science ruins logic

just something i got bored and am writing...


1. Tinas p.o.v

the transformation process went well. i guess. i cut off another chunk of the thing humans spend so much time on. hair. i was the only werewolf known to transform at 15. god this sucked. up until 18 we were allowed to have long hair. but then we are supposed to transform and the fur is to long so we cut it off. this wasn't fair. i wanted my hair to be long. i sighed as the last piece fell to the trash can. i ran my hands through it and pouted at the person staring back at me in the mirror. she had now short white hair and bright green eyes. this wasn’t supposed to happen. i remember my aunts frightened words a week before as i transformed. it was painful. i knew it would be but i didn’t think i was supposed to be transforming. so i didnt mentally prepare for it. i put on my makeup for today and hastily left the house. it was Saturday and i was supposed to hang out with sierra today. i sat down on the porch step and rested my chin on my hands. i live alone. i don’t know who my parents are, and i don’t really care either. for werewolves we only take care of our young until they are old enough to stop drinking mothers milk.then they ditch us in this god forsaken town and let us grow up and go to school.although we don’t learn like humans do. we don’t learn completely useless stuff like they do. we only learn stuff our species will use. like how to kill wolf hunters. how to avoid humans. how to hunt. etc. i have the ceremony tomorrow to deal with. i’m not going to school anymore. i wasn’t allowed to. now that i was a wolf i was to find a mate and breed. i know it sounds stupid but thats how we worked. i hated how we had to leave our children at such a young age. But thats how things were.

    sierra walked up to me and i quickly got up. 

    “oh my god, i love your hair.” she said excitedly. i thanked her and we walked to the park, half a mile away. sierra was 16, the age to meet your mate. so that meant she was going to be there with me. that was the only good part about this whole thing. i wasn't supposed to meet mine for another year but since i transformed they are going ahead to let me. at the age of 16 you go to meet your mate at a very large ceremony where the two towns came together for a big party. the “two towns” were girls and boys. yes we were separated. so that means i dont even know what a boy looks like. we have heard about them from the ones who have met there mate and come back just long enough to gather their things and leave to the real world. Sierra’s chattering brought me out of my thoughts. i looked up at her deep blue eyes. she was talking about the ceremony.

    “so have you picked out a dress yet?” she asked.

    “no, i haven’t had time to yet.” i said receiving a glare from sierra. 

    “well then come on, we have to find you one.” she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. we ran to the mall. since we are wolves we can run really fast and last a long time. we got there in about two minutes. we went inside and i immediately got stares from every other kid in the mall. guess i was famous now. i sighed and glared at everyone. sierra led me into a store full of pretty skimpy clothes. of course sierra would pick this store. she immediately ran over to a corner in the store where some other girls were hanging out. they gave me a horrified look. i snarled in return. they turned tail and ran. wimps. sierra held a dress up to me and gushed over it. it was a bright green and had a beautiful array of sequins across the top. 

    “isnt it so pretty!” she gushed. 

    “yeah its really cool” 

    “well here” she said and pushed me to the dressing room. “i’ll go find some more and you try this one on. i did as she said and fought my way into the dress. it was slim fitting except for a long cut up the side. it had a nice flowy way to it and flattered every curve i had. i smiled to myself. i loved it. i walked out of the room just as sierra looked at me with several other dresses in her arms. she gasped and immediately put the dresses in a cart.

    “well we found it a lot quicker than what i thought.” she beamed at me. i smiled at myself in the mirror. it was perfect.

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