World of our own

This story is about two 14 year old best friends who create a world of their own. The girls are Alli and Kenzie. The creative teenagers are having a rough time at school full of horrible people but find each other and with in a day they become best friends and create a world of their own that they can go to when they feel like there is no use of them being alive.


5. 5.

I wake up to the sound of my alarm and start my usual morning routine, getting ready for school.

I pass by Starbucks on my way to school because i forgot to do the shopping yesterday, too busy admiring Alli and I's secret spot. I really can't wait to see Alli today, she is the first friend i have made at this school and it feels like we are as close as sisters.

I arrived at school and walked to my locker to get my books, but kept and eye out for Alli just in case she walks by. But she never did.

I went to class thinking maybe she was in there waiting for me but she wasn't, maybe she's just late? Soon enough the class starts to pour through the door after the bell rings. For the next hour i keep hoping she will come but after a while that hope started to fade away. Maybe she didn't like me? Maybe she's moving schools again? Maybe she was kidnapped on the way to school? the thoughts in my head were getting more and more extreme every time i thought of one.

When the bell rang once more, indicating it was time for lunch i went and sat down in the cafeteria and pulled out my cell phone to text Alli.

To: Alli <3

From: Kenzieee

Hey!! Where are you? Are you ok?

kenzie xox

I spent the next 10 minutes waiting for a reply, but one never came. I checked my watch and saw that it was almost time for the next class, i got ready for my next class and went. Feeling as alone as i did before i met Alli.



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