It was Tuesday

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 16 Oct 2013
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A girl who hasn't spoken with anyone in several months. Not even her mother or father. No one, except for Cezar. She walks around everyday, lonely. Little children she would like to play with walk right through her and her parents pretend she doesn't exist. Towards the ending she realizes what has happened to her. The one thing she will never forget, is Tuesday.
***I will write a sequel to this***


4. The reality

   My eyes opened to see myself in a rusty, old car with a strange man in the front. He was obviously dead by the fact that he wasn't breathing. Pain flowed through my body in an instant as I gasped for breath. "Is this me dying?" I asked to myself glancing around.

   A breeze of air flew open the car doors and a man threw himself on top of me. Tears were pouring down his face as he screamed out with whimpers. "Father!" I screamed facing him. He didn't notice me. "What can I do so that he does notice me even if I'm dead?" I said while trying to break loose from the seat belt.

 An idea finally came to me and I slowed down my heart rate, concentrating on controlling my limp body. "F-father." I spoke with each word emphasized. Father glanced up to see me alive. A grin returned to his face and he hugged me tight then let go. "I'll go call the cops, honey. You'll be fine. T-trust me, baby." he stuttered with pain in his eyes. "No." I spoke firmly. I looked up at him with deep emotion and embraced the fragments of happiness that remained within him.

  "Father. I'm going t-to die. You mustn't do a thing. Look at my mangled body. My insides are pouring out of me! There is a metal rod sticking through my chest!" I whispered then becoming shrieks. I calmed down then spoke once more,"I just want to let you know that I'm not alone. Cezar shall walk with me."

  "Just don't forget that I l-love y-," I was cut off as my heart rate began to beat fast again and I awoke back in the hospital. I stared at myself with pity. "Goodbye." I kissed my own cheek then walked out of the hospital with Cezar holding my hand.






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