What if something horrible haunted not just your dreams, but your everyday encounters with everyone? What if your so-called brother was part of what haunted you? Allie Rodriquez has to live with this but isn't as willing to speak as others would wish she was.


2. Chapter 1: A new beginning

Allie's POV ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I woke up at 5:30am to the extremely annoying sound of my alarm clock. I dragged myself out of bed knowing that I'd have to get up sooner or later. I dragged my feet into the bathroom, where I turned the water on and then stripped off my clothes. I stepped into the shower and relaxed as the water flowed down my body. As I relaxed, my mind drifted off to unpleasant memories... [her memory] I feel the bed dip behind me, but think that it's just my niece, because of a nightmare or something. I felt two arms much too large to be my niece's wrap around my waist and pull me into them. I felt a bulge where my butt was, and tried to pull away from HIM, but I was stuck in his iron grip. Out of boldness, I elbowed him hard in the gut and when he let go, I ran to the bathroom and locked the door behind me. I sat on the ground and hugged my knees to my chest. 'It was a mistake, he probably thought I was his wife,' I thought, trying to reason with myself. I didn't want to accept what he was doing. [End of memory] I noticed that my eyes weren't brimmed with tears. I guess that it's because after all this time, I've finally become numb to my feelings. Of course everyone thinks I'm a happy-go-lucky person, but it's because I've become a master at fake smile and fake laughter. No one knows my struggle. No one knows how I truly feel on the inside. And no one knows that I should be dead right now. Honestly, when people think about dying, they get in a depressed mood. But I don't. I actually like the thought of dying. At least I'd be away from here.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AUTHOR'S NOTE: hey guys! I know its short, but how was it? Like and comment? Love you alls..I'll try to update tomorrow!! It'll be longer, I swear!
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