science ruins logic

just something i got bored and am writing...


2. Caleb's p.o.v

it was time for the party. i was honestly very nervous. i slid into the limo. being a pack leader i was one of the higher ups. so i had more “fun stuff”. i sighed to myself. what would my mate be like? i knew i would love her but it was still nerve racking. it was a two hour drive to the party. just a bunch of teenage werewolves in one room discovering the other sex. i leaned back on the seat and dozed for an hour and a half.

    when i awoke i saw millions of other cars lined up on the bridge. i had never seen so many before. we were never allowed out of the limits of the town. i pulled the mirror down and poked at my black hair that was cut to the appropriate length for the boys. girls could have whatever hair length they wanted. but he had to have it crew cut. i rubbed the short stubbles on the side of my face. we pulled off of the interstate and onto an isolated road surrounded by trees.we drove for almost ten more minutes and then pulled into a large driveway with a way to big 2 story house. i adjusted my tie and my collar. i had a very bad feeling about this. i slid out of the limo and received a few rude glares from the other males. we got here first. looks like i was the last to arrive. 

    “caleb!” i heard as a hand clapped my shoulder. it was Michael. “you nervous about meeting her?” he asked. it was obvious that he was. 

    “yeah i guess” i said wiping a small bead of sweat off of my forehead. from the time we are born to the time we are 18 we are preparing for this. so its a lot of pressure. i followed Michael up the steps to the large house. all the boys crowded into the room. we wandered around the entire house quiet with nerves. we found a small dining area with not so many people in it. i spotted a table with wine glasses on it. i practically ran to it.

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