It was Tuesday

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  • Published: 16 Oct 2013
  • Updated: 16 Oct 2013
  • Status: Complete
A girl who hasn't spoken with anyone in several months. Not even her mother or father. No one, except for Cezar. She walks around everyday, lonely. Little children she would like to play with walk right through her and her parents pretend she doesn't exist. Towards the ending she realizes what has happened to her. The one thing she will never forget, is Tuesday.
***I will write a sequel to this***


2. Cezar, move!

   I was on the slide when I saw my best friend 'Aria'. She had long, black hair that would dangle to her thighs. Her eyes were a gorgeous sea green color that sparkled with amusement. She always smiled with a grin as wide as a cut melon. 

  I hopped off the slide running towards her when I hit something heavy and fell backwards. Cezar was standing above me with his blonde hair sparkling from the sun. I stood up, wiped off the wood pellets, and questioned him with curiosity,"Why did you block me away from my best friend?" 

 He looked up at me with tears filling his eyes as he walked up to me then laid  his head on top of my . "I didn't want you to know the truth, Crimson," he spoke with a shaking voice. "Crimson?" I questioned. "W-who is Crimson?" I asked warily. Cezar looked away for some time then turned back around to face me. His eyes weren't the sky blue color she had seen. Instead it was faded and he looked tired.

  "You are Crimson. That is your name," he stopped then continued again," I can't let you see your best friend for a reason." I stared with a flood of fear filling my body. "What is the reason, then?" I spoke with confidence.

    His once lush, blonde hair now had gray stringy stripes here and there. "Crimson, on Tuesday something happened. I will only show you so you shall remember the things I taught you to forget." he spoke hoarsely. 






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