Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


26. section 26

The next morning I woke in damp close but I had absolutely no choice but to leave them hang onto me.  Ti was sitting around the fire having Arrow brush her hair. They both were silent as I sat with them obviously not missing much. The only person that was still asleep was still holding on to that poor toy cat for dear life. I felt sad for him as I realized that Heflin and Friar wasn't there so I thought they were out gathering.

 "Morning." I calmly said as I sat on the wet grass. Arrow must have not heard me because she just kept brushing Ti's hair.  The silence was strange to me as Arrow finished brushing and braiding her hair as Milo and snow talked to themselves.  I looked carefully at their faces as if they were mad at me from last night.

I glanced at the fire again only to see a blue dress any girl would love to have turned to ash and soot and then when I jumped into the fire to save that piece of belonging that I know I couldn't get beck. I tried to think of a good conversation starter other than digging up the past. The only piece that I wanted to know was my true name but that has to be tucked away forever into my mind.

 "Arrow, why did you call me Nell earlier?" the words slipped out of my mouth. I tried to catch them but I couldn't and saw them fall to my feet as I scrambled badly for my next sentence. She looked at me spooked like she to is questioning what I said.

 "What do you mean, None." she questioned again I had nothing to say back. Once again I am back against the wall like I was when I made up my name. I just sighed and went with it. "When we got our Marc," I started but I struggled to end it clearly to where she would understand but instead came out pointing the finger at her. "I swear you called me Nell."

 "Why would I do that None?" She asked but then her face brightened as if the pieces fit.

 "Your true name isn't None, None?"  Ti chimed surprised at my confession. I couldn't help but smiling at her kindly. Showing her the answer without words as she gasped, "Then how did you get it?"

 "I made it up since I couldn't remember my own name." None said

 "Really?" Ti parked up.

 "Yes, and after all this I am not going to be like most of you and have a home to go to." I said then I immediately wished I could take back every word back because Ti looked like she was about to cry.

 “I don't either none, remember, my parents are dead." She whispered as her eye contact faded with her past.

 "That’s right" I shuttered feeling guilty about reminding her.

 “We’re back!" I heard Friar yell in the distance e as I turned to see both of them race towards us. Heflin was carrying Arrow's satchel that Friar snatched while saving Steel.

 "Good, anything in particular?" Arrow greeted although that wouldn't be the greeting that I would use as Heflin and Friar came to us and Heflin grabbed the bag from him

 "Nothing grate, what we got made those holding facility meals look like a banquet." Friar joked.

 "What he means is all we got was a few nuts and some sort of berries" Heflin said holding the berries in her hand that she took from the bag.

 "Let me see those!" Arrow snapped as she snatched the berries from Heflin. “There are berries around here called Jimena juice berries. Their skin and seeds are fine to eat but the juice is poison. And they are them." Arrow exclaimed and looked horrified.

 "Well, at least we have some nuts!" Friar said swiping the bag back smiling from ear to ear.

 “If the juice didn't get on them." Arrow chimed as Friar looked inside the bag and carefully examined the contents and scowled.

 "Well these are no good." he said and tossed the bag into the ash of what was the fire. Arrow gave him a mean look and retrieved the satchel and emptied the contents.

 “Now what are we going to do?" Ti quivered probity as worried as I do not know what time it was and we hadn't had breakfast yet.

 "Don't worry my tribe is near here. I had a vision last night during my watch. And there close. But the bad part is that I only had his Marc to go by. Which was a white wolf." Arrow said starring off into the distance." I miss him he was my closest friend, and rival especially in hunting and archery. Arrow laughed for some reason probity lost in her mind of a funnier, happier, time in her life.

 "What is with all the lather?" Steel sleepily said as he came to the group.

 "Steel, Arrow had another vision!" Ti chimed as she greeted Steel.

 "Really?" Steel said as he melted the suspense for Ti but she didn't by it as she looked concerned.

 "Did you have dreams?" Ti randomly whispered like it was supposed to be private but it slipped as she quickly covered her mouth with her hands.

 Steel gave her a smile as he shook his head and ruffled Ti's once perfect hair showing, I guess it was ok to talk about his powers as Arrow waited patiently while she went back to work making another arrow for her quiver that she had woven from my burnt dress since it was the only thing that is worth saving I guess in her mind.

 "Did you have nightmares?"  Ti gently asked clearly wanting a straight answer.

 "No neither." Steel said hesitantly clearly trying to pick his words carefully.

 "Good, I know how much your powers bother you at times." she calmly squeaked as she climbed into his arms.

 "Sometimes they are needed Ti, you got to remember that." Steel explained looking at Ti with hopeful understanding. I could tell that he was hiding something with Ti in the mix that I'm not sure.

 “Still mine can be controlled." Ti calmly said trying to make resin with him. But it didn't help him much as symphony and jealousy poured out of his mouth.

 "Yours brings things to life." he said as I heard a small meow from where Steel was sleeping I knew it was his disabled cat wanting to be with his other half.

 I slowly got up and came to the little black cat whose green eyes looked a little cloudy  if only his feet could move. I touched his soft neck as Steel put a hand on his like he felt me touch him and giving him attention. The cat started purring loudly.

 Snow and Milo were in Ti's arms listening and looking as concerned as Ti. How all three cares for each other and this little cat is all alone as Ti's eyes glowed the same brown as it did before.

 I could tell that the cat wanted attention and not just mine. I calmly picked up the cat and took it with me and placed it right next to Steel. Ti's eyes went straight to me and noticed me set the small cat next to him as Ti finished up her sentence with "Like that cat right next to you." .

 "Huh? What!" Steel said as the cat silently brushed his leg with its head saying that it was right there. He silently and gently picked the little cat into his arms.  Ti smiled at me as Heflin switched the subject.

 "So, what are you going to name him?" she asked clearly wanting to get moving and I don't blame her I am ready to leave myself as Arrow had started making her third one since she started and working quickly and with precision.

 "I don't know but he fits me." he said holding up his cat that meowed sweetly.

 “He does."  I chimed as a signal to hurry the conversation along as well but Ti parked up as if she remembered what she was about to say before she got off track.

 "Friar and Heflin messed up." Ti said and Friar quickly jumped to a standing position and huffed. “We didn't mess up we just didn't grab the right berries that's all."  He looked like he was quite annoyed with Ti telling Steel what happened. I just giggled at his scrunched up face and his arms, now crossed. His nose now straight into the air and sassing like a teenage girl cheerleader that was refusing to admit that he did mess up a little. Arrow looked really mad and like she was regretting something.

 "I should have come." she hissed under her breath as she made the string supper tight to hold the leaves to the shaft.

 "Someone had to watch the camp." Heflin reminded Arrow and she sighed,

 "True, true." she looked at each one of us and then stood up. "Anyway, I have my arrows assembled. Do you want to leave now or stay around the fire?" She asked grabbing her pine bow and swinging her quiver around her shoulder.

 "What fire?" Friar joked making a few of us chuckle he grinned from ear to ear while Arrow was giving a wired smile.

 "I say we leave now." I said sanding up. "All we have to do is double check to see if there aren’t any embers. At least that much."

 Friars shrugged his shoulders as Ti gathered Snow and Milo and place them in her pocket. And we were off into our adventure hoping that Arrow was correct.

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