Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


33. Visit from Maura and Bobby

*A couple days after Christmas*

-Niall P.O.V.-

"You got everything?" I ask Kylee as we got ready to pick up mom and dad. This is her first time going back to the airport since, well, the incident. "Yep! Is Paul and Alberto outside?" she asks, grabbing my hand. "Yes" I smile to her, spinning the ring on her left finger. "I can't believe that you're my fiancé now" I smile at her. "I can't wait to be your wife" she smiles at me. "This is why I love you" I chuckle at her while kissing her quickly. "Lets go!" she says. I wrap my arm around her waist and lead her out the door.

"Niall, I can still walk to the car by myself" she laughs as I help her to the car. "I know, but still I should treat my fiancé nicely" I tell her. She scoffs and rolls her eyes. I open the door and let her in, then hopping in the backseat next to her. "You two finally ready?" Paul asks while looking at us through the review mirror. "Sorry Paulie" Kylee says. He laughs and starts the car.

"So I heard someone here has tied the knot" Alberto smiles at us while looking back at us. Kylee blushes and I take her hand. "Yep, and we have some other news as well" I tell him. "Oh, and what is that?" Alberto asks. "Would you like to tell them or should I do it?" I ask Kylee. "Hmm, you can do it. You get all happy when you talk about it" she says, poking my cheek. "Well, Kylee's pregnant" I tell them. "Whoa! Really? That's great you guys! Congratulations!" Paul says.

"Thanks. We're really excited" Kylee answers. "Have you guys told anyone else yet?" he asks. "No, we might tell mom and dad today though" I say. "Well, I would wait until you've had your first doctor's appointment. Just to be 100% sure" Paul tells us. "Thanks, we were planning on doing that anyway" I say.

We pull up into the parking lot and let Paul and Alberto look for any paps. "Okay, you should be good. Let's head on out" Paul says. Kylee gets out first, then me. We follow Paul and Alberto was behind us. "Niall" Kylee pulls at my arm. "Yeah?" I ask her. She points off to her left and I know what she's talking about. There was a small amount of paparazzi in the distance and they were multiplying. "Paul, 10 o'clock" I tell him. He looks over and nods his head.

We walk up to the doors and Kylee tightens her grip around my arm. "It's alright princess. I've got you" I whisper in her ear. Her grip doesn't loosen and I know that she's still freaking out. I wrap my arm around her waist protectively and bring her closer to my side, trying to calm her down. She buries her face into my shoulder and walks quicker.

We finally get inside and I immediately hug Kylee. "It's alright now, we're inside now" I whisper to her. She breathes in and out and gives me a reassuring squeeze. "Lets go. Maura and Bobby are probably waiting for us" she smiles. I take her hand and lead her to the gate. "They should be landing in about 15 minutes. Just let us know if there's going to ba any problems, we'll be over in the commons" Paul says before leaving with Alberto. I take her hands and look her in the eyes. "You alright?" I ask her. "Yeah, just a bit shaken up" she sighs. "Well you're pregnant so your going to be more shaken up than you were before" I tell her. "Yeah don't make that an excuse or anything Horan" she giggles. I laugh with her and kiss her nose.

-Kylee P.O.V.-

"So how is it going to work out, you know.When the baby comes" Niall asks me as we wait for Maura and Bobby to arrive. "Like, giving birth?" I ask him. "Yeah" he asks. "Didn't you learn this back in school?" I ask him. "Well, sorta. I'm still confused. Like, how?" he asks, making hand gestures. "Just uh, I don't know how to explain it to you I mean, we don't, you know" I tell him. "Yeah I see what you mean" he says, leaning back a bit. "Ask your mom maybe?" I offer. He turns his head to my direction and gives me a look of horror. "What?" he asks, like he was a deer in the middle of a highway. "Well how do you think you came into the world?" I laugh. "I'll just ask dad" he says, slowly turning his head back to where it was before. I laugh at him and pat his knee. "The beauty of childbirth Niall. The beauty of it" I say.

"There they are!" Niall says while getting up. He helps me up and we wait for them to come. I see Bobby first, then catching Maura waving at Niall. "Kylee dear!" Maura smiles as she hugs me. "Hi Maura! How are you?" I ask her. "I'm doing great!" she smiles. Then, her eyes went to my ring finger and widened. "What's this? Did Niall?" she asks. "Yes mum, I proposed to her" Niall smiles. "Oh that is wonderful news! Welcome to the family Kylee!" Bobby says while hugging me. "Thank you! Now let's start going because I see a few paparazzi over in the distance. Maura I'll help you with your bags" I offer. "Are you sure babe? I can get it" Niall asks, and I know exactly what he's talking about. "No I should be fine" I smile.

We go over to baggage claim and get the bags. "I'll pick it up and you can roll it out here" Niall tells me while getting Maura's bag. "Niall" I whine. "I'm only protecting my princess" he smlies innocently. I roll my eyes and laugh. "So how are you?" Maura asks. "I'm doing good. My album just came out and I can't be anymore excited" I tell her. "That's great! I am going to buy it nonstop" she laughs. "So when did he propose?" she asks. "Christmas morning" I tell her. "Aw, that's my boy" she coos. "Yeah we haven't really told anyone yet, we've only told the guys and you" I tell her. "Are you two going to wait to tell the fans or?" she asks.

"Yeah we're going to tell the fans later so we don't start a war or anything" I laugh. Niall and Bobby get the bags and we head out to the car. *Skip car ride* "Okay so we cleared out the guest room for you two. I hope everything is okay" I tell Maura and Bobby. "Everything is just fine sweetheart you don't have to worry" Maura smiles. "Well, we're going to go get some rest. We'll see you for dinner?" Bobby says. "Yeah but uh, dad can we tell you something?" Niall asks. "Sure what is it son?" Bobby asks.

Niall looks over to me and gives me a look. I nod in approval and he takes my hand, then looking at his parents. "Kylee is pregnant" he smiles. Maura and Bobby both cheer in joy and hug me as tight as they could. "We're going to be grandparents!" Bobby says. "Alright well we are going to go take a rest. We'll see you guys later!" Maura says before going to the spare bedroom.

I sigh and sit down on the couch. "2  down, 10 million to go" I laugh. Niall sits next to me and nuzzles my neck. "Whattttt" I giggle, trying to get him off. "Nothingggggg" he says innocently. I feel him kiss my neck softly, then move up to my jawline. "Nooooo" I whine, pushing him off. "But why notttt?" he asks. I point to my stomach and he sighs. "But-" he begins. "No. Not until a doctor appointment has been made mister" I tell him, putting my finger on his lips. He opened his mouth and bit my finger. "Ow!" I say, yanking my finger out of his mouth. "What was that for?" I ask him. "You put it there" he chuckles.

"That was not nice Horan" I scold. He laughs and lays his head in my lap. "I seriously cannot wait until the baby comes" he smiles. "Niall, I'm only 2 weeks" I giggle. "I know, but still. He or she is going to have your beautiful face and eyes" he chuckles. "I seriously doubt it. They're going to have your eyes. And your hair and smile and all that" I tell him. "Nooooo" he smiles. "Yessss" I say back to him. He suddenly leans up and kisses me unexpectedly. I pun my hands through his hair and he grabs my face. "I love you" he says into the kiss. I kiss him back lovingly, showing that I love him just a much, and maybe even more.


Hola! Como estas? Estoy muy bien:) haha so I put up my Zayn fan fic today so I'm gonna write the introduction and all that:) Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!:) xx


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