Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


1. section 1

I awoke from a hospital bed, disoriented and confused my left eye only seeing very little while my right was black as night so I knew that I had completely lost my sight in the blast, or I think was the blast. I started to sit up but my body wasn't ready for the sudden movement so I just laid there trying to figure out what the heck happened. But all I could remember was the blast and the screams of people running everywhere. I could hear the screams as I pictured myself the moments before. Both pale brown eyes locked on a burning building crying for mom and dad but I can never come up with names only the blank faces.

 "But what about my own?" I thought but came up blank nothing, not even a name on the hospital band I where on my wrist just an unknown number  that none will claim.

 I huffed, none will find me now, no one shall see a teenage girl that is almost (I think I was) sixteen just laying on her deathbed, or was, now without a right eye or has mechanical one to replace it.

 Then the moment hits me. I am alone, I can't remember anything before I was standing in front of a building shouting for my mom and dad and  fading in and out of conciseness till I saw the group of doctors putting me under for the final time then I woke in here a strange room in a strange place. I don't know exactly how I got here other than the ambulance ride and I guess the surgery. But my mind couldn't find the order at all so I just stayed at my bed and listened to the drip, drip of my IV tube.

The sound of the door opening disturbs my current thoughts a black nurse came into my chamber of wonders. She seemed happy to see me as she slid in. Her traditional blue scrubs on her shoes told me that they had marked my room as a clean environment, no outside dirt aloud but they could ware their usual hospital clothing. The nurse slipped on gloves and sat on my bed. Her black hair was in a white bandana and her purple shirt had kittens with yarn all over it and her paints were a plain prouder blue that matched her booties.

 "I'm glad you are awake mam. My name is Loris Aberdeen." The nurse proudly said it was clear that she was born and raised by generations of pure old world southerners by the sound of her accent. I noticed a mirror in the nurse’s pocket. My fears had just been truly confirmed as I slowly raised my right hand where my eye used to be and felt something metal, something cold and wrong. I couldn't believe they'd replaced my right eye with a machine. I started to cry but only tears stained my left cheek. The nurse just kindly took my hand away from the metal peace. "Don’t worry it'll be ok. You want to look?" she said as she grabbed the mirror from her pocket.

"Now you are going to show me what it looks like on my face when I rather go blind?" I thought as she silently opened the mirror. "Now I better turn this thing on even though I'm not supposed to, it's still in the mist of charging but I think they will let it slide. You might want to close your eyes we don't want it to miscommunicate and open one while trying to sleep. " she said as I closed my left eye and she turned the metal trinket on.

 My right eye started to grown in my head, which I thought was odd and weird but the eyelid, or I think was the eyelid, opened up like a regular one. I tried blinking and it acted normal it even let the light in when I closed it. To my surprise it felt kind of normal.

 Then my eyes found the mirror and I was horrified. Right there in the middle of my sun kissed face was a giant black robotic eye that had a brown hew in the middle that had to of been the lens. It was surprising how the doctors tried to replicate the brown coloring of the other one with pretty good success other than putting in a little too much red in. The day-sha-vue of not having a true right eye struck me again and I just broke down. Anger filled inside me as I felt a tear fore down my cheek, from my right. I was surprised of how normal it had acted but was still wary about it.

 My brown honey hair had gotten darker to wood. My skin had been bruised and patched but nothing else was broken.

 "Well?" Miss. Aberdeen said as if waiting for my approval but I thought it was the dumbest question to ask then she must had felt my urge to change the subject because the next sentence was even more random than before. "What is your name then?"

 Then it brought back the question from before, what was my name? I can remember the explosion from the plains that soured overhead and seeing the building crumble before me blocking the two hour marking of  the nighttime the dark shadows, and mine among all the other's voices calling for either help or in search for friends and loved ones other than the only time I had been back to the familiarity of a hospital bed, that that was all I could remember.

 "I...I, don't remember." I can hear myself whisper almost too soft for even myself to hear but Miss. Aberdeen must of heard me because of what she said afterwards.

 "Little bit of amnesia, poor child." she said as her eyes got hazy. Well, do you have any parents?" Miss. Aberdeen kindly asked.

 "Yes I remember that but there faces are vague and their names blank." I sadly admitted out loud to her but then I realized, that was it. All I could remember had been said other than bits and pieces of the hospital stay when I was little.

 "Anything else?" Miss. Aberdeen said as if she was in a hurry, since she was a nurse she possibly was. Then she told me to close my eyes so she could turn off my mechanical eye. I realized I had to act fast before she left and told the doctor everything that happened and make me stay longer.

 "WAIT!" I yelled amazed at how powerful my voice was as Miss Aberdeen almost shut the door behind her she quickly pushed it open and held the door open with her hand.

 "Yes, what is it?" Miss. Aberdeen chimed as if she was a little child on a special trip and had to wait just moments to receive it.

 Now I did it. I got her to stop but had no idea what to tell her. I thought about it as a quick and kind "What's wrong?" came from Miss Aberdeen's mouth.

 "I remembered something." I chirped without thinking and now my back is against the wall because I didn't know what else to say. I had to come up with something but the question was what, a name, a past story of how I had type two ammonia and lived to tell very little of the tale at the moment so I just settled on the name, any name I could think of but it has to be perfect since I have only one shot at it.

 "My name" I kindly said with a fake happy go lucky urge to it. Miss Aberdeen gently closed the door as if this was to be so private no one was supposed to hear. Then she sat at the edge of my hospital bead again and I patiently waited in the silent hum of my bed adjusting to her small rump, filed the room with sound among the true silence. Then when it stopped I saw a glimmer of hope that quickly faded as I said my new name.

 "My name is None." I kindly said.

 "Excellent." She said with a sneaky smile showing how proud she was but then there was a short pause as if she thought what I said over. "Wait, your parents called you nun or..."

 "N,O,N,E." I spelled it out for her but she didn't buy it.

 "How could a parent name there kid None, unless they didn't want 'im or 'er." she mumbled trying her hardest to keep a smiling face. I just shrugged my shoulders as an answer. Miss. Aberdeen just cheeked my vital signs without another word but before she left I chirped, "they loved me though. I know that much as a fact."

 A few minutes later she left, slowly shutting the door behind her when it seemed like I finally convinced her that one, I wasn't suicidal and two, that wasn't a nickname. I waited till Miss Aberdeen was long down the hall till I started to talk to myself about my new name.

 "STOOP." I said to myself. "None, what kind of name is that? Might as well had called myself something simple and dull like Aaron, or Emily, at least I wouldn't stand out too much." then I thought it over and the clouds started to part in my mind. “Wait a minute. None, it's perfect!" I exclaimed then I quickly quieted myself down trying not to attract attention to myself from the outside.

 None is short for No One as in No One will find me here, No One will want me, No One will see me or need me. No One two words now one and satisfies what No One will do anything to change the future. I just smiled at the dumbness that had happened in a few seconds turn into something so smart and so right. I leaded back into my bed and I put my hands behind my head. Everything was falling into place for me the name, the ho hum doctors that don't have a single clue who I truly am. All they have is a horrible fake first name to go by and that is all I truly wanted. I started to drift off. Sleep became my friend in till the sound of the door jolted me awake. A white man came in, he had on the traditional lab doctor coat with really dark blue paints with the same color bodies over his black shoes like Miss Aberdeen had on earlier. His jet black hair obviously was dyed with blue highlights when he was under the lonely neon lights. His face was shaved clean and looked like if being a doctor fell through modeling would take preference over anything else.

 "Ok miss None, is it? Well you took a huge blow there. You must have had a guardian angel am I right?" he said looking at a paper underneath one that had a picture of a pretty messed up me in the corner. My eyes were closed, thank goodness. I don't think I could stand seeing one eye completely gone or so messed up that it would look like soup, that or it would look like nothing happened then if you sit me up then, pop! There is a present for you.

 My name had been penciled in over some white out where my I thought unknown number would be. But there was something that caught my one good eye. Another name was right next to my new one plus in the next box was a checkmark in a box that I couldn't tell what it was for. The doctor just flipped the pages over and stared at me with harsh diamond blue eyes looking for an answer. I nodded yes and that was all. He didn't say a single word he just cheeked my new eye to see if it was charging right, and it was.

 "So you excited Miss None?" he said although I had no clue what he was talking about.

 "What for?" I asked hoping it was my ticket out; I smiled proudly as if it was that. But to my dumb luck it wasn't.

 "You are supposed to get your Marc on the solstice." he said like I won the gift of honor witch it is supposed to be, or used to be. All children from each family had to get the Marc. But getting a Marc that symbolizes the belonging to the government and power to the family. Most kids don't want it but families enforce it like it is meant for survival but it was meant possession and being the last and only child of my family (plus obviously being over the age of ten) I had to get my Marc.

 The proses is you have to gather All of your toys (and the solders have a right to search your house for hidden ones) and send them to the forgotten land to never be seen again. Then you get a load of scrubbing, cleaning and have to be in your best dressy close you can find. And they have a festival to celebrate you being about ready to get hurt. Then you stand there and a ladder either strait out or strait up with platforms that way the government could do it quickly so it won't wind up waiting there time. You are randomly chosen to stick your finger in one at a time to be worked on then you put your whole hand in either palm up or down depend where you want the main design to be but sometimes it is both sides without your words. And  take it out to be wrapped in ceremonial Gauze and wait till a day that the government sets and another celebration happens and you can take off the bandages to reveal the Marc and to make you property of the government.

 Some kids have died because of complications or once a kid had his arm burnt off at the elbow while another got her hair on fire and burned to death. One rumor was that one time a kid took off the bandages early and a sprit took over him and was never seen again.

 I just looked at him horrified. But he didn't make an effort to comfort me other than being proud of himself and showing his Marcs, one from the winter the other from the summer solstice.

 The winter was on his left like it is supposed to.  A beautifully sculpted wolf head on the back on his hand and woods crafted in his arm and on his right witch is the summer solstice side was a bright red rose and a vine that went around his arm and faded into his elbow.

 "Wow two Marcs you've had to be special." I sarcastically said and the doctor frowned, clearly unimpressed.

 "Well I wander what yours is going to look like." he fired back. I wanted him to get done as quickly as he could but he just stayed put and doing minor tasks and then doing them over. It was annoying me on how long he stayed. But as soon as he left he whispered one sentence in my ear that sent chills though my body.

 "I know who you truly are None I will make you remember." he whispered in my ear before hurrying out the door with a slam.

 That left me back to start with the questions that had haunted me since I awoke. Was there a resin that my whole family got killed and that I was supposed to be dead to? Either way I have to escape this place and never return.

 But I was interrupted again by the door swinging open, a small girl, about eleven or twelve came in. Her hair was red and her skin was tannish almost a dark brick color. I figured she was a descendent of  the native species of the world, the Arroven.

 The Arrovens are the reason we have the Marcs in the first place. See it was a trade we got to govern the land but we had to receive Marcs to belong to the tribe. But we destroyed all the traditions in the past twenty years we were here. Now the Marcs are a symbol that we belong to the government.

 "Hello," she said "I thought I would welcome you. Mi name is Arrow." She came across my room to the window witch I didn't notice before and she opened it for me. Her white dress and matching shoes made her look like she was skating along the tile. She swiftly opened the curtains and sat down on my bed.

 "None." I said as she did this. She situated herself and leaned towards me. "You are the one all children been looking for the one to save traditions." she said to me. "We know who you truly are the gods sent me the vision of the future. Too bad the government knows." she said as she showed me her own Marc.

 It was a purple eye in her left palm and a greenish blue spiral on the back of her hand and with a star burst on the back of her hand that connected to her palm though her fingers and the streaks from the burst traveled around her arm and onto her shoulder. I knew she was special when I saw her but then when she showed me her Marc I knew that she got a power, a gift, from it and that is a rarity that the government thrives on. They capture them and the study there powers and use them for their own purposes.

 Arrow was gifted for sure and had found me for some resin my gift (which I have no clue what it is or what it will be.) would be the resin the doctor wanted me to go with the government. But the same question ran though my head as usual, why?

 "I have a week sense of foresight. My Marc's gift from the gods. I have to get the summer one to have the full strength of the power but I don't want to do it." Arrow cried and I don't blame her not wanting to do it. Having to get her first Marc at the existent last winter and having the wounds still fresh in her mind, I think, and now having said that she is forced to do it again just to be taken away to a confined facility never to be seen again.

 "I don't either." I kindly said unsure what to say. "But how did you find me?" I asked trying to get answers.

 "Like I said, I have the gift of foresight but I can only use it when I am either asleep or meditating hard. Anyway, I saw you standing in front of a burning building and an army of toy soldiers right behind you. Also you were warring a gold vine around your right arm and holding a golden sword in that hand other than that I was interrupted and brought out of the vision I had just explained." Arrow explained as she started to hold my hand in her hospital gloves that I figured she swiped off a cart. I quickly retracted my hand trying not to show friendship yet.

 I looked into her saddened green eyes the pain she must had been in before she came. I could imagine her being forced awake by an official and whipped till she told what she saw good or bad they'll want to know.

 She stood up and went to the window and looked outside as I sat up my automatic bed to support my back. "The solstice is a few days." she whispered loud enough for me to hear. I started to get out of my bead but the wires were tangled that were moderating me so I decided against it and just stayed there.

 My bare legs were hanging over the bed, scratched and bruised. I started to wonder how long had I been out. "How long?" I accidently said out loud but I didn't care.

 "What?" Arrow snapped in a glossy voice clearly was in her own world herself.

 "Nothing," I quickly said fallowed by a long pause. "How do we get out of getting a Mac?" I squeezed out of my thought.

 "We don't." Arrow silently mouthed but I knew what she meant.

 "We must try to do something." I said as Arrow came next to me.

 "Like, leave."  Arrow muttered like she always wanted to do. But before we could say another word Miss. Aberdeen came into the room.

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