Dance my heart out

When a young dancer named kohl goes to a dance comp she gets angry with her score and storms out but who will she bump into maybe her favorite boy band u will have to read to see what happens!


2. Looking at the town

When we got back to the Hotel I asked my mom if I could go look at the town she said yes and I was off when I was walking around I found a small cupcake store so I went in and got a red velvet Cupcake when I was done I went back to the hotel and went to bed because I had my solo in the morning. I woke to my blackberry going off god I hate this phone I mumbled to myself. I went to the bathroom and put my make up on and  did my hair in little curls my the but my bra top and dance shorts on then put on a belly top on my dance teacher gives me clothes that show off my body because I was I really fit girl. And off I went to the comp. I watched many dances when it finally came to mine I was ready to go after I danced we had intermission (where u get awards)

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