Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

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and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


2. section 2

 "There you are Arrow!" she screeched as if she found her lost child. “The head keeper was getting worried that you escaped."

 "I didn't, I was just visiting our newest member." Arrow explained in an innocent tone but her green cat like eyes flashed me a sign of warning which told me Miss Aberdeen was with the enemy.

 But who was truly the enemy? I did not know for certain other than the government was especially one but if there is more it is going to be a lot harder to defeat. Even if it was just the government, it would be almost impossible for Arrow and I to bring them down alone.

 Then I looked at Miss Aberdeen's arms closely and she had no Marcs! I started to get worried no Marcs meant she is a government child and they are not required to get Marcs but if they want to they could. But I could do nothing as Arrow was lead out of my room but she was absolutely silent as she walked. The slam of the door jolted me back to earth.

 I started to get out of my bed again, but this time I was determined to look at my door. I swung my IV around and thought otherwise and ripped the tape off and fallowed by the nettle. I used some of the tape for bandages while the other as a stopper. I would hurt myself to get that IV in later that way there would hopefully be no suspicion of me running off. I remember seeing the nurses putting it in between the blackouts.

 I came to my door and I tried to touch the lock but something stopped me I looked at it to see if there was any electrical current or alarm and there was a tinny blue spark that showed that there is an electric current but after I pulled back the shades I spotted the gizmo that was keeping me in the only thing that was keeping everyone else, other than ones that have a password or a way to get in, if they do come in they are monitored around the clock and then they clock out when they walk out my, or possibly anyone else's door. "But how did Arrow get out of her room and into..." I thought till I remembered she had the gift of foresight.

 I shook my head and tried to figure out how to disengage it. I saw a wire that held my door shut. I tried to unhook it but it set off an alarm that blew my ears sky high with the noise and I froze thinking every option possible of terms of escape then I thought about my bead. Seeing it would be the only logical way, I quickly ran to it and crawled in.

 I pulled the covers past my arm and held the needle where it should be with my fingers. (I found out that am double jointed in my left wrist and by dumb luck that they put it on my left.) Soon I am under the covers in till I saw some blood droplets on my sheet near my hand. I turned the bed cover over to see my wrist bleeding from the injection spot. I could feel panic creeping up and meeting my downfall. I quickly put pressure on the wound as the door opened. The doctor came rushing in with Miss Aberdeen right behind him.

 "What's wrong, child?" Miss Aberdeen squealed as the doctor called a few people and turned to me and then his attention to his phone and Miss Aberdeen. I could see that the door was left open and had a clear shot to a hiding spot across the way but I wanted the record room that is somewhere on this floor.

 I settled on the hiding spot for now. I saw that Miss. Aberdeen and the doctor talking about how mysteriously the alarm sounded. I saw an opportunity when they moved to the window. I ran out of the room and around the corner of the hallway and made my way in a complete circle to the hiding spot witch was a room where I didn't see earlier but to my luck the hiding spot was the room records were kept.

 I looked up at the stacks of records of every person in the hospital. The records were taller than me and were everlasting. Now the dark room is giving me tempting ways to just see if any of the records were actual hospital patents or if the way Arrow's look was truly about warning or was a signal for help.

 My curiosity got me looking for my own records. I came to a spot where my first name would be. Instead I found millions of names but mine I started to grab a random one from the very back shelf.

 I looked in it and it was a kid named Marrov. She is a black girl that has the gift of weather and the odd thing was her record had something called a capture date with a stamp on the next sheet saying suicide and another date. I started to wonder what a capture date was.

 Apparently the more I looked at Marrov the more questions came to me as I looked forward into her life like why she died. And the two recordings of a training dates and times and if she came quietly after she took off her bandages and the date that the government found out.

 Nothing made sense to me then I grabbed one after another of confidential records with partially the same results other than some came quietly while others tried to fight back and some committed suicide or died by excruciation while others are either still alive or died of different causes like an illness or was lucky to have lived till old age. I found out that the files were arranged by time of capture and name. So I went on looking at each one noticing that the bigger ones were the ones that were telepathic or has a gift of some sort of time power.

 Soon I found out another pattern that put the time and telepathic powers in an even higher risk in the execution line then any others till, I am guessing recently, the government found out that they were quite useful when they could see the future since now with the up and coming of my Marc sows what they could be used for.

 Then I felt someone grab my shoulder. I tried to scream but a hand quickly came over my mouth. I slowly turned around to see Arrow behind me. I breathed a sigh of relief, thankful of that it was Arrow and not Miss Aberdeen. She looked at the folder with worried eyes.

 "You looked?" she asked I shook my head that I hadn't. Her face relaxed and grabbed the folder from me.

 "You shouldn’t. “She said. Then she must have noticed the mess of organization folders. And knew what I had done and saw the truth. "You know what they are doing. Gathering and killing every special Marc. I am the first foresight power to live over a first few months of capture."

 “How?" I asked.  Then I realized she was talking about me and some others over death and possibly killing me in the process with my parents. I slid my body down the shelf and I reached for the envelope that Arrow had taken from me but of course I didn't touch it. I put my head in my hands when I got to the floor.

 I couldn't believe that she would kill on her own life. Arrow, I thought, had a real good chance of being my fiend after what I had been through. I just stayed there as she came to my side. I quickly shrugged my shoulders to get her off. But she just moved her hands for the moment and gently set them back on me. "LEAVE ME ALONE!" I yelled trying to scare her off. But it sort of worked.

 She just stood up and went a few shelves over and grabbed two files. And came back to me and set them down at my feet. "The past doesn't matter if you can change the future." she said as she grabbed the one I had earlier and set it in the middle of the two. "But we can learn from It." she said and she silently walked off leaving me alone.

 I paused for a moment then I quietly grabbed the middle one. It had the name of someone that I couldn't read because the two names on it clashed so badly with black ink. I stared at it as Arrow's words rang though my head and I knew I wasn't ready. So I gently set it aside and clutched the one on the right. I quietly read the name aloud. Arrow Mesa, (Arrovin) it read, this was Arrow's file. But why would she want me to read her file?

 I opened the file. A picture of Arrow was stapled on the front page with her name and the tribe she was in. She looked beautiful with her hair braided and flowers all over it with a ceremonial robe that had must been in her family for generations.

 But basic info was that entire page had accept, hers had a capture date to with the date of a solstice, but why didn't she go quietly? Or that she was captured on the day of the solstice when the government themselves weren't supposed to look.

 Then further down there was a death date of notice. I looked and snatched Morrov's folder again and looked closer. There was a line that had a death of notice date and a reason but hers wasn't suicide, it was something else that was scratched completely out the same thing happened to her death of notice date. And then I looked closer into her life. She had the gift of weather, yes but in her therapy days she kept saying that she wanted out and see what she could do to change  the world for the better like bring water to drought arias and everything till she broke and they had to put her down. She did the same thing when the government tried to take her the first time.

 I looked at Arrow's file again showing that half her tribe got killed from protecting her but she still got captured. After that, it was a record of forced visions that she had. They did this by keeping her in a dark room and putting a special helmet on her that transmits the images to a machine.

 And one was me. But she was forced to have these images. That didn't even sound possible, not till I looked into these filed I would have never known the truth about all this. But maybe there was a way to escape, but nothing makes sense to me. I just shook my head and went to number three he was a regular boy but had the gift of flexibility and he was killed on the spot in front of every child that got his or her Marc when he started to play with his new found powers. He died on the spot before he knew what hit him. The thought of one kid that could have saved millions dead, just like that. Without warning a life and future was lost forever.

 I was amazed of how horrible the government could be so cruel letting an Arroven girl live to round up gifted and let them die. But they are letting some live in confident forever and that is horrible in itself.

 One minute you are home, talking about how your Marc would look the next thing you know you are being force away from everything you love, like me if I could remember what the past was like past the explosion. I looked at my arm palm down and tried to think why they wanted my parents dead, if they are and me alive till after I get my Marc.

Then it hit me Arrow's life depended on my Marc. It must mean more to her then anything, more than my parents living to see my Marc, more than myself living because she predicted the explosion of my house. My face and memory clearly shows her distraction that she created as soon as she predicated it.

 Then I looked at the middle folder. I barely could make out my current name but the rest I couldn't make out. I questioned if I was ready to look at this particular folder. I glanced inside and saw the picture of me from earlier. I slammed it closed and slid it on the ground. That folder, the info, the picture even, was me. My life was clearly written in that folder to be forever secret till now when I opened it. But I was scared of myself.

 Then I heard my name fill the room. I felt myself getting smaller and smaller by each word. I could tell that it was Miss Aberdeen by the tone and southern ascent of her voice. I wanted to run to her, but with her being there when I tried to escape plus the mess I had made moments ago. I just stayed where I was at, being as quiet as possible as the soft squeak of her tennis shoes marked her steps for me. She came closer to where I was at. I became nervous In till I heard someone call her name and she turned around and left. I quickly snuck out of my hiding spot and took some papers out that was info that happened before the explosion and some of Arrow's info for her to explain. Then I realized that mine had a special stamp on the front page that I didn't see and it had the world seal of a Arroven headdress with a spaceship around it and the words " together from our fathers past to the forever future.” and meant  government born and maybe the reason I had yet to get my Marc.

 I was stunned I was a government born child and I don't even remember it. I am the enemy and Arrow predicted everything that happened to me so far, or so the record says. But I have to get out of here as soon as I get my Mac with this info with me, Arrow's and mine.

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