Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


38. Shopping for baby clothes

-Kylee POV-

"Awww Niall look at this one!" I coo as I hold up a little blue onsie with an elephant on it. "We should get this for the boy!!" I say, putting on my puppy dog eyes. "Kylee that's like the 50th outfit that you got! I think you're going to spoil them" he chuckles. I laugh it off and put it in the cart. We walk over to the girls section and I spot a adorable little outfit for the girl.

It was a mini skirt with a pink shirt with a little unicorn on the middle. "What about this one Niall?" I ask. "No I am not going to let my daughter wear a mini skirt" he says immediately. I laugh at him and pat his shoulder. "It looks cute on babies Ni! You don't have to worry about anything" I smile. "I don't know, I don't want little boys thinking that she's something she's not" he says, being skeptical about this. "Oh trust me Niall, we won't have to worry about that for a LONG time" I say, dragging the word 'long'. He scoffs and rolls his eyes, then grabbing the outfit and putting it in the cart.

I smile and kiss his cheek, then steering the cart over to the cribs and everything. "So which one do you think would be good?" I ask, looking at these two cribs carefully. "I like this one" Niall says, walking over to a dark brown crib that looked really sturdy. "Yeah, I like that one. Lets get it" I say. Niall gets the two boxes and puts them on the loading cart.

"Do you wanna get a changing table or wait?" he asks, standing next to the changing table that has 3 drawers and a mini shelf. "Lets get it now so that we don't forget later. "Good idea" he says before loading it. We get a few more things, such as diapers, toys, a few wall decorations and a few more clothes (night time).

"Will this be all for you today?" the cashier asks, scanning our cribs. "Yes sir" I say, writing a check out for them. "Expecting twins?" the cashier (who's name was Brad according to his name tag) says as he put the small things into bags. "Yeah, a boy and a girl" Niall says, grabbing a few bags. "Well congratulations you two!" Brad says with a smile. "Thank you" I smile back, giving him the check after receiving the amount we had to pay.

We head out to the car and drive home where the guys are waiting for us to set everything up. "We're home guys!" I yell, closing the door behind me. "Holy crap. How much stuff did you guys get?" Harry asks, stopping midway down the stairs. "Just the basics" Niall says innocently. "Just the basics? You got enough stuff for a village!" he adds, looking at what we bought with the others following shortly after.

"So two cribs and one changing table?" Zayn asks, looking at the large packages behind Niall. "Yeah, you and I will do the cribs and setting up the changing table is up for grabs" Niall explains. "I'll do it!" Liam says, raising his hand high in the air like a preschooler. "Okay, I guess we're setting it up. Louis and Harry you guys can rest with Kylee if you would like" Niall says before kissing my cheek and running upstairs.

"How's our little niece and nephew?" Louis coos to my stomach as we sat down on the couch. "It's uncle Harry and uncle Louis!" Harry says in a baby voice, rubbing my tummy. I feel one of them kick and Louis and Harry both cheer in joy. "One of them kicked!" Harry says excitedly. "That means they like you two" I smile. They both shout in joy and continue to rub and talk to my stomach.

"Everything's set up!" Niall says, coming down the stairs. "How'd it go?" I ask, looking behind me. "Great! Although Niall was a wimp about a few parts" Zayn says, looking at Niall from across the room. "Hey I could have DIED" Niall says in defense. "Niall, you couldn't have died from putting up the door on the crib" Liam says.

"You had trouble putting the door on the crib?" I ask Niall. "Hey it's a lot more complicated than it seems!" he says. I chuckle at him while he pouts. "So have you guys figured out some names for the babies?" Harry asks while stretching on the floor or doing something. "Well, for the boy we both like Luke Matthew" Niall says, sitting down beside me. "And for the girl, we're still deciding" I sigh, leaning back into the couch as Niall rubs my feet.

"Well, what are the names?" Louis asks. "Natalie Grace, Cassandra Rae, Delilah Rae, or Riley Cassandra" Niall adds. "Those are really great names!" Liam says, the other guys agreeing with him. "I like Natalie Grace and Cassandra Rae" Harry says, sitting up from his odd stretch routine. "Really?" Niall and I both ask. "Yeah, they're beautiful names" Zayn says, flashing me a smile. "Thanks you guys, that helps us a lot" I smile, sighing in relief as Niall massaged a spot that was killing me on my foot.

"Well, it's sad to say that we have to leave. We'll see you later!" Liam smiles as he came over and hugged me. "Bye guys! Thanks a lot for everything you did today" I smile, squeezing their hands as they were on their way out. After they left, Niall sits next to me on the couch and rubs my stomach. "You tired?" he asks, looking into my eyes. "Yeah a little bit" I sigh, leaning against his chest. "We could take a nap right here and now" he whispers in my ear, stroking my arm. "Okay" I yawn, burrying my head into his chest.

"Goodnight Niall" I yawn. "Goodnight Kylee" he says into my neck, and then I slowly drift off to sleep.


Hello!!!!!!! Long update!!!:D enjoy!!! and I added a name for discussion: Cassandra Rae :) hiw about that??? Leave suggestions in the comments!!! Thank you!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!!:) xx


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