Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


7. section 7

I woke on a concrete floor, unsure of what just happened. A girl, that could make her hands glow, held them steady over my body. Her green hair flew behind her as she just kindly reminded me to stay calm. Arrow knelt by her with Steal and Ti.

  "How you feel none?" Steal asked brushing a peace of my hair back and kindly smiled like he was seeing a person die and didn't want them to see he was grieving for them. I stated at them quietly. My head hurt and I felt foggy and week. I knew that once again I was lucky to be alive. His smile faded into nothing. The girl stopped and lay where she was, clearly exhausted. I felt bad for her since she had been using her gift for a while now.

 Steal whispered something in her ear. Little Ti was laying Snow next to the girl. The girl gave her a week smile and tried to sit up but Arrow pushed her to the ground assuring her that she could rest. "Who's the healer?" the words almost didn't cross my lips.

 "Heflin." Steal said using his own gift to make Heflin rest.

Then a dark black hole appeared behind me. I could feel the cold air hit my back and a feeling of warm light came with it. I rolled over to see the same boy that moved into the room next to me.

 "She survived Steal? Her eyes look fogy." He said as he came close to me. He didn't have a gift of flight like I thought; he had the gift of travel. He quietly looked at me with sad eyes.

 "She survived. Friar, can you take watch since Heflin is out."  he said as Frair made the same portal and went though it then the black hole collapsed on itself and left the rest of the world ok.

 I knew that I had to show them that I was alright for their sake. I sat up and tried to stand but I was slow but somehow managed to stand. I noticed that I was still warring the same dress from yesterday or I think was yesterday. I couldn't tell since there weren’t any windows and the room was illuminated by a single stream of lights that was over my head.

 I stumbled forward on my dress. Ti went into the darkness and brought out some crackers and an apple.

 "We have a small stash so eat slowly." Ti said as she set the items in front of me. I looked at them all and tried to say that I was fine but the truth was that I was famished and they insisted that I eat since Arrow and Frair saw the unused meal on my bed. I smiled calmly as I ate. Then I asked the question that I want to ask them but I changed it to the location.

 "Where are we?" I asked then took another chunk out of my apple and chewed it in my mouth.

 "In the secret compartment of the basement to the play aria."   Ti said and I was shocked and I was in a middle of a swallow so I wounded up getting a coughing fit from it. Soon I recovered and stared at them all.

 "We are WHERE?" I yelled I was furious at them not taking the opportunity to run away out of the hospital or holding facility or whatever this place is truly now since the incident.

 "The holding facility." Steal said bluntly as if he knew I was furious about the statement they just told me.

 "Wait, what day is it today?" I asked quickly. Thinking for a reason that they stayed. They all got quiet quickly like I said something wrong but I knew what the silence meant; it was the day of the festival. I stared at them as the silence rolled on.

 I could see that Ti was getting worried with the silence as she warped her little arms around Steal to calm him. His face was red in till Ti  hugged him. Then it changed to plain annoyance and bitterly shook her off.  I snickered and put a hand on Ti's shoulder to assure her that Steal wasn't going to get mad at her.

"Well then, what are we going to do now?" I asked hopping to get a plain together but all I got was silence, again with a touch of sadness.

 "Well, we could..." Ti chimed and Arrow gave her a mean look that got her quiet quickly.

 "Let her speak," I told Arrow but she clearly didn't like it as she started to stir. But then she gave in and nodded to Ti.

 "Go to the festival." she carefully chimed. I for once didn't argue, I kind of wanted to go myself for hopes of finding a quick escape route out of the solstice ceremony as I nodded my two cents worth and all was in an agreement to go but we had to learn the true way of the Marc later.

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