Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


21. Clearing my head

* Important Information at the end! *

-Kylee P.O.V.-

My plane had just landed in America and I couldn't be more thrilled. Well, I'm gonna have jet lag for a few days.. Not fun. I texted my cousin to pick me up here and she's going to let me stay at her place while I'm out here. The thing is, I don't know how long I will be out here... Skylar is visiting family that's a different state away so I can't stay with her. I left the plane and walked out into the airport. I have to wait about 2 hours because my cousin doesn't get off for another hour and she lives an hour away from here. Let's find something fun to do! (Hint the sarcasm). I love it out here though, I mean, I grew up here. But I can't go anywhere since I don't have a car. I go to the food court and decide what to get. I have to also make sure that I don't let myself be seen because if I give away anything, those paparazzi's will be on me like bloodhounds on a criminal's trail.

I finally decide what to get and order it. After I get my food, I walk to a spot near the window that oversees the airport, and it's a good hiding spot. Just then, my phone buzzed and I got a text.

From: Nialler:)

'Please call me. We need to talk. I have a reasonable explanation about what happened'

I roll my eyes and shut my phone off. There wasn't anybody at the airport so I guess I could take my sunglasses off. I finished my food and then went shopping in the mini mall. Let's just say that I went a little bit overboard... Okay, I went overboard... Alison is going to be so pissed at me.. Eh, not my car, not my problem.

* 2 hours pass * "Kylee!" I hear Ali yell. I turn around and see her waving at me. I run over to her and jump into her arms. We are so close that we're even considered as sisters. I wrap my legs around her waist and cling onto her like a koala. She's a few inches taller than me and it's hard to just hug her normally. "Well hello there!" she laughs. I get off of her and we say our hello's. She helps me put my bags in her car and makes an effort to close her trunk. "Holy crap Ky, how many bags did you get?!" she says while shutting the door with her body. "What? I got bored and this is what happens when you leave me alone in a mini mall" I explain. She hits the door one more time before closing it. "Yay! Now let's go home!" I say while hopping up into the passenger seat. She jumps in too and starts the car.

"So, I heard that you and Niall were dating" she says, breaking the silence. "Um, yeah we were. I don't know about it now" I say, playing with my fingers. "Because of what happened yesterday" she adds. "Yeeaahh" I say. "But have you given him the chance to explain what happened? Maybe it's just a misunderstanding" she says. "I don't know. Did you see the pictures? I don't think it looked like a misunderstanding" I tell her. "Yes I saw the pictures, and he did look drunk. But you have to see that when someone is drunk, they don't know what is going on. He probably never meant to hurt you" she explains. "Well I know that, but Liam told me that he was possibly drugged" I say. "Well if he was drugged, then he definitely wouldn't have known what happened. Kylee, just give him the chance to tell you his side of the story before you make any rash decisions" she says. I cross my arms and slouch in my seat. "God you sound like my mother" I mumble. "Hey, your parents left me in charge of you before their accident. It's my job" she says. "But I don't get that, you're only 3 years older than me" I point out. She laughs and shakes her head, continuing on driving.

* Arrive at Alison's house *

"Jared I'm home! And we have a guest!" Ali yells while coming in through the door. I set some of my bags down on the kitchen table and then I hear Jared come down the stairs. "Kylee!" he says while coming over to me. "Jared!" I yell. He comes up to me and brings me up into a hug, spinning me around. "Jesus J! You've gotten pretty weak! Those High School boys must be wearing you down" I joke while feeling his biceps. He's a football coach at our old High School. "They are not! If anything, they're getting weaker. Especially after the big loss they had a couple days ago" he says. "Now Jared, were past that now" Alison says. He rolls his eyes and takes a bit out of his granola bar. "But how are you? I haven't seen you since, uh" eh trails off. "Since Mason's funeral" I say in a monotone. "Oh I'm sorry Ky I didn't mean to" he says while putting a hand on my shoulder. "No it's fine. I'm better now" I say. It went quiet for a while before Ali spoke up.

"So, I will start making dinner and Jared can help with the bags in the car" she says. Jared goes outside and gets my bags. "Where will I be sleeping?" I ask. "In the guest bedroom downstairs. It's all ready for you" she smiles. I grab my bags and head downstairs. Her basement is like a mini apartment, it's got a bathroom, a kitchen with a bar, a living room and a bedroom. I lived here from sophomore year up until after I graduated High School. I set my things down in the gigantic bedroom and set everything up.

Then, there were knocks at the door upstairs and I ran up (A/N: so like, imagine there's a separate door at the top of the stairs. It's basically like a mini apartment in her basement(: ). I open the door and Jared has his arms were covered with my shopping bags. "Do you really need these?" he chuckles. "Your wife left me alone in a mall. You do the math" I joke while taking the bags from him. So if you need anything, just let us know. Okay?" he asks. "Yep! Thank you again, I know this was short notice but I really appreciate it"" I say. "Hey, no problem. You're always welcome here" he says with a smile.

I go down to my bedroom and put everything away. I get dressed into my pjs and snuggled into my bed. I tried to fall asleep, but it was hopeless. I look over to the clock and see that it's 3:30 in the morning. I sigh and put my arms to my forehead. Should I call him? It's at least 9 am out where he is. Call? Or don't call? Before I made a decision, my hand already grabbed my phone and I dialed his number. (Conversation!!:D)

N: Hello?

K: Um, hey Niall

N: Kylee? Is that you?

K: Yeah, so um, can we talk?

N: Of course!

K: So can you tell me what happened?

N: Yeah, well. Liam already told you that we went out for drinks, right?

K: Yeah

N: So after he left to talk to Zayn, I was drinking and this woman came over and sat next to me at the bar.

K: Go on

N: And I wasn't really that drunk at first, I had a lot to drink but I also drank some water too. But this woman offered to buy me more drinks and so I just let her after losing to an argument to her.

K: So she got you drunk, dragged you to her place and you two did what?

N: Well I remember her helping me get to our hotel, but it goes blank after that. When I woke up, we were both in bed.

K: So you two..?

N: Yes I'm pretty sure. But when I asked her who she was an all that, she explained everything. But when I asked her about drugging me, she told me to 'see for yourself'

K: And what did you see?

N: Kylee, I was drugged by her. I called the police and they have her in custody right now. You know that I would never hurt you sober! All I wanted was to get a few drinks! Please believe me

K: I believe you Niall. But, I still need some time alone. I need to clear my head for a little

N: Okay, I'm willing to give you that. I'm not gonna push you or anything. But can I ask you something?

K: Yes

N: What does this mean for us?

K: It means that we're still together, and we are just taking some time to be by ourselves. It does not mean that we are broken up

N: That's all I wanted to hear! Thank you! I promise that I will never hurt you again.

K: Pinky promise?

N: If I could, yes *chuckling*

I smile and laugh along with him.

K: So I'll call you tomorrow. I love you

N: I love you too

Then we both hung up and I stared at the ceiling. Now I know the truth.


Happy Halloween!!! :D Are you ready for some spook-tacular updates?! Aha, see what I did there;) But I put up the sequel last night:) I haven't written anything in it, I just wanted to put it together so I didn't have to later. It's always a pain to do it at the last minute:/ Haha but there should be an update soon!!! :D Love you!!! Stay beautiful and amazing my beauties!:) xx


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