It was Tuesday

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 16 Oct 2013
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A girl who hasn't spoken with anyone in several months. Not even her mother or father. No one, except for Cezar. She walks around everyday, lonely. Little children she would like to play with walk right through her and her parents pretend she doesn't exist. Towards the ending she realizes what has happened to her. The one thing she will never forget, is Tuesday.
***I will write a sequel to this***


3. Hospitalized

  He touched noses with mine and I woke up in a bed. Coughing, I stood up to find myself in a hospital. My eyes grew wide with worry as I turned around to see myself in the bed. I was beaten and battered all over with blood oozing down a deep gash in my head.

  I backed away only to find my mother and father walking in with flowers and notes in their hands. "What's going on?" I wondered. They placed the flowers on me and left, shutting the door behind them softly. I walked up to myself and felt my face feeling nothing but a lifeless, cold body. I turned my head to see a red line next to my bed. It seemed to have been just a line for about seven hours now.

   I was confused and frightened. I had to know what had happened. I began checking through some papers next to my bed on a short stool, and studied them carefully. It was a newspaper that I hadn't seen before. 

  Flipping through the pages, I cautiously looked at each story then came to a page with a girl who had been killed by a car crash. "That's me!" I whimpered. My body suddenly convulsed and I threw up blood then began to sink down to the ground as if I was in a seat.





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