Don't Forget Where You Belong

Lisa and her best friend Lauren are two best friends who are super shy but are well known around school because of their parents. The get accepted to a top notch college in England and take their journey.


8. 8

It’s Friday morning and I still don’t know what to wear for the party. I know exactly what to do. I just won’t go. I’ll pretend I’m sick. Perfect.

I walk downstairs and am greeted by Lauren’s cooking. She is in the kitchen about to make pancakes I think.

“Morning” I call out from the living room.

“Good Morning”

“So since I don’t have anything to wear for the party tonight, I was just thinking of not…” I am cut off by Lauren running in the living room.

“Uh uh…we are going to the mall today to pick out a dress. I don’t have anything to wear either.” She says.

“Fine” is all I can say. I turn the TV on and that was Laurens cue to go back in the kitchen.

After eating and showering, we head to the mall. We get to the mall in less than 20 minutes and we shop till we drop. Literally. We went to almost every store and I managed to not bring up the party.

As we are leaving Lauren says something.

“Crap. We forgot to buy dresses for the party” she looks sad saying it.

“Well I guess we can’t go then.” I smile.

“Nope we are going back in there and buying dresses.” She says turning around and back into the mall.

I roll my eyes and follow her back into the mall. We go to Charlotte Russe to find a dress.

“OOO I love this one.” She says picking up a red dress that probably stops 2 inches below her butt cheeks.

“Don’t you think that’s a little too revealing” I say emphasizing the too. She goes to try it on and it looks good on her but like I said it’s revealing.

“A little but there is no fun in it if you aren’t able to tease the guys at the party. It’s not like Im gonna have sex with them. Maybe kiss but that’s it.” She says going back into the dressing room to take the dress off. “Okay now to find you a dress” see says walking off into the store.

She walks to this really cute dress. It’s black with a lace type material to cover the shoulders and a little of the upper arm. I actually love it. Before she gets to it I run and grab it.

“Oh my goodness this is so cute.” I say shocking myself and Lauren.

“Well go try it on.” She says gesturing towards the dressing room.

“I don’t want to, because if it is too short I won’t get it but if I buy it and try it on at home I will have to wear it.” I sound crazy but it’s true. She gives me the ‘true’ look and we go to pay. Wait we are forgetting something. Heels!

“Shouldn’t we probably get some kind of footwear?” I ask.

“You’re right. Heels. You get some black ones and I’ll get some white ones” she says.

Once we got the heels we wanted we went to go pay and we finally left the mall. It is now 3 and we have about 6 hours until party actually starts Im guessing since it is a college party.

We eat lunch and then Lauren watches TV while we are waiting for it to become about 7. I decide to take a nap since I like to go to sleep early but if I take a nap I will stay up later.

When it turns to 7 my alarm goes off and I get up to take a shower and do my makeup. I take my dress out of its pink and white bag and slide it over my head and down my body.

I take a look at it in the mirror and I look beautiful. I feel too exposed though. But I don’t care. I curl the ends of my hair and look at the clock. Its 8:45. I decide to go check on Lauren.

I walk down stairs and she looks freaking flawless in that red dress. Since we are ready we just leave and walk to the frat house.

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