Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


18. Move!

-Kylee P.O.V.-

Today is my last day in Europe with Niall. We went to Paris together which was nice, and we were more open about our relationship since everyone knows now. But the weirdest thing is, I haven't really gotten much hate like I thought I would.. Like I would get some but most of them are supportive. Weird. But anyway, I was packing my things and trying not to get distracted by Niall (who was trying to get me to stop packing for a little bit).

"Niall I have to pack!" I say while trying to get his hands off of me. He wrapped his arms around my waist from behind and was nuzzling my neck. "But I don't want you to gooooo" he whines. "Neither do I sweetie but management said that I have to get back to record" I say while putting my socks back into my suitcase. "But can't you miss your flight? You know, 'on accident'?" he asks. I laugh at him and pat his hands. "I wish, but you know with Simon. Especially what happened recently. I don't want to piss him off more than he already is" I say. Niall sighs and buries his face into my shoulder. "But when will I see you again?" he asks. "I don't know Ni. It could be any day. I'm just that sneaky" I say. He chuckles and tightens his grip around me protectively. "I really did enjoy that, you know" he says. "I did too" I smile. He began to kiss my neck and I knew that this was one of his tricks to distract me. "Ohh no no no mister. Not this time" I say teasingly. He moved his way up to my ear and began nibbling on it. I bit my lip to try and keep me quiet, and surprisingly, it was working. He got my signal and stopped, resting his head on my shoulder and sighing. I finished packing and he helped me get my stuff out to the car.

* At Airport *

"That's my flight" I say as I get up. Niall was sitting next to me and he grabbed my hands, stroking them in comfort. "I'm gonna miss you" he says as he rests his forehead on mine. "I'm gonna miss you more" I smile. He smiles back at me and rubs his nose against mine. "Can you miss your flight and stay for one more show?" he asks. "I would love to but I can't. Simon's already pissed" I say. "Plus, I have to shoot the music video with Little Mix tomorrow and I can't miss that" I say. He sighs and looks down at our hands. "That's alright, I understand" he says sadly. I put my right hand on his left cheek and stroke it with my thumb. "Please don't do this, it hurts me to see you this way" I tell him. He puts his hand over mine and gives me a weak smile. "It's going to be alright, I will see you soon. I promise" I say. He takes my face in his hands and looks at me, then to my lips, and then back to my eyes. He leans in and kisses me gently. "I love you" he says into the kiss. "I love you too" I say as I pull away. I squeeze his hand reassuringly and grab my bags. I walk over to the gate and stop, looking back at Niall and waving goodbye to him. He had his hands in his pockets and wore a sad expression on his face. He waves back, and that was the last thing I saw before getting onto the plane.

* Next day at the studio *

"Take five ladies!" the choreographer tells us. We just finished a massive number and it was pretty exhausting. We ran to our water bottles and wiped the sweat off of our foreheads. "That was intense" Jade pants. We nod our heads in agreement and chug our drinks. "Do we need to change for the next scene?" I ask, regaining my breath. "Uh-huh. Nancy said that it's in our dressing rooms" Perrie says. Once we finished drinking, we headed into our dressing rooms. My outfit was laid across the countertop and it had a note on top of it saying 'For Kylee in the last scene'. It was a sports bra type of thing, black washed out jeans with silver spikes on the back pockets and some chains hanging from the front pockets, and some black combat boots that had spikes on the heel.

I change into the outfit and walk out, seeing that girls were already dressed and ready. "Lookin' hot Kylee!" Leigh jokes while the others wolf whistled at me. "Oh stop it!" I laugh, blushing a little also. "Quick send this to Niall!" Jesy says. Perrie pulls out her phone and points it to me. "Say cheese!" she squeals. "Cheese!" I say, posing for the picture. "Perfect. I'll send it to him right now!" she says before tapping her phone. "Okay let's get back out there girls!" one of the dancers says to us on the way to the room. We all go back out and dance and sing to the last scene.

"That was amazing!" Leigh says while giving us high fives. We all sat down in Perrie's dressing room and relaxed from our hard day's work. "I never knew you could dance like that Kylee" Jade says while putting her feet up. "Yeah, it was hard for me not to watch you dance" Jesy compliments. "Well thanks guys. And yeah my best friend is a dancer so she taught me some stuff" I say. "Well maybe she could be one of our choreographers! Management is always looking for some people to help" Perrie adds. "Maybe, Liam and I are trying to get something for her out here so she doesn't have to travel back and forth. So I could ask her" I reply. "Well, she should definitely join us here because I want to learn those moves she taught you" Leigh says before taking a drink out of her soda.

Perrie's phone buzzed and she ran over and grabbed it. "Who is it?" Jesy asks. "It's a reply from Niall on that text I sent him earlier" she says with a smirk. All of us bolt up and charge after her. "What did he say?!" Jade asks. "Let's have Kylee over here read it" she says, handing me her phone. I take it and look at his reply, laughing at him.

From: Niall H.

'God I wish I was there right now. Tell her that she's killing me and that she will pay for it when I see her next time;)'

I blush mad and couldn't help but smile. "Oooohhhhh Kylee's blushing!" the girls coo. I give Perrie back her phone and the others read the text. "So have you guys?" Jade asks. "Yes we have don't freak out" I giggle. "Details!" Leigh-Anne squeals. They all scoot closer to me and cross their legs, staring at me with anticipation like it was story time at preschool. "No I won't give you the details" I say. "Pleaseeeee!" they say. "Just give us an overall view" Jesy says. "Um, alright. He was very sweet and caring" I say. "Nawwww well he does love you, and all of us know that" Jade adds. I smile and get up to grab a beer. For the rest of the evening we talked about our lives before they are now and other things.

* Later that night *

I was lying in bed, texting Niall and watching tv. I was watching a cooking show until my phone buzzed.

From: Nialler:)

'You know, you really killed me in that outfit. xx'

I laugh at him and type a reply.

To: Nialler:)

'Did I? I would've love to seen your reaction though...;) xx'

From: Nialler:)

'Oh trust me, you would've seen it alright. xx'

To: Nialler:)

'Well I will have to wear that again the next time I see you so therefore I could see how you react to it. xx'

From: Nialler:)

'Please do! xx'

To: Nialler:)

'Haha! I have to go to bed now :| I have a photo shoot/interview in the morning. Blech:P I'll call you after. I love you!!:) xx'

From: Nialler:)

'Awww:( Okay, talk to you soon. I love you!! xx'

I turn off my tv and plug my phone in, then drawing the covers up to my chin and soaking in the warmth. Oh how I wish Niall was here with me right now...


Hellooooo! So um, 500 READS!!! :D I feel the need to celebrate.. WITH MORE UPDATES! You deserve it!! :D And have you guys bought Story of My Life yet???? I couldn't 'cause I'm 10 cents short on my iTunes card D: Which sucks tbh. And I have a headache:( I woke up with it and it still hurts:( But ohhh well it should go away pretty soon. If not, then crap is about to go down.. Haha! Well I love you guys!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!! :) xx


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