Dance my heart out

When a young dancer named kohl goes to a dance comp she gets angry with her score and storms out but who will she bump into maybe her favorite boy band u will have to read to see what happens!


3. At the comp

My solo was called I d didn't place I ran and ran then I ran into a blond haired boy wearing sunglasses with his hood up and 4 other boys your one direction I said with shock in my voice your my fav band ever I said hahaha thanx Niall said in his hot Irish accent ow i said in pain r u ok Niall said kinda I said I think I sprained it we better take her to our place Harry said staring at my body ya said Niall ohhhh Niall likes the cute girl Louise said shut up Niall said Turing red what's your name? Laim said kohl I answered back ok they all said at the same time lets go I said ya they all yelled.

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