science ruins logic

just something i got bored and am writing...


3. Tinas p.o.v

i walked nervously up the steps to the large white house. many had already found there other half and were leaving. i didn’t really care about them. Sierra ran up to me out of nowhere. 

    “have you found him yet” she asked excitedly. 

    “No” I told her drinking the last of my champaigne that i had picked up on the way in. we wandered to the dining area and found not very many people in there. we scanned the room for anything special. sierra gasped scaring me. she shakily pointed to 2 guys sitting at a small white table. at the same time my whole body wanted to go to them. i obeyed. Sierra followed obviously having the same feeling i was. i stopped in front of them and i knew that the one with the black hair was mine.

    “h-hi” i stuttered. it wasn’t like me to stutter. he stood up and took my hand. was it supposed to be like this? was i supposed to feel like this?

    “whats your name precious” he murmured as sierra sat down beside the other boy.

    “um... T-Tina” i went on. he chuckled and let his hand fall to my waist.

    “im caleb” he said in the most buetiful way imaginable. i felt like i was going to melt.

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