Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


41. Happy Birthdays?!?!

*Niall's birthday*

-Niall POV-

"Okay that's set up" I say to myself as I put out the bowl of chips. "Food's all set up!" I yell to Kylee, who's in the main room. "Decoration is set up!" she yells back. I walk into the room and see so many balloons put up, some confetti thrown on the ground, and of course, a DJ. We rented a clubhouse so that we can have the party, and plus, our house isn't really big enough.

I look over to Kylee and smile. Her shirt barely covering her huge stomach, and her dark brown hair that goes down to about her upper back (medium length). "Woah, that's new" she says, putting her hand to her stomach. "What?" I ask, running over to her and putting my hand next to hers. "Luke kicked, and he's not a night kicker" she giggles. "Don't give your mother a hard time mister" I say to her stomach.

"Ohh I just can't wait until they are here!" she says happily. "I know! Then we get to play with the little munchkins!" I say, nuzzling her neck. "So when is everybody going to be here?" she asks. "Mmm about 4 ish" I reply. "Okay good" she smiles. "So what do we do until then?" I ask. "I don't know everything's set up" she says, looking around. "Are you hungry? We haven't really had lunch" I ask her. "Yeah food sounds good right now" she says.

We lock the clubhouse and go to subway to eat. "How's your food?" I ask her, watching as she dug into her sandwich. "Delicious!" she cheers. I laugh at her and steal one of her chips. "Hey! That's mine!" she pouts, trying to reach over and get it back. "Nope it's mine now!" I mock, putting the chip in my mouth and eating it.

"You know, you really shouldn't take food from a pregnant woman" she says, squinting her eyes at me and scrunching up her nose. "But it's funny" I chuckle. "Ohhh you just wait Horan. Whe these twins come out, you're gonna get it!" she says evilly (but in a playful way). "Is that supposed to be challenging or-?" I smile. "Niall!" she gasps while smacking my arm. "Well you said it!" I say defensively. "Whatever" she giggles, rolling her eyes and drinking her iced tea.

"Oh we should get going it's a quarter 'till four" I say, looking at my watch. "Okay, let me just throw my stuff away" she says, gathering her trash. "Are you sure that you don't want me to get it?" I ask. "I can get it Nialler" she says, ruffling up my hair on her way to the trash bin. I stand up and stretch my arms out, waiting for Kylee to come back. "Okay I'm ready! Lets go!" she says. I grab her hand and lead her to the car, then drive off to the clubhouse.

*Skip Party* "Thanks for coming! See you later!" I wave to Zayn and Perrie. I close the door and walk over to the kitchen where Kylee was cleaning the dishes. I wrap my arms around her from behind and nuzzle her neck. "Thank you for the party. I really enjoyed it" I say into her neck, and rubbing her belly. "You're welcome sweetie! Oh I need to use the ladies room, I'll be right back" she says before going to the bathroom. I lean against the wall and run my hand through my hair. It's been a great day.

Minutes later (or what seemed like an eternity), Kylee came out of the bathroom, but her face was pale. "Kylee, what's wrong?" I ask, panicking and going over to her. "Niall" she says cautiously. "Yeah?" I ask, worrying even more. "It's time" she whispers. It's time? What does she mean? I give her a confused look and her eyes dart towards her stomach. Oh my god, she's in labor!

"OH! Well then lets go to the hospital!" I say quickly. She nods and we go to the car. "Are you in pain?" I ask, glancing at her and the road as we drove to the hospital. "No not yet, but it probably won't be long until I do" she says, repositioning herself in her seat. I pull up into the emergency care center and carry her in bridal style.

"I need a nurse!" I shout. About 3 nurses run over with a wheelchair and I set Kylee down in it, who's now starting to breathe deeply and heavily. "Ma'am have you had any contractions yet?" one of the nurses asks. "No, but I'm not very comfortable" Kylee replies, her voice shaky. "We need to get her to a room so that she could relax, quickly!" a nurse yells to the others.

"Niall, I'm scared" Kylee says, grabbing my hand. "Don't be princess, I'm here for you" I tell her reassuringly as they wheeled us to an empty room, ready for the twins' arrival. I can't believe it. This is really happening...


Hey sorry for the short update I'm kinda in a hurry haha but I hope you enjoy this chapter!! Part 2 will be up sometime tomorrow!!! Love you guys!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!!:D xx


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