Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


32. section 32

The sky had grown darker for the passing of time but nothing more than the annoyance of the slow silence that it makes as we made our way to this cave that Mother Sunrise described to us.

  "So I am inside a crystal for lack of terms?" asked Snow, whom I didn't realize was in Ti's pocket. Everyone in our group except Friar and Whitewolf who says that they will come later.

 "Sounds like it Snow.  I just wish it wasn't true." Ti said and Snow moved his eyes to the ground.

 "If I knew I was a gifted I would have spent my last days better and more secretly that way I would have had more time with my family. I miss them so." Snow looked like he would cry of he could. I knew that he was regretting something but I knew I didn't want to know. Besides, my mind was on something else than that sob story of everyone.

 "You wouldn't had met me or made my parents realize that I am a gifted and trained me to use my gift." Ti explained and I've had enough of the stories.

 The sun was settling into its nightly fortress when we stopped at a hillside that was a little ways from the settlement.  Arrow steely climbed down the rocky hillside and looked back up at us.

 “You coming?"  Arrow asked. I was about to say something but Heflin beat me to it.

 "Where's this cave? I haven't seen one yet." she asked as we reached the top of a mountain. Arrow looked like she was annoyed from Heflin's remark and for once I was glad that she spoke up and not me for that one look told me that she too will kill if Heflin goes over the edge. We scaled down the cliff and could see an entrance of the cave darkness met us asking to keep us in its grasp and keeping us lost but there was a slight light that asked us to come inside.

 Arrow of course let us into the damp cave. The rocky walls could easily cut someone if they weren't careful. I could hear muffling each step I took but I just kept telling myself that it was just my mind playing trick on me. Steel frequently asked Ti what was ahead of them.

 We came out of the blackness and into a mountain like ledge it wasn't very high up but still sent chills up and down my spine. I closed my eyes so I could keep going I didn't want to fall even though it was only a few feet at least. I quietly stepped sideways like Arrow but still wasn’t sure if my footing would be accurate or if I should open my eyes. But I decided I should and the scenery was beautiful.

 The tall tries touched the bright orange sky that the sun was starting to reach the two hour marking for the evening. The place was quiet for a while and the world seceded for this one moment. I just wanted to run and lay in the perfect meadow below me in till I set my hand on the rocks to feel engravings on the stone.

 "Ok we are here the farther we go the more the story is." Arrow said as she jumped off the ledge and stepped backwards giving us room.

 "Steel you can feel the story." I said as I grabbed his hand and slid it across the painting and engravings.

 The brushwork was beautiful each one was carefully done to preserve the story for generations to come. The lines were perfect showing perfection as the gold was placed in positions for some reason. But I saw the story as Steel could feel it making it perfect for everyone. But there was a wolf creature that stopped me from enjoying the moment. A wolf that I swore I have seen before that was holding a red rose in its teeth. Underneath the picture I have seen the words that I wasn't sure what it said.

 "The holder of the Marc the one that betrayed the gods. I could hear someone translate behind me. I turned around to see Whitewolf staring at me kindly.

 I silently turned back to the wall. Something about it just made me stay as I went on, still having that horrible image in my mind. Then I spotted a rocket on the top of the wolf.

 "The betrayers, the adults are us, the government visitors." I whispered looking at Arrow for guidance but Whitewolf took the rains for her. “Why would Mother Sunrise change the story?" I asked but my question fell into the next thing that Whitewolf wanted me to see and hear.

 “And a lot of the government people and generations after have the gift of the beast. But there is only one that matches the story of the Marc perfectly. Come, there is more you must see." he said and I fallowed I saw a gifted and then crystals that resembled the toys of today. "The taking of souls." I mouthed but then I saw me I stared at it for a minute.

 The brown hair the brown eye with the mechanical one that sort of looks off but still looks nice. And then they even have the white tee and shorts right with the blue slip-ons that were Marrov's. I looked at Whitewolf and Arrow with shock if the past could guess everything right thus far than it should be true. Then I realized that the gold went together and I backed up and carefully and stepped off the edge and went towards Arrow. The pictures became one the blues were a chain, the greens were grass and the gold, the beautiful gold was vines and a bunch of crystals housing a sword and being covered in the gold vines. I looked at the ceremonial gauze wondering if I truly was the one that will break the chain and set everyone free and I knew that I had to see for myself as I grabbed the part of the gauze that was almost to my shoulder and  unraveled it.

 I could see the bright gold vine that was engraved in my skin. The leaves were sticking out in some arias that bent in the double helix around my arm. I looked at my friends in disbelief. The thought  of me being the true profit would blow my mind and change everything. I went slower, a lot more courteous than what I wanted but the suspense got a hold of me and the shocked look that my friends were giving me told me to do so like a gift that I needed to receive.

 The vines cave way to a blade that’s the same gold color that my magic one is that I used earlier. I wanted to scream but I couldn't I turned my arm to my wrist to see a toy bear's feet and body. The body was red and the hat touched the hilt of the sword as I ripped the rest of to see the rest of my hand.

 There was nothing in the palm of my hand but on the back was the rest of the hilt of the sword. And a golden loop on top with the vines threaded the golden circle and wrapped around my fingers twice and ended.

 I looked up at the painting again the sword matched the painting and the vines were perfectly matched but the crystals was changed to a toy bear to match today's version.

 “The holder of the Marc." I could hear myself say.

 "The protector." Whitewolf said out loud and then Arrow mouthed since she was in disbelief, "I was right.”

 I looked at Ti I knew she was the life that would accompany me on my journey as she two ripped off the ceremonial gauze and revealed a perfect golden ribbon and revealed the exact replica of my Marc the only difference was  instead of the sword she had a  hart the end was at her elbow and went up and around and finished below of her middle finger. Her eyes got huge as she looked at me. She knows that we are intertwined for now as the life of the crystal lives inside her and always had.

 "I am the protector and you are life. We are a part of something that will change the world we will become the same ones." I said as Ti took my hand and smiled.

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