Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


16. Recording with Little Mix

-Kylee P.O.V.-

It's been 3 weeks since Niall left and today was the day I started recording with Little Mix. I've met Perrie before and we've become really great friends. I met the other girls, and we are really good friends. I am also now 20 years old and I gotta say, I honestly don't feel older.. Oh well haha. I walk up to Syco's building and go to the elevator. I would take the stairs but I'm feeling a bit lazy today. The elevator dinged and the doors opened. I walk out and go to the recording room. Perrie gave me a spare key so that I could come in any time. I open the door and find the girls sitting on the couch, writing their new songs. I'm soo excited!!

"Hello girls!" I say as I close the door. "Kylee!" Perrie and Jade scream as they get off the floor and run towards me. I set my purse down and open my arms. They jump into my arms and we embrace into a weird, deformed group hug thingy. Jesy and Leigh-Anne laugh and roll their eyes, going back to their writing. After we pull out of the hug I sit down on the floor in front of the couch and drink my coffee. "Sorry I'm a little late guys, traffic is freaking crazy" I say, taking a sip. "It's okay, we actually began a bit early but you didn't miss a lot" Leigh says. "So what's the song that you guys are writing? And which one am I going to be featured in? Not to sound bossy or anything" I say. "A song called 'Move' and you will be featured in it" Jesy smiles at me. "Oh that sounds like an amazing song. May I?" I ask while looking at the journal in Jesy's hands. "Go ahead" she says while handing me the book. I read it and hum out a tune of how I think it will sound based on the writing.

After I finished, I hand it back to her and they all look at me. "Soo?" Perrie asks. "I think it's amazing. I love it!" I say. We all clap our hands in excitement and finish writing the song. "So we can start on recording it right now" Jade says. I nod my head and follow them into the booth. It was bigger than mine and all of us could fit inside. We were placed in a row, so it went Perrie, myself, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne. Their manager came on the speaker and gave us the heads up. Jade began to sing and we were patiently waiting until Perrie nudged me, signaling that it was almost our turn to go. Once it did, her and I both sang our lines and high fived each other. Jesy started singing and all of us sang back up for her lines. Then it came to the chorus and it sounded awesome. Leigh began to sing, then it was Perrie, but this time I got to sing with Jesy on her line in the second verse. Our voices sounded pretty cool together if you ask me. Then I got to rap with Leigh which was different, but in a good way.

We finished the song and went back out to relax. "That was an awesome song" I say, collapsing onto the couch. "I'll say! Who wants pizza?" Leigh asks. "ME!" I yell while raising my hand in the air. She laughs and gets our orders. Perrie sat down next to me and Jade and Jesy were by my feet on the ground. "So how's dating Niall?" Jade asks with a nudge and her eyebrow raised. I smile and laugh at her trying to be cool. "It's great! I miss him though" I say. "Awww Kylee misses Niall! That's so adorable!" Jesy coos. "Shut up Jes!" I laugh while throwing a pillow at her. She dodges it and laughs at me. "Perrie, can I ask you something?" I say. "Of course!" she chirps. "How do you cope with Zayn being gone all the time?" I ask miserably. "Well, he and I call each other a lot" she says. "Do you and Niall do that?" she asks. "Yeah we Skype every night" I say. "There's a good place to be, but we also tell each other that we love and miss one another. And we say how our days were, which that helps a lot" she says. "And tell him how you feel. It may make him sad, but it'll tell him that you're thinking about him and that you care" she says. "Huh, I'll do that" I say. "Okay, pizza will be here shortly. So let's go over the plans for the next few weeks" Leigh-Anne says while coming back in.

* Later that night *

"We should have a sleep over in here tonight! Like a lock in!" I suggest after we finished eating our food. "We should! But we don't have any clothes!" Jade says. "Well, there's a store around the corner, we could buy some pjs there and we're all set" Perrie says. "Sounds good! Jesy and I will run down there and get the stuff. We'll be back shortly!" Jade says while getting up with Jesy and leaving. Leigh, Perrie and I grab some blankets out of the closet and the pillows along with the cushions from the couch, spreading them out in the middle of the room. We move everything out of the way and wipe our foreheads. "Hey Perrie, can I borrow your laptop for Skype?" I ask, suddenly noticing the time. "Sure!" she yells from the other room. I grab it and go into the recording booth for more privacy, then go onto Skype and type in Niall's name.

After a few rings, Niall's face pops up and I smile. "Kylee?" he asks. "Hey Niall!" I say, waving at the camera. "Are you using Perrie's Skype?" he asks. "Yeah, we were recording today and we've decided to spend the night here so I am talking to you on her laptop" I explain. "Ohhh that makes sense. So how's recording been?" he asks. "Good! We worked on a new song today and it sounded really good" I say. "Can I hear it?" he asks with a smile. "I'm afraid not. Their manager locked the control room so we can't listen to it" I frown. "Awww well maybe next time?" he asks. "Maybe" I say, looking off into the distance. "What's wrong?" he asks. "Nothing, just staring off into space" I say. "Are you sure?" he asks. "Yeah, I didn't get much sleep last night so I am a little out of it today" I answer. "Well then get some sleep! It's like what, 11:30 over there?" he says, looking up and thinking. "Uh, I think so. I don't know" I say. We looked at each other through the camera and made silly faces. I did one that made him laugh so hard that he was clutching his stomach. "God I miss you" he says, coming back from his fit of laughter. "I miss you too" I say. "But how's the tour so far? You guys should be what, in Manchester still?" I ask. "Yeah we have one more show tomorrow then it's off to Ireland!" he says. "Are you gonna go home when you get the chance?" I ask. "I might, I'll have to see when my breaks are. I'll get you something from Mullingar" he winks. "You don't have to do that" I say, blushing a bit. "But I will" he says with a grin. I roll my eyes and laugh at him. "You silly boy" I laugh. "Hey! I'm not a boy. I'm a man!" he says while crossing his arms and pouting like a five year old. "Oh I'm sorry, silly man" I laugh. We both burst out laughing at how ridiculous that sounded before hearing Liam tell us to be quiet. "No!" Niall says over his left shoulder. "Niall!" I gasp. "What?" he asks. "You just said no to daddy direction. You're in so much trouble!" I tease. "Well, maybe I wanna be a bad boy" he says with a smirk and winks. I blush and bite my lip. "Don't do that" he says. "What?" I ask. "Bite your lip. It kills me" he says. "Oh, you mean like this?" I ask while doing it again. He slouches in his seat and runs his fingers through his hair. He groans loudly and looks up at the ceiling. I laugh at him and stop biting my lip. "Hey Kylee, I have to go. Paul's telling me to get some shut eye" he says, coming back to the camera. "Aw, tell Paul that he's a buzz kill" I pout. "Oh believe me, I tell him" he chuckles. "Alright, well, I love you" I say. "I love you" he says before blowing a kiss into the screen. I smile and log off. I shut the computer and lean against the wall. 'You'll see him soon. He will be home before you know it' I think.

I go back out and see that Jade and Jesy were back and everybody was already dressed. "Kylee! You're back! Here are your clothes" Jade says while handing me my pjs. I take them and go into the bathroom to change. I come out once I've done so and climb under the blankets. Our heads were all touching each other and we were looking up at the ceiling. We all started talking about random stuff until I began crying. "Awe what's the matter Ky?" Leigh asks while moving closer to me. "I-I miss him" I sob. The girls all come over to me and engulf me into a group hug. "It's going to be alright Kylee. He'll be home in the blink of an eye" Jesy says while moving my bangs out of my eyes. "Ya, and before you know it, he will be lying in bed with you" Perrie adds. I sniffle a bit and rub my eyes. "Thanks you guys. Seeing him tonight I guess made me remember how much I miss him" I say. "Well that's normal sweetheart. We're only human, and you're going to miss him and want to be with him" Jade says while rubbing my back like Niall does. I nod my head and hug the girls. "And you can stay with either of us if you ever feel lonely" Leigh says. They all agree and I thank them. Once I settled down, we all went to bed, and I dreamed of Niall. Craving his touch and warmth on my skin. I miss him so much.


Woohoo!! Another update!! :D this one was kind of sad towards the end 'cuz I'm just in the sad mood from reading that fan fic earlier (which I am STILL crying about)... haha but I hope you enjoyed this chapter!! :D Love you guys! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!:) xx


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