World of our own

This story is about two 14 year old best friends who create a world of their own. The girls are Alli and Kenzie. The creative teenagers are having a rough time at school full of horrible people but find each other and with in a day they become best friends and create a world of their own that they can go to when they feel like there is no use of them being alive.


3. 3.

Kenzie's pov.

School had finished for the day, yet i have no intention of getting home in a hurry, as i know the will be nothing there waiting for me.

During the last few periods of the day i found out Alli didn't live to far away from me so we started to walk home together. We took a different way than i normally do because Alli wanted to show me something on the way.

We were talking like we were best friends, and maybe we were? As we were talking we came across an abandoned house with way overgrown grass and by the looks of it, a forest at the back of the property, Alli started to walk towards the abandoned property and i followed because i had nothing better to do and when we reached the forest it was like we had entered our own little world, the humming of car engines rushing down the street could no longer be heard, neither could the sound of people's loud talking, it felt like we were the only people in the world, and maybe, just maybe, we were.

"I found this the other day while i was wandering around the neighbourhood and now i come here every day, for peace and quiet, i didn't know if i would ever show anyone this place but it feels like we have known each other for ever." Alli said quietly admiring the beauty of our surroundings.

"You know what we should do with this place?" I ask Alli.

"What?" She answers.

"We should make this a world of our own and build a tree house that we can come to if we ever need peace and quiet." I said.

"We'll start tomorrow after school, but i need to get home now." Allie said checking her watch and leaving quickly leaving me all alone in this amazing place.



Hey, hope you all like it! Atleast 2 likes for the next chapter.

kenzie xox


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