Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


23. section 23

We looked around as the portal closed behind us.  The vast prairie was full of flowers and wildlife with trees on one side that was in a clump but not quite into true woods while babbling brooks sounded near but not quite close enough to see.  I walked along the trees and silently touched the nestles brushed against it felt soft but prickly and smelled so nice to me that brought me to a kinder sent that I remember was home when my mother (I still don't have a face or a name) would quietly grab these and stash them into smelling jars or make them into some smelling items like hanging bulbs or stars.

 I just stayed there and quietly sniffed the trees memories it gave me as a child that had grown up and this is the only key to the past.

 "Home." I said to myself not caring if anyone is looking or even staring at me. I felt the nettles against my face and it just brought back more and more of stuff that was vaguely clear but still mostly blank.

At least I remember the beautiful brown stained walls and the soft red carpet that lay on my feet when I walked where the yellow clean rug was underneath the small table with two rocking chairs sat lazily ready to take someone to dreamland and the fireplace crackled and sometimes startled you awake. While a pile of logs were next to it on either side for show.  The TV was above it on the big wide mantle and the door right behind it where guests can and will sometimes surprise you but all the same a nice entrance to our home complete with a collection of shells and a library around the door and furniture alone the walls leaving space for someone to lean against it as a piano was to your right. While the other rooms were to your left and right in a T shape to the door.

 I calmly tugged on the branch as I felt a tear fell as I truly wished I could see it again and remember the happier times. The tree that was taller than me is the only thing that takes me home.  Then Arrow trudged through my memories brining me to reality.

 "These will be perfect for the fire None!" she exclaimed as she pulled a branch off and started to strip the nettles as they silently crashed to the ground shattering everything I was thinking of.  I knew I can't look back now and forevermore as I realize that I am still in the crazy blue dress from earlier. I calmly brake a few branches off letting the past shatter as I could hear glass braking with every twig. I stood there with my handful of wood to be burned as Arrow calmly walked to the pile with the rest of her stuff.  I looked at the wood pile blankly as Heflin gave life flame and killing the wood. I was amazed that Heflin could give death and life. I guess that was what her Marc was about, bringing life to others only killing curtain things.

 I finally got the nerve to violently rip of the dress from my body amazed on how easy it was to pull every button apart and let the dress drop to the ground letting the info fall just barley catching them as they tried to escape. The group stared at me awkwardly and stunned.

 "What's that none?" Ti asked as I hurried to gather the papers that escaped my grasp. I quickly tried to gather my thoughts. But at last I failed and the papers didn't matter to me as much as I set them into a pile and noticed that there was more folders than just the two I grabbed during my mad dash of confusion in that holding facility.  I quietly starred at the pile trying to figure out who the rest belongs to and then I realized they belonged to the person that was right in front of me. I had no clue how the rest of the info came into my hands other than Arrow's and my own.

 "We have to start over sometime.” I said allowed. Everyone looked puzzled as if I had said something in Arroven tongue. I took a ragged breath to gather myself together.

 "We have to leave ourselves behind. The place should be behind us and stop dwelling on the past the facility is behind us and I would like to start the point of sacrifice now." I explained and Arrow stood up as always to decide on what to do.

 "She is right." Arrow explained. "The Arroven Marc isn't complete without the sacrifice piece." I looked at her calmly, giving her space.

 It was funny how she can switch from regular speaking terms to speaking broken English and giving her a mysterious feel to, I think, to give them the slip.  I handed them the folders and glanced at Arrow smiling ear to ear showing that she was the one that slipped the extra folders in my stash.

 The fire cracked in laugher ready to be fed with our past lives and souls. Steel nudged Friar for some reason knew that he was next to him.

 "Looks like you do have something to give. Both you and...." he trailed as we could see someone shuffle in Ti's and Arrow's pockets. Milo's wooden body stiffly tried to get out of Arrow's deep pocket while she helped him out. While Snow easily popped out of Ti's white outfit.

 "Well I don't need mine since I am..." Milo trailed as snow walked behind Milo patting him on his nob making a silent clicking sound saying, "Like me. It isn't so bad but I rather be myself then this little thing I am."  Snow chimed. Milo's eyes narrowed more out of annoyance than anything at Snow's comment as he made it quite obvious.

 Steel quietly grabbed his folder and stood up with Arrow, both looked at each other as Arrow decided to grab Milo as well.

 "The part of sacrifice means that you can give anything up for the right of the tribe, or your family. It is required of all to place at least one or more items in the flames saying you are willing to put anything aside, including life." she started but altered for the moment of supposed freedom. "Now since we all have an item, we will place a item in first then we will proclaim freedom." she smiled softly at me since she knew I liked to go last and wow them.

 One by one they repeated what they would give and set there folder behind the item." Steel smiled as he could hear his past with the holding facility go up in smoke while he rubbed his Marcs knowing the past cannot be forgotten.  Little Ti just hurried along and threw hers in with tears in her eyes leaving me to wonder how was she so strong during the first part of the celebration to now, practically devastated or scared out of her mind, leaving Steel to calm her.

 Heflin and Friar threw there's in without hesitation as Arrow gently set hers and Milo's inside the dark flames that has to be full by now.

 Then of course it was down to me. My mind raced I what to do then I left into the brush of the woods.

 I found my putrid dress and came back. Still in a tizzy but full of revenge. I also snatched a few more pine nettles and threw them into the fire.  I fluffed my dress making sure that it looked exactly like before, few creases and no pine nettles and threw it into the everlasting flames the satin was eaten harshly as the bright blue fades into a black and the fire chokes on the amount I fed it. I watched it for a while and noticed Arrow was getting jumpy in till I silently opened the folder to a random page and mouthed, "The way of the Marc," and threw it in.

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