impatient.


Let's get this going!

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