Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


37. section 37

 We were on top of a hill waiting for the signal of the first fire.

 Most of the Arrovens had guns that were scavenged from years past. I waited with them; I knew I had to be patient in order for the whole thing to work.

 Then I see it. The army if procession troops in neat lines. A perfect gray target came closer with each memorized beat nocking the ground like a drum as one kept the beat for them. Left, right, left, right, the army came closer and closer in neat gray rows and ready to be toppled like dominos. Heflin was right; the sun was peaking over the horizon marking blood red streaks across the sky. Arrow looked at me with worry and concern but her eyes said that she has a upcoming delight.

 I could understand both, the worry of death for her tribe and us. Heflin was with Mother Sunrise being watched carefully with every eye on her with the change of events. I don't trust Heflin at all and I know that all hope is lost with Arrow and her and I can't ague at all with the standings. Heflin is the enemy and she is hiding something, plus I know she is the key that I need to bring the past back so I can't stop having that feeling of safe hood from her not being here fighting with us, even with her powers being our greatest asset.

 Steel and Ti just joined with us and I couldn't feel happier but I prefer Ti at least be with the wounded since there is only handmade crystals and not the ones that the government has. "Everyone is ready, are you sure that we shouldn't leave? You know why they are here Arrow." Steel said as Ti huddled behind him, winning but staying as strong as possible with Snow and Milo tightly clenched in her arms. I could feel her sorrow, and the resin that she had fought to be in the front lines with us, she doesn't want to miss us falling if we do. But Steel was in a battle all of his own with the new seeing stick and his cat. He had never judged Arrow's movements till now.

 The army kept coming closer as death was in the middle with fate saying in who was going to shed blood and who was going to find sleep in a worthless war of slather and meaning. I never want to see another day like this, the sun will never rise today but I know it will as rage filled within me as I held my sword steady and felt hot. I realized that the sword can match my feelings and replicate it. I never knew a weapon so keen to emotions till this fell into my possession that day that was just so soon but feels so long ago now.

 Then I see it an arrow made from Arroven hands, innocent hands, fly through the sky and make its destination into a uniform of an unarmed solder. Death captured his first victim as I could see Whitewolf in the distance of the valley lowering his bow slowly, obviously in disappointment. I can see Friar with him telling him something. Then he does it again and fires a shot that gets a man in the knee, a merciful shot. I couldn't help but smile as more wailed behind me and shots rain behind me that awoke me from the moment of Whitewof's achievement.

 I looked around me mercy was completely gone now; it is the corrupt verses the crippled. The battle should have never happened if we left but Arrow insisted that if we wanted our freedom we will have to fight the wolves. I know what she meant but I knew this wasn't right as an Arroven and solder fell side by side. I had enough I needed to find Heflin and sort everything out from the battle to my dream to what she said.

 I flew around and felt a hand come around my mouth and something at my temple.

 "Sheaf your weapon." A person said right in my ear. I could feel the hot breathe bringing icicles into my body. I could see Arrow and Whitewolf in the distance fighting there hardest, blood is being spilled out of hatred form both sides. I just wanted the person that held me to end the war but I know I am to valuable for them to shed a drop of me onto the ground. I wondered where the rest would be without me, back at the facility, lost grieved. Then the image of little Ti struck into my mind. She is only six with a life ahead of her that will be gone without me. Steel would possibly be dead and Heflin would get her ransom while the rest rots in the facility.

 I could feel the flame return as I mentally pictured everyone but her dying inside as with the outside, losing hope and soon, losing time. I tried to circle around with my sword but there was only Heflin behind me leaving me to wonder what happened.

 "Wow, you are slow." Heflin said as she dropped the solder's body to the ground as I turned. I hadn't realized that she had taken a life, something that I am happy that she had done for me. Her eyes widened as if she just remembered why she was there. "We have to leave, the river is this way." She grasped my hand suddenly and dragged me along. I still was confused about her actions. Soon she was dragging me along. She kept looking behind us as if we weren't supposed to be fallowed. I looked around me mercy was completely gone now; it is the corrupt verses the crippled.

She must had noticed my completely blank stare since she stood up slowly and walked towards me with a gentle stature as if I was a lost baby animal. "You really don't remember anything about your past do you?" She asked as she gently put her hand on my shoulder. The touch felt welcoming to me but I knew that I should be careful around her. She carefully slipped her hand from my shoulder into her pocket and pulled out the emblem. Heflin's eyes looked sad as if I caught her stealing from the cookie jar and is in trouble. “The past cannot be redone, be glad that you don't remember." She said turning the emblem over to show a speaker. "When I said I was a median I wasn't laying. But I was trying to extend the time that we had to leave, not that it mattered. This device has a tracker, so if time mattered much at all, they could find us." She turned to me again with determination and took a firm breath to calm herself. "None you have to choose a side. You can either be Nell my once best friend and government child and killer or None, the profit and the puppet."

 The last sentence lit a fire of rage inside me. Choose a side? I already had I was on Arrow's but apparently she has different plans for me. "I have already chosen one have you? Because it sounds to me that it is you that is lost. You are also a government child as well!" I yelled, trying not to have my sword form into my hand.

 "But I am on your side!" She to, was getting frustrated as she was having trouble keeping her cool. "I have tried to save your life several times already! The ice cream shop? Remember?"

 Then it hit me, she has tried and I wouldn't listen. Now I am stuck here in the middle there is no telling how many times more times she has tried to keep me alive. "I partly do. But I can be both. I can be known as Nell the government child whose ancestors started this but now is None the one who finishes it and you can be too. Now I throw the question back at you, Heflin, have you chosen a side?" Heflin was quiet for a moment like she was pondering her options then she turned to me.

 "I have." She said as she threw the emblem into the water and watched it sink. "And hopefully to never be again."

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