Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


45. Happily Ever After

-Kylee POV-

"Hush little baby don't say a word, momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird" I sing, cradling and rocking Natalie to stop her from crying. Luke wasn't at all bothered by his sister's crying, but something with Natalie just set her off. "Is it because daddy's gone?" I ask her. She continues crying and I make a bottle quickly. The twins are about a month and a half old.

"There ya go" I say to her, sitting in the rocking chair. Niall's in the studio today and it's just me and the kids. After she finished her bottle, I crawl onto the ground and put Natalie on the blanket, then grabbing Luke and placing him next her. "Okay, so what should we do today?" I ask, sitting up on my knees. Natalie smiles and puts her hand in her mouth and chews on her fingers.

"You're so weird little girl. You definately got it from your father's side" I giggle at her. So far, they are both getting some hair and definate facial features. Luke's getting my freckles across his nose and cheeks, Natalie's got Niall's freckles on her neck just like his, Luke's hair is light (like a dirty-ish blonde) and Natalie's is a dark brown just like mine. Both of them have my nose and Niall's smile. That's something that I wanted them to have; his smile.

It always brightens up the room, makes anyone around him feel better or even smile. My phone began buzzing and I hit answer. "Hey Niall!" I say into the speaker. "Hey princess!" he says. "How's it going at the studio?" I ask. "Good! We're just about done so I should be home pretty soon" he says. "That's great! The twins and I really miss you!". "Aww well tell them that I miss them too!". "Yeah, Natalie's been fussy since she woke up without  you here". "When I get home I'll snuggle with her if that will make it all better" he chuckles. "Okay, I'll let you go. I love you!" I say. "I love you too! Bye Natalie and Luke!" he says. I laugh and hang up the phone.

"Guess what! Daddy's coming home soon!" I say excitedly to the twins. They don't budge and continue to play with their toys and everything. "I guess you guys aren't as excited as I am" I say quietly. I pick them both up and set them down for their naps. I walk downstairs with the monitors and grab my book. I take my bookmark out and begin reading where I picked off.

"I'm home!" I hear Niall yell. I put my book down immediately and run to him. "Sh! I just put the twins down for their naps" I tell him. "Oh, sorry!" he apologizes. He then wraps his arms around my waist and smiles at me. "So how's the beautiful mother?" he asks. "Doing good thanks. How's the handsome father?" I giggle. "Better now that he's with you" he chuckles. I laugh and he leans in, kissing me lightly.

He picks me up bridal style, our lips still connected, and walks over to the couch. He lies me down gently and climbs on top of me. "Niall, we can't" I say into the heated kiss. "Why not?" he asks. "Because, what if they wake up?" I ask him. He sighs and looks down. "I'm sorry sweetie. Maybe we could have one of the guys babysit sometime?" I offer. "Yeah, maybe! Liam and Skylar could do it" he says.

"So, it's all good now?" I ask him. He nods and kisses my nose. I giggle and poke his nose, making him scrunch it up goofily. Then, we hear one of the babies making some noise and we both go up the stairs. "I think it's Natalie" I say as we walk into their room. Niall goes over to her crib and picks her up. "Hello!" he says, rubbing his nose against hers. "She missed you" I smile. "Well I missed her too! I couldn't stop thinking about you guys!" he says in his baby voice (which is adorable by the way). I walk over to Luke's crib and pick him up.

I begin to smell something gross and I sniff Luke. "Oh dear god!" I say in disgust, turning my head away. "Luke! You stink!" I tell him. "Natalie too! Jesus, do they just poop at the same time?!" Niall asks. "Probably!" I agree. We both walk to the changing table and change them. "You know, I think they need a bath now" Niall says. I nod in agreement and we go into the bathroom. I start the water and we set up their bath.

Niall places Natalie in the tub, and I put Luke next to her. We wash them quickly and wrap them up in their towels. "Look at how cute they look!" I coo, looking at them play with each other and the towels. Niall crawls up to Luke and blows on his stomach, making him giggle. I grab Natalie and change her into her little flower pajamas. "Here, I'll trade you" I giggle, handing her to Niall, and he giving me Luke. He takes Natalie to the living room downstairs while I changed Luke.

"Hello silly boy" I say, watching as he made weird faces at me. "Who's a silly monster? Huh? You are! You are!"  I say in my baby voice, making him laugh. Once I finished getting him dressed, I picked him up and went downstairs. All of the lights were off except for the tv, Niall had Natalie on his chest and he had the remote. "What are we doing here?" I smile, sitting next to him with Luke safe in my embrace. "We are going to watch a movie" Niall says, picking Natalie up and moving her in between us.

"Ohh what movie?" I ask. "Ice Age" he answers. "Yes!" I chant. He chuckles and hits 'play' on the remote. Luke yawns and rubs his eyes with his fists. "I think Luke might not be able to make it" Niall says, looking at him. "Poor thing, he's had a busy day" I say, cradling him in my arms. At about a quarter through the movie, I look over and see both Natalie and Niall fast asleep, with her on his chest and his hands covering her little body. I move my arm over to where I can get my phone, then taking a picture of the two and putting it on twitter saying 'Look who's all tuckered out! These two had a busy day! Sweet dreams Niall and Natalie!'

I turn the movie off and put Luke and Natalie in their bouncy chairs, then moving Niall over so that I can open the pull out couch. "Mmmm whattt?" Niall mumbles, shifting himself on the couch. "Ni it's time for bed" I say into his ear. "Can we just stay here?" he whines. "That was my plan" I giggle. He faintly smiles and sits up. "Where's Natalie?" he asks frantically. "She's in her chair, c'mon just take your shirt off and I'll get the blankets" I tell him. He does what he's told and I get everything we need.

I grab the twins and give Natalie to Niall and I keep Luke in my arms. Niall put Natalie in between us, I put Luke in my left arm and Niall wrapped his left arm around me. "Goodnight Kylee, I love you" he whispers in my ear. "Goodnight Niall, I love you too" I say. He falls asleep while I'm left awake, staring at the ceiling until it hit me. This is my life now. Niall's going to be my future husband, we have beautiful kids, and we both love each other unconditionally. I would have never imagined myself here today. I would never change it for anything in the world. I cannot wait for what the future holds.


Hello!!! So here's the sad thing, this is the last chapter D: It's sad I know! But here's the good thing; I am starting on the sequel now!!! :D But I just wanted to thank all of you for everything that you have done with this fan fic! I could not have been any more happier!!! I know that I say this a BUNCH of times but, I LOVE YOU!!!! Don't forget that okay? Haha well, I'm off to write the first chapter of the sequel Legendary Lovers:) Stay tuned!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!!! :D xx


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