Love Will Remember *Niall Horan Fan Fic* {COMPLETED}

This is the story of two people who loved each other deeply. Kylee and Niall were best friends and even boyfriend and girlfriend, until Niall left to audition for the X-Factor. Kylee receives so many offers for colleges, jobs, and even record labels. But will her and Niall reconnect? Will their love remember? Or will their love be forever stuck in the past? Read to find out!! :)


28. Bed Rest

*Few days after the shooting*

-Kylee P.O.V.-

"Nialllllll!!!" I whine. "Kyleeeeee!" he whines. "Could you please make me a sandwich? Pleaseeeee" I beg, tugging at his arm. We were lying in bed and since I can't do anything, I'm asking Niall to do stuff for me. "But whyyy?" he giggles. "Niall! I just got shot and my tummy hurts!" I say, poking my bottom lip out in a pouting way. "Mmmmmm fine. But you owe me" he says, kissing my nose then jumping off the bed like a 4 year old. I laugh at his childness and slump into the bed.

I can't wait until I can move again! I'm just hoping that Greg and Denise are going to stay here longer! It's great having them here, I offered to move them out here but they said they wanted to wait until Theo is a little bit older before doing any kind of stuff like that. "Knock Knock!" I hear Denise whisper while knocking on the door. "Come in!" I say. Then, she comes in with a sleeping Theo in her arms. "Awww look at the wittle guy!" I coo in my baby voice. "Haha I thought it would be good for him to spend some time with his aunty Kylee" she laughs while sitting on the edge of my bed. "Awww thank you Denise" I smile. "No problem" she smiles back. She moves over closer to me and places Theo in my arms. I cradle his head in between my left elbow and put my right hand on his bum for support.

"He looks so adorable when he's sleeping" I whisper. "Yeah, this is actually the first time he's actually sleeping!" she says. "You can relax if you would like Denise. Niall's making me a sandwich so he won't mind" I smile. "Thank god!" she sighs as she falls back onto the bed. I laugh at her and be careful not to wake Theo. "Hey, I have an idea" I say, looking over to her. "Hm?" She asks, rolling her head towards my direction to see me. "Why don't you and Greg go out to dinner tonight? I know a great place for you two!" I say. "That would be lovely but, what about Theo? I mean, can you handle him in your condition?" she asks. "Well, I'm not going to make any promises or guarantees, but I can do my best. Plus I've got Niall here to help me and we'll probably just end up lying in bed with Theo here and play with him due to my injuries. But I don't give up easily" I smile.

"Really? You guys don't mind?" she asks. "No of course not! You guys go have fun!" I say, re-positioning Theo. "Oh thank you so much. We really need the rest" she sighs. "No problem!" I say. "Here, you guys can go to the restaurant downtown um... Oh! The Star Top, it's a really good place! Niall took me there for our first date" I smile. "Speaking of that, I want to tell you something" she says, sitting up a little. "What's that?" I ask. "I just wanted to tell you that Niall really likes you. I mean, REALLY likes you. Greg and I have seen the way he looks at you. He's never looked at anybody else the way he looks at you" she says. "Really? I mean, I know he loves me, but I never knew that much" I say, leaning back a bit.

"Yes, he never stops talking about you, he gets excited whenever someone mentions your name" she explains. "Well, I feel the same way about him. Ever since High School" I smile, looking at Theo who is now starting to wake up. He yawns and stretches his little arms out. "Awwweee" I giggle at him. "Well there are my two favorite ladies and nephew in the whole wide world" I hear Niall say as he came in.

"Hello Nialler" Denise says as she hits him playfully. "Here is your sandwich my lady" he says as he puts the sandwich next to me. "Thank you my man" I smile. He chuckles and kisses me quickly. "Hello Theo" he coos as he picks him up. I pick up my plate and eat my sandwich. "So Niall, Greg and Denise are going to go out tonight at the Star Top for a date" I tell him. "That's great! You guys deserve it!" he says to Denise.

"Okay, well I will go tell Greg and then get ready. Again, thank you so much" she says before leaving. "So how are you feeling? Any soreness or pain or anything?" he asks as he plays with Theo's hands. "No nothing yet, I might take my pill here in about 20 minutes" I say, finishing up my food. "That's good. So what do you wanna do tonight now that we have Theo?" he asks. "I don't know, maybe we could play with him. It's getting close to his feeding time though" I say as I look at the time. "Oh yeah that's right. I can go get his bottle" he says. "Alright, I'll take Theo" I say as I reach my arms out for him. Niall hands him to me and I carefully take him in my arms.

"You know, this is a good sight to see" Niall smiles at me. "And why is that?" I ask, looking up at him. "You holding Theo" he says. "Really?" I ask. "Yeah, it's adorable actually" he says. "Awww you think that me holding a baby is adorable" I mock. He blushes and a small smile forms his lips. "Shut up" he says sheepishly. I laugh at him and he walks out of the room to get Theo's bottle. "Your uncle is so weird" I say to Theo. His bright blue eyes gleam up at my eyes and he giggles. "Hi!" I say to him excitedly. He giggles again and moves his arms up and down. "What are YOU doin'?" I ask him in my baby voice. He continues to laugh and I giggle with him. "Oh you are going to be a heartbreaker when you get older" I smile at him.

"I'm back!" Niall says in the doorway. "Who's that Theo? Who is that?" I ask Theo. Niall jumps on the bed and sits next to me. "It's uncle Nialler!" Niall says as he kisses Theo's cheeks. "And guess who's next!" Niall says to me with a smirk. "Niall, no" I warn him playfully. Too late. He attacks me with kisses all over my face and neck to where it tickled me. "AH! NIALL STOP IT THAT TICKLES!" I laugh. He continued but did it harder which made me laugh even louder. "Okay okay! I give in!" I squeal. He stops and smiles at me, then taking Theo out of my arms. "Not funny Niall" I tell him as he tries to hold back the laughter. "See? I can easily tickle aunt Kylee and she still won't be mad at me. Take notes Theo" he says. I gasp and punch his shoulder.

"Uh, hardly!" I tell him. "Oh c'mon! It was funny!" he says in defense. I roll my eyes and turn my head away from him. "Awe don't do that princess" he says. "Nope, not gonna happen" I say. "Pleaseeee? I won't do it again, I promise!" he pleads. "Mmmmm, nahhh" I say. All of a sudden I feel a finger go under my chin and turn my head towardshim. He then crashes his lips on mine and I smile into the kiss. "Okay, you're off the hook" I say as we pulled away. "Yay!" he cheers. I laugh at him and lay back on the bed. "Niall" I say. "Yes Kylee?" he asks. "I'm tired" I say, poking my bottom lip out. "Then go to sleep" he chuckles. "Nooooooo" I say as I bury my face into my pillow. "I'll sing to you and Theo" he offers. I lift my head up and look at him. "Continue" I say. He smiles and sets Theo in between us and he lays on his side, facing me.

"Baby I-I wanna know, what you think when you're alone, is it me yeah? Are you thinkin' of me yeah? Oh" he sings. "We've been friends now for a while. I wanna know if when you smile. Is it me yeah? Are you thinking of me yeah? Oh oh". "Girl what would you do? Would you wanna stay? If I would've sayyy" he adds. Then I join in with him. "I wanna be last yeah, Baby lemme be your, lemme be your last first kiss" I sing along. "I wanna be first yeah, wanna be the first to take it all the way like this" he sings. Then we both sing together. "And if you-oo-oo. Only knew-ew-ew, I wanna be last yeah, baby lemme your last. Your last first kiss!" Right after Niall sang his solo, I began to doze off. "Goodnight Kylee Bear" he whispers before I go into a deep sleep.


Hey so I was able to update during school!! :D I have wifi here and tomorrow I get to go home so that means... WIFI AND UPDATES!!! *camel from the geico commercial voice comes on* UPDATE YEAH! Haha! But I don't know if I will add another chapter because I have something going on in about an hour and a half sooooo idk though. AND ALMOST 1000 READS!! :D I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY I JUST! Love you guys!!! Stay beauttiful and amazing my beauties!!!:) xx



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