What if something horrible haunted not just your dreams, but your everyday encounters with everyone? What if your so-called brother was part of what haunted you? Allie Rodriquez has to live with this but isn't as willing to speak as others would wish she was.


1. Silence

Allie Rodriquez is your typical everyday teenager..right? WRONG. That is what everyone seems to think at least. No one looks past her smile and into her frown, but she doesn't let anyone. When Harry Styles moves to town, he takes an interest in Allie, much to her dismay. He knows that behind her smile is an untold story, and if it's up to Allie, it'll remain that way. But Harry, has OTHER plans. --------------------------- Sorry if this description isn't good, this is my first Movella follow for a follow? Twitter: @1Dgoesmyheart Instagram: @Minneyheeree Wattpad: @Minneyheeree
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