Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


13. section 13

 "This is the resin that everyone is here it will be everything to the final Macs that will be passed out tomorrow." Arrow said and then I started to think she has got to be crazy trying to rally everything on these few moments but again I remind myself that this is all we possibly have left of ourselves and everything around us.   I just fallowed along fading in and out of the long ceremony that dragged and ended with us dancing a dance that the Arrovins  usually dose after everyone had learned the Mac and did the steps but I feel like I hadn't learn much at all as Milo took my hand for a fire dance that went left then right and weaves in and out of everyone else. We were in the mist of forgetting and having a blast with the celebration laughing and caring on with the Arrovin music that Arrow and Heflin were trying to preform there best since Arrow couldn't remember everything from her past.

 Then Milo tugged on my hand out of the circle while the rest were laughing and dancing blind though the Arrovin culture.

 We were alone on the side the only light was the same stream that had greeted me when I had awoke. He moved my hair out of my robotic eye.

 "You look lovely in that dress None.” he complimented me as he took my hand. "I want my last moments on earth to be memorable if I can."  He whispered in my ear.

 "Why?" I asked trying to keep the romance.

"I am not going to wake up in the morning I will be sure of that. I don't want my Mac. I just don't. "He said a tear rolled down his cheek.

 "I don't either. I don't even know why I'm doing this anymore. Why am I such a huge issue in this so called prodigy thing." I said spilling everything I had regretted so far other than the fact that I can't remember my past but I thought I gave him enough to work with.

"Sshhh," he said moving his finger to my lips. "I just cannot stay. I have a place to protect other than you."

 "What do you mean another place?" I asked.

"Toy land. The utopia to destroy in the prophecy my high rank solder." he said as he came close to me and it felt wonderful as our lips touched and we kissed. I felt butterflies fly around in my body as the worth moved all over myself and transfer to Milo and back again. My eyes closed and I could see a strong toy soldier envisioned in my mind's eye. A general in this time. I let myself drift away forever in his bliss. Then we let go for a moment to breathe.

 "Don’t stop." I whispered.

"I must we must separate into our normal lives and me into my actual form." he breathed but I was still screaming in my mind for him to stay.

  For the first time since I awoke I felt like I belonged to or for something or someone. It was one of the best moments of my life as I watched Milo fade back To the rest of the group. I must have been frozen in time. Minutes took seconds as Arrow came towards me and jacked me back to reality.

 "Congratulations. Tomorrow we shall pass the last section of the Mac, belonging." she cheered as she lead me to the secrete entrance of the hiding spot indicating that our temporary time of freedom was over.  I looked at her and tried to figure out what meant. Unfortunately all I wanted to do right then was to strip off this dress and sell it to a raging mutt to tear it and chew it as it pleases.  But then I came back to reality for a short moment to know what she said about the Mac.

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