Harry's girl and Darcy

Megan thought that Harry cheated on her and left him little does Harry know they have a two year old daughter and he sekar for them and ends up finding them in the USA and goes further to Massachusetts !!!


3. Harry

@meganmore ill text you @harrystyles ok 

m:hey long time no see

h:we're do you live?

m:Massachusetts why?

h:on my way


h:what's your address 

m:??? summer street

i waited twenty min till I herd a. Knock on my door i opend it up to get a nice passioninte kiss and i pulled us apart to see Harry with a HUGE smile on his face and then he says is she mine and I slowly nod... Can I see her he says she's sleeping but I can wake her I say acting natural I bult up stairs to find a sleeping Darcy and I wake her and say hey want too meet daddy dwatty dwatty she says in her cut morning voice...

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