Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


9. It's you?!

-Kylee P.O.V.-

*BEEP! *BEEP!* BEEP!* "Ughhhh" I groan as my alarm clock goes off. I hit the top of it and stop the obnoxious noise. "Skylar! Time to get up!" I yell into my pillow. She was staying in my house and was a room away, but she could here me. I lazily get up and throw the covers off of me. I look out the window and see that the sun has just barley came out. I stretch my arms over my head and yawn. I look over to my clock and it says 9:30. I better get going for work. The Doncaster Rovers have practice today and want me there for the beginning half. I walk over to my bathroom and close the door. I reach under the sink and get some towels out, then turning the warm water on. I get in and I just lay there under the water, maybe falling asleep every now and then... After I wake up and wash my body and hair, I get out and dry myself. I walk out of the bathroom and go to my dresser, picking out my outfit for today. I have to wear something that I can easily move in because I may have to run later. I grab my tennis shoes for running in (but bringing my pair of knee high boots for my meeting later today with Simon), my washed out jeans that have a couple of decorative rips in them, a 'Forever Young' shirt and my leather jacket. I love leather jackets! I must have like, 4 of them in my closet right now... But anyway, I got dressed and brushed my teeth, then doing my hair and makeup; my hair was put into a half pony where the red part of my hair is showing and for my makeup I only did some foundation and blush. Once I thought I was good enough, I leave my room and go to Sky's. Low and behold, she's still sleeping. Eh I'll let her sleep. She just arrived the other day and is not used to jet lag. I go downstairs and get my phone and purse, then my keys and head out. The stadium was only 20 minutes away but to kill some time, I decided to put on the radio. Next came the song 'Wake me up' by Avicii and I absolutely love this song! I turned it up full blast and began singing along with it. The song ended and the next song was 'Summer Love' by One Direction came on. I don't know this band, but they sound really good and I like their songs. Right before the song ended, I got to the stadium parking lot. I turn the car off and go into the entrance. I walk down the long tunnel under the seats and out onto the large field. "Kylee!!!" I hear one of the players Jonathon say. He came running toward me and picked my up bridal style and spun me around. Jonathon and I have a great relationship (not dating) but he's been my best friend since I moved to London. "Jonny!!" I yell. "How are you?" he asks. "I'm good!! How about you?" I ask as he set me down. "I'm good! I've been practicing real hard" he says. "Well that's great! Well I think your coach is calling you over so I will see you later I guess?" I say. "Yep! Bye Kylee!" he says before running off. I go over to the benches and set my stuff down, then going onto my phone to see my schedule for the day. But before I got to see it, my phone began ringing. The caller I.D said Simon. I press 'answer' and put it up to my ear. (Conversation between the two)

K: Hello Simon!
S: Kylee! Great you answered! How is your day so far?

K: Good I just got to the Rovers' practice. But what about you?

S: I'm good, are you still going to be able to make it to our meeting today?

K: Yes sir I am.

S: Great! Oh and Vogue magazine called, they said they wanted to do a photo shoot today at 12:45. Is that alright?

K: Uh yeah that's fine where is it going to be at?

S: Right here in the building. So you could just stay here until then. I'll have my assistant get food and everything.

K: Well that sounds perfect! I guess I will see you soon?

S: Indeed! Have a good practice today!
K: Thank you!

I hung up the phone and put it back into my purse. So I guess I have a photo shoot later today. I look up and watch the players to make sure they don't hurt themselves. All of a sudden, I hear someone walk near me and sit down behind me. "Hello" I hear a woman with a British accent say to me. I turn around and see a woman who looked to be in her early 20's, dark brown wavy hair with light blonde tips and brown eyes. "Hello" I smile. "What's your name?" I ask her. "Eleanor, Eleanor Calder" she says while offering her hand for me to shake. "And I'm-" I start but she cuts me off. "Kylee Andrews, I know. I see you on covers all the time and listen to your songs all the time" she says with a friendly smile. Cool, I've got a fan. "I think you're really good at what you do" she says. "Why thank you Eleanor. What do you do for a living? Sorry if I sound a bit bossy or anything" I say. "No that's alright, I actually go to a university out here in Manchester and I'm a model for Hollister" she says. "Wow, that's amazing! Have you had any other modeling jobs or stuff like that?" I ask. "No not yet, but I'm pretty well known from my boyfriend" she says. "Who's your boyfriend?" I ask. "Louis Tomlinson. He's the one out there on the field with the ball" she says while pointing to the field. I look over and see who's she's talking about. He was kind of tall with wind blown light brown hair. He was running really fast with the ball and kicked it into the goal. Eleanor and I clapped for him and he came over for a break. "Hello love" he says to Eleanor while kissing her cheek. "Louis, this is Kylee!" she says while pointing to me. He looked over to me and he froze, his grey turquoise eyes were locked on me, watching my every move. "Hi I'm Kylee" I say while offering my hand to him. "Hello I'm L-Louis" he says while taking my hand and shaking it. "Is something wrong sweetie?" El asks him. "Oh it's nothing I just thought she was someone else. Um I have to go make a call real quick, I just remembered something for the band. I'll be back" he says before leaving. "Well that was weird" El says. "He usually never does that unless he knows somebody that he hasn't seen in a while. Or it could be something else, you never know" she laughs. I laugh along with her and we talked for a while.

-Louis P.O.V.-

I quickly leave the girls and run to the locker room to get my phone. I dial Niall's number and wait for him to answer. (Convo)

N: Hello?

L: Niall, are you awake?
N: I am now, what's the matter?
L: Kylee is over here at practice. She's talking with Eleanor.

N: What? Are you serious?
L: Yes, she's our sports medicine trainer.

N: Alright should I come over now or?

L: No, we don't want to create a scene here, just in case she's mad at you or something. Okay?

N: Yeah sure I get what you're saying. Thanks for letting me know.

L: Sure, well I got to go. I'll see you at the photo shoot then?

N: Yeah, see ya.
L: Bye

I hung up the phone and went back out. I have to make sure Kylee doesn't leave yet. This could only be Niall's one shot a true love again.

-Kylee P.O.V.-

"Well it was nice meeting you Eleanor. But I have to go to a meeting with my boss" I say while getting my things ready. "Okay well I have your number and we should get some lunch tomorrow" she smiles. "Yes of course! Then I can give you some modeling tips too" I say to her. We give each other friendly hugs and I leave the stadium. "Crap" I say under my breath as I see some paps over in the parking lot. Those things follow me everywhere. I put my sunglasses on and just walk straight towards my car, ignoring them. "Kylee over here!" they say as the flash their cameras. "Kylee! Can you give us some details on your upcoming album or photo shoots?" another one says. "I'm sorry but that information is classified" I say before jumping into my car. I honk the horn a bit to move them out of the way and then drive off. Sheesh, it's like they have nothing else to do with their lives but follow me. I should bring my body guards next time. Mental note, Bring. Bodyguards. I head over to Syco's building and go inside. I go up to the floor where Simon is and wait in the lobby until my meeting is ready. I'm always a bit early to these things. My parents always told me that it's better to be early than late and have to get fired. "Kylee Andrews" the lady at the front desk says, telling me that he's ready for me. I get up and go into his office. "Ah Andrews!" he says. "Hi Simon" I say with a smile. He comes over to me and gives me a hug. He's kind of been like my second dad considering he helped me become the woman I am today. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for him. "How was the Rovers' practice? Anybody get hurt?" he ask while we take our seats. "Nope, but I did meet a couple of people there that I haven't seen before" I say. "Really? Well who was it?" he asks. "Uh Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson" I answer. He tenses a bit when I mention Louis before relaxing. "Ah Eleanor and Louis. Great people they are. But hey we don't have enough time to chat about them right now. We have to discuss your career" he says, changing the topic. "Okay, shoot" I say. "Alright, so how's your album coming along?" he asks. "Great actually I am just now working on song number 6, so I only have about 7 or 8 more songs to go" I say. "Well that's pretty good considering the due date of the album" he says. My new album comes out in September, so I only have about 6 months left before it comes out. "But I have some offers for you to feature on some songs and singles" he says, crossing his hands together. "Who's up?" I ask. "Well, you know one of my group of girls Little Mix, right?" he asks. "Uh, YEAH! I love them!" I say. I am like the ultimate fan of Little Mix! Perrie is my favorite, considering her and I have the same singing range (which is an alto). "Well they are working on their 2nd album and we want you to feature on a couple of their tracks. What do you say?" he asks. "It's a absolute yes Simon. Thank you so much!" I say. "Great! And so we will schedule a meeting with them sometime this week for you to get to know them and all that girly stuff" he says. I roll my eyes and scoff as he said 'girly stuff'. Oh classic Simon. Just then, the door opened and when I turned around, I couldn't believe my eyes. It can't be him...


HEYOOOOO! :D haha how's it going peoples?! Hehe here's a cliffhanger for you! I thought I would be nice enough to do that;) haha but I hope you enjoyed this chapter!!! And thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for the reads!!! :D I mean it when I say this; I love you guys. Did I ever mention that? Haha but there should be an update soon! I'm kind of working on this and my homework so ya:/ Homework is stupid. :/ But anyway, enjoy!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my chickens!!:) xx


P.S Please no hate about how I added Eleanor on here! I don't like any fights or stuff like that to happen and it kinda came out so please no hate!! I would appreciate it soooooooo much!! Thank you for you!!:) Love you guys!! xx

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