Stained Through

None, short for no one, as in no one will find me, esecaly after an explosion that has wiped my memory of my past and more or less lickly, my whole family. None will want me or need me intill Arrow, told me that I am some sort of profit that suposed to save the gifted children before we all turn into toys, including me! also No one will see me save the world other than the world itself and i was suposed to be the No one that saves the world.

A/N The next book is called Kept Cleen i hope you enjoy both of them and feel free to comment.
and thank you to C.H. Nightshade for the cover.


46. ending #2

"Don’t run this time." she hissed as she grabbed my shoulder and threw me on the ground.  "Talk!"

 "I was just wondering how to find the land of toys." I lied even though it was the wait of being a prophet pushing down on me, again. But the land still laid heavy on my mind as well.

 “The land hides with the teddy tree that is the doorway to the land of toys and your rain." Arrow lead me into the woods where we kept gathering wood with nothing more said.

 Then we saw it, the teddy tree that was lost in a clump of vines. We looked at each other in shock. I know that at that moment we both were thinking the same thing. We might have just found the land of toys.

 We didn't waste any time as we walked through the opening. The path was dark and cold. Then as quick as we got inside the tree the light diminished to blackness.

 "I can't see a thing maybe we should turn back and get a light." Arrow suggested. I started to mess with my mechanical eye as I managed to  turn it to the night vision I had earlier.

 "Don’t worry arrow I can see." I said as I moved forward. Arrow looked confused as I grabbed her wrist and hissed, "Don't ask I don’t want to remember.”

  I led her through the darkness. Then a bright light opened up to see a new world were only tents and some buildings and toys going witch a-way doing different tasks. There they were the gifted, right in front of us having work to do.

 "None we found it! The war is ours we will be free!" she exclaimed. Although I was happy that we found the land I was also unsure of the future that now is starring us in the face to be hopefully kept clean after this war if we win.

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