Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


20. section 20

The next thing I know we were boxed into a crowded bus to where most kids were from the sanctuary.  The travel was excruciating being like animals, cramped in chars with no seat belts if you were lucky to switch seats with someone or you were standing.  Every bump was a balancing act as it swerved and bounced on the road. The windows were blacked out because of worry of us looking for a way out.  And the bus smelled like death itself as we went along and stopped in front of a stage where we had to line up by age.

 I looked behind me carefully as Ti ran to greet Arrow and I as Heflin was behind her and hugged me.

 "I heard about Steel, is he?" she asked and I shook my head as she sighed in relief.   Friar came soon after the long silence between us.

 Then Heflin broke the silence saying that Friar and she were going to get Steel and Arrow reminded them that Heflin couldn't but Friar could do it alone. Friar smiled with glee that he gets a mission all by himself till I told him that Steel has a forever nightmare of being blind.  He quietly left and took Snow with him in time for Miss Aberdeen to shove us over to our groups by age I was in the fourteen year old stash.  And Arrow was in line with the sixteen year olds while Ti was the smallest one in the ten year olds while Heflin stood right next to Arrow.

 Miss Aberdeen was wearing something like a protective suit and oven mitts that were cut like a glove she also had goggles that made her look geeky and scary at the fact that you couldn't see her eyes though them.

 The head keeper called us up one by one after they snatched us randomly from the crowd. I hoped that my name would be last or somewhere lost in the screams.

 Soon the first person put his fingers in. A wail like no other sounded from him and hurt my ears so much as I crouched down on the floor trying to stay strong but couldn't as the vision came real the people running away from the burning building yelling at me for lives lost. Every child screamed an ear piercing scream in till I heard Arrow's name rang in the mist of confusion, remembrance and to most, terrier.

 I looked up to see her slowly walk forward, prim, proper and surly stronger than me. She came to the steps and looked behind her right at me, smiling. I was surprised as she calmly walked up the steps that carried her softly to the sun. She calmly let her arm fade into the sun and silence fell onto the crowd to see another soul fall into pain like the five people before her. Fingers first one by one in the sun then she slid her own arm in. We thought that she would be the first one to do this completely silent as other kids came up behind her and wrenched and hollered in pain as the people waited on fear and anxiety.

 When Arrow was done she turned around and immediately got her Marc wrapped by The Doc with Miss Aberdeen smiling grimly behind him. Arrow got down the stairs and almost out of the way of everyone's view. Then she knelt down and cried loud and grabbed the arm that had the Marc in carved on. "Sooo, close." I whispered as she was hurried along to Heflin's arms whom I didn't realize that went before her.

 "Tatiana Whistle!" the reader yelled from his list of names. I looked around and spotted little Ti being dragged to the front by Miss Aberdeen. She was kicking and screaming as she came towards the front as someone shouted from the crowd.

 "She is six, she is six! Tatiana was my sister's best friend I know she is...." the person chanted and tried to start a rally but failed as his limp body fell to the ground. I could feel the urgency for action in the crowd but the recent death brought the notion to a halt.

 The crowd gotten to an eerie silence and the only noise was the reader who had moved his paper from a correct position at his waist to directly in front of his face to likely hide his shame.

 I watched little Ti being lifted up onto Miss Aberdeen's shoulders as they went up the steps and onto the platform. Her white little dress and leggings whirled  rapidly as she hit Miss Aberdeen in the shoulders her perfectly bradded hair looked almost like a joke to how she is acting now.

 Then Miss Aberdeen dropped her down onto the platform and grabbed her arm and forced it into the sun like Arrow but her screamers were silence shattering high pitch and long winded like an everlasting recorder then it got silent as Arrow rushed up the platform fallowed by Heflin. Some army men rushed up and tried to herd the girls away in till the gods were finished with Ti and The Doc wrapped her arm in the now almost criminal gauze. Heflin carried her away silently while I could tell that she was trying to hide her powers as she used them. I only was truly there physically as her screams clouded my vision with memories of the blast I almost couldn't handle it myself as the emotional pain intensified.

 Then there was one more person left in the group and it was me as my name was called. I silently came forward. I looked at the crowd of children that had yet to be called. The still faces watched me and whispered among themselves and took bets on what will happen to me. Will I be strong till the end like Arrow and Heflin or will I faint like Ti did?

 I came to the top where the platform was and Miss Aberdeen was there of course smiling like she was enjoying it.

 "I don't want my Marc." I whispered to her. Her smile fades and whispered back.

 "You need to or DIE." she emphasized on the sentence. She grabbed my right arm kindly and set the fingers inside the sun.

 A sharp pain raised though me as I cried and begged it to stop. As the crafter of the sun worked on the top of my fingers as I felt something like vines edged into my skin. I tried to pull it out but Miss Aberdeen held me in place as the crafter worked on the rest of my fingers as it felt like a combination of fire and nettles worked on my fingers moving from one to the next burning my skin and giving me something that I never wanted as it finished with my four fingers on top and leaving my thumb to work with later the intense pain went tenfold as the flame felt like over one thousand degrease and ten nettles and tools burned and engraved my skin and all I could do was to wench cry and scream for the pain to stop.

 "No, STOP IT I WANT IT TO STOP!!!" I cried as I fussed and went on with it. The jabbing pain went under my skin and deep into my flesh and bone and arraigning nerves to a unknown picture to forever show to the world.

 Then the carvers finished with my palm and was finishing with my hand as I can feel a hilt of a sword being carved and finishing quickly as it curved in the back to my hand and wrapped the edge around my wrist to the inner arm where something even more difficult was carved that had many details plus was almost excruciating and I cried to leave as I figured every kid was wondering what is taking so long as the rest was trying their hardest to explain as the rest of a simple sword was carved on the back of my arm then something pulled me into the flame.

 I couldn't resist if I tried to as I leaned in as now the crafter has my whole arm instead on just to my elbows. I still wrenched and screamed as Miss Aberdeen gently rolled up my sleeve as the Marc was being created. I tried to wench away but they had a really good grasp as I tried to run away. I could foresee me getting this huge thing of a Marc but I guessed that it was part of the prophecy.

 The last jam was the deepest as the crafter made a vine that went around my arm and dug the pricing lace or flame or whatever it was into my sole instead of my skin to where I knew I was getting close to done as the pain would never be forgotten. A flame started from inside me and finished the last of the details before I was released from the clutched fist, still sobbing as I clenched my arm in pain.

 I must had put myself in a fast forward position for a minute to just feel the pain pulsate in my forearm and up to my shoulder as my fingers felt numb on the bottom as I turned around to see The Doc ready to wrap my arm. he gently started at the top of my arm and slowly wrapped it around and around as I saw a face of a wooden solder being covered up completely and soon the hilt of the sword as my palm was covered but not the fingers as gold glowing vines poked though for some resin, maybe a way of The Doc mocking me. I looked into his dark blue eyes that shown concern and a warning all at the same time. Miss Aberdeen tried to say something to me like grate job or something along those lines but all I could see was her mouth moving without sound.

 I ghostly walked down the steps not even making a sound as my foot silently landed in a daze while my mind tries to comprehend what just happened or if I am clearly dead or alive. My arm still throbs from the experience when I met up with Arrow and Heflin as they kept me steady as we went for the final blessing but all I wanted to do was to get out and shoo my daze away as Arrow said something to me but all I could see or hear was "Nell, are you ok? Nell, Nell?" coming from her mouth.

 The only thing that brought me back was on the forth try I actually heard my name. She looked saddened like I told her horrible news but I was still confused on what happened.

 The group was together for the moment as Friar appeared from the back of the people that was watching fallowed by Steel. Ti ran right up to Steel tears were still in her eyes from earlier. "Steel?" she questioned.

 "Let's go Ti." he said as he took Ti to the back of the group after he calmly gave Ti Snow back.

 "Ti!" Snow cried like they hadn't seen each other for a long time.

 I fallowed them to a little hole in space that I knew that Friar made it for us to travel.  He slowly opened the portal the sky was purple this time mixed with red and blues. I stepped inside behind Ti who was helping Steel find his way. Arrow soon found out that she could easily get her powers to work on call instead of struggling to get them to come like the incident with Ti and the carnival game station. We walked for a little while when Friar stopped us.

 "There isn't any more path." he said as he looked over at Arrow for guidance. "Look like the only way to go is.." She trailed as she looked over the edge trying I guess to see the future as I finished the sentence for her.

 "Down." I whispered as everyone looked at me at once like they heard something but wasn't sure. "We have to jump." I explained myself.

 "Are you sure None?" Friar asked.

 "She's right. The only way." Arrow shuttered trying to sound lost.

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