Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


22. Time off

-Kylee P.O.V.-

* One Week Later *

I pull up into the parking lot and turn the ignition off. I sigh and rest my hand on the steering wheel, trying to slow down my breathing. Once I was calm, I open the door and leave the car. I walk over to the spot and put the flowers in the vase. I sit down and read the writing. "Hey Mason" I say. I put my hand on the tombstone and keep it there, feeling its roughness. "How are you doing up there?" I ask. "I'm doing great, you would love what's been going on lately. I'm dating Niall, heh, he and I actually just went through a rough patch, but we made it trough. I miss you so much Mase" I say. "When you left for the army, I was so mad at you. I wanted to hit you, break all of your stuff, and tell you that you are the biggest idiot that I ever met, and that I never wanted to see you again" I say, tears forming in my eyes. "But then, I thought that it wouldn't be long and that you would be home soon. Well, when was that day supposed to come Mason? I mean, you promised me that you would come home" I say, letting the tears escape my eyes. "You broke your promise" I sob. I bury my head in my hands and cry my heart out.

-Niall P.O.V.-

"Alright Liam I get it! I'll be safe. My plane just landed. I will see you soon. Yes I'll say hi to Kylee. Bye" I say before hanging up. I found out that Kylee flew to America and I wanted to see her, after all, it is the anniversary of Mason's death. She was so torn up about it. I remember the day she found out about it. We were at school and it was during study hall. She had me come with her, thinking that Mason would be there at school, picking her up. But she didn't receive the news she wanted. I let her cry in my arms until the day was over. For a period of time, she was depressed. She would barely come to school, but when she did come, she wouldn't go anywhere. She would just sit in the library and stare up at the ceiling. I need to make sure that she's okay.

I rent out a car and drive home. For all I know, she's staying with Alison and Jared. *Skip car ride* I pull up next to their house and grab my bags. I walk up to the door and knock a few times before being greeted by Ali. "Niall! So nice to see you!" she says while giving me a warm welcome hug. "Hey Alison! How are you?" I ask. "Good. Jared should be working out in the garage. Come in!" she motions. I walk in and set my stuff down.

"So is Kylee around?" I ask. "Actually she just left to go somewhere, she didn't say though. Which is really starting to make me worry, and no pregnant woman should worry right now" she says. "Wait, did you just say that you were pregnant?" I ask. She smiles and nods. "Well congratulations! How far along are you?" I ask. "Just 6 weeks. But don't tell Kylee, she doesn't know yet and Jared and I are planning on telling her tonight" she says. I nod and sit down in the living room. "Oh, you can stay downstairs with Ky. There's enough room down there for the both of you" she says before coming back in with a water. "Thanks again for letting me stay while I'm out here. I remembered what time it was and I wanted to check on Ky" I say. "No problem! And yeah it seems like she's taking it pretty hard this time" she says.

"I might know where she's at though if you would like to go see her" she adds. "Where?" I ask. "She's probably visiting Mason" she says. I nod and thank her, then leaving to go to the cemetery where Kylee is.

I pull up to the gate and see Kylee's car down the road. I drive up and park behind her. I look over and see that she's crying next to Mason. I jump out and walk over to her. I crouch beside her and tap her shoulder. She looks up at me and stops crying. "Niall?" she sniffles. "Hey Ky" I say. "W-What are you doing here? How did you find me here?" she asks. "Well, I saw on twitter that you flew out here and I remembered what month it was. So I decided to come out here and check on you. Plus I missed you" I say. She smiles and hugs me. "Thank you for coming out here" she whispers. "Anything for my princess" I say. She pulls out of the hug and I look deeply into her eyes.

"So how are you?" I ask, taking her hands in mine. "I've been better honestly" she sighs. "Alison told me that you're taking this pretty hard" I say. "Yeah, it's just harder this year" she replies. "Well, lets go back to Ali's and we can relax there" I offer. She nods her head and I help her up. "I'll drive you home, and we can get your car tomorrow" I say. "No it's fine really, I can drive home" she says. "Nope, I'm taking you home" I say. She laughs and rolls her eyes. -Skip car ride- "Ali we're back!" Kylee yells. Kylee and Jared come in and have huge smiles on their faces. They're gonna tell Kylee. "Jared and I have to tell you something" Ali says. They both look at each other and nod, then looking back at Ky. "I'm pregnant" Ali says. Kylee squeals and gives them hugs. "But we want to ask you two something" Jared says. "We want you two to be their godparents" he adds. Now this I did not know. "Of course!" I say. We all hug and Kylee helps me put my stuff downstairs.

* Later that night *

We were laying in bed and relaxing until I spoke up. "So are you excited about being a godparent?" I ask, rubbing her back a bit. "Yeah! I can't wait to see the little baby!" she says excitedly. "You wanna know something?" she asks, sitting up a little. "What?" I ask. "I uh, I actually have been thinking about some stuff" she says. "Are you saying that you've been thinking about children?" I ask. "How did you know?" she asks. "Well, ever since you found out you have been talking non-stop about them" I smile. She blushes and looks down. "It's alright to tell me this Ky" I say. "You don't think it's weird or moving too fast?" she asks. "No, in fact, I think about stuff like that all the time" I admit. "Really? What kind of stuff?" she asks. "Our future together" I say. She raises an eyebrow and waits for more. "I think of where we'll live, or when we'll get married. And about children" I say. "But what about you? Have you thought of stuff like that?" I ask.

"Well of course. I've thought of that for a long time. And I've already been thinking of names" she trails off. "What are they?" I ask. "Well, for a boy I would like Reece Nathaniel. And for a girl I would like Sydney Olivia" she blushes. "Those are beautiful names Kylee" I smile. She smiles back and I kiss her gently. "I love you so much" she says. "I love you too. No lets go to sleep" I say, wrapping my arms around her. She snuggles into my chest and I kiss the top of her head. "Goodnight Ni" she yawns. "Goodnight princess" I say before going to sleep.


Update!!! :D And 600+ reads!!! O MY FUDGECOW!!! haha but there's gonna be an update soon!! Love you guys!!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!:) xx


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