Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


28. section 28

"You always had power of future sight. We never used it to grab many game or what is left. Plus Mother Sunrise would be happy to see you." He said and Arrow dropped the bow gently to the ground and went strait to Witewolf's arms.

 "I thought I would never see you again!" Arrow wailed.

 "Me to the one who shoots with perfection." Whitewolf said. They cried in each other's arms making me jealous as they quickly caught up with each other in there old Arroven language.

 Arrow had forgotten that all of us are practically orphans now but I can see why she is so emotional. I would be the same way if I was seeing my mom or my dad. I glanced at the rest of the group Friar was still laying down and becoming enemies to the pain to where he wanted it to stop. Steel was still in a lost while Ti was trying to calm Friar. Heflin was watching the whole thing unfold her face was in complete shock.

 I looked back at the reunited couple as Heflin came out of nowhere and punched Arrow on the side of the head. She crashed to the ground.

 Whitewolf was frozen into place while went and helped her up. Her head had a gash in it where Heflin punched her.

 "What was that for?" I cried as Heflin looked at Whitewolf in disgust. The two were like animals circling each other waiting for someone to make the first lunge.

 "You never should have come, nature killer. City riser." Whitewolf mocked.

 “You were going to regret it." Heflin grumbled. Then the two brawled fist with fists both grumbling something that I was not sure of what. Then I barged in between them.

 "Stop you both are acting like animals."  I yelled. Somehow I had gotten a sword in my hands. It was a beautiful golden metal with a silver colored hilt and ivory covered grip. I had never seen this sword before in till now for some resin it felt natural for me to handle. I felt strong with the sword almost invincible. But still I had yet to truly use the gift.  I swung my sword between both of them while keeping eye contact and making sure I aimed the tip of my sword at their throats.

 "You, help her up and get to the group." I ordered as Whitewolf quickly got Arrow up and scuffled over to where the rest was leaving Heflin and I to square off between each other.  "What were you thinking?"  I yelled at Heflin with more confusion than anything. I wanted answers from Heflin about her actions. "first you say you are with us then you sock Arrow in the temple why?" anger was flowing though my gains while my sword was at her neck ready to go.

 "Arrow is not one of us!! She used us None, open your eyes! She is home, she has what she wants! Now watch she is going to lead us into the camp and let us go alone! She can't even tell you the story anyway."  Heflin yelled looking me dead in the eye. I glanced at Arrow. She looked dazed from the punch. Unsure witch way was up and what just happened.  I wondered if the whole thing was true as I noticed that my sword was off centered and lowered to my side. I quickly corrected it and scorned Heflin. She gave me a sorrowful look like she knew I didn't understand.

 "You have three choices;" I told her with sincerity as I tried my best to keep my sword still and lifted her chin. " One leave and never return, two come with us and spill everything you know behind your actions or three we forget about all of it and I kill you here on the spot."  I threatened her eyes flashed with concern and then went silent as she fatally lost contact with me and judged her life to my sword.

 "I will tell you everything, just let me keep my life." she said as she started to walk away but I was waiting for her to move and I cut her thought a little to draw a small line of blood not to where she was facing death. I wanted to show that I am in control. She held the blood that I poured and looked at it with her hand. "You forgot, my powers evolved to None. I can give life as I can also take it away!" She laughed. Her eyes turned to a reddish brown. And a silent wind brushed her hair to where it looked like magic was doing its own dance with her.

 I never knew what was happening next in till I felt really sleepy and my chest felt like an elephant was laying on top of me as I could hear my heartbeat go rapidly, to rapidly then suddenly slow to where it was almost stopping then a few seconds later it would  speed up again. It felt painful to where I couldn't breathe as I dropped to the ground the grass felt like little wires brushing against my skin. My mind was racing trying to peace what was happening to me and the only thing I could think of was that I None, whatever my last name is, was going to take her final breath in a peaceful grassy field with my enemy and my friends with me it was nowhere near the felling of the drug overdose that the docs tried, this one is ten times worse and still nowhere near as painful as when I got my Marc.

 Then, like it was at the hospital, it suddenly stopped and I slowly caught my breath I noticed that my sword was gone but I didn't care too much.

 Steel was the one to come to my rescue as he pinned her down she was in complete shock and her powers failed her as he kept her pined "Get off of her." I commanded as I walked wobbly towards them since I was still unsteady and I made my sword reappear in a gold cloud of dust near my hand.

 I raised my sword in front of her, ready to end her life like she almost did mine. I wanted to end her here and now before she could do more suffering. I had enough I felt the energy between me and fate with another pension drift as my hand went for her head a quick death since I didn't want her to suffer. I was not that person and I knew I had close to no resin to let her have a long one.

 "Wait!" Arrow yelped stopping my sword just inched from its destination with a rock and her fist. The sword quickly bounced off the rock and made me stumble backwards. I was shocked to see Arrow defending someone who almost killed her let alone me. "No life deserves this fate." she threw the stone aside and came to me looking really mad and almost to where she too would kill me if I slipped up one more time. I let my sword leave my grasp and disappear in the same cloud of dust.

 "Fine, I won't kill her but Heflin you are walking on a very thin rope and you know I have the sword to cut that same rope and watch you fall to your doom." I said looking into Heflin's eyes and walked away I stopped noticing that Whitewolf was staring at me. "Now let's move on. Can you please lead us to your tribe? We would like to get there before nightfall." I kindly asked him and it took a while to comprehend what I was asking him.

 "Yes, I think it been a lot of sessions since Arrow came home plus us have very important visitors."  Whitewolf hesitated then led us to the camp with a quick, "This way."

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