Don't Forget Where You Belong

Lisa and her best friend Lauren are two best friends who are super shy but are well known around school because of their parents. The get accepted to a top notch college in England and take their journey.


5. 5

I wake up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. I look to my left and see that Lauren is already up and on her phone.

“Morning” I say in my ugly morning voice. She stops and locks her phone, then sets it down on the sit table.

“Morning. Finally you are up, I’m so hungry.” She gets off the bed and slips on a pair of my fuzzy socks and opens the door. “You coming” she asks me. I snap out of me being half sleep and half awake. I get up and slip on my cookie monster slippers and follow her.

We walk down stairs to everyone in the living room.

“We already ate but Kath is making more for you guys since Alex ate most of it.” Dani tells me. “Okay Thanks.” I walk into the foyer and look outside. Partly Cloudy. Just how I like it.

Katherine calls Lauren and me to come and eat and we go. After we eat we join the rest of the family in the living room. “So what are you two doing today since you guys leave tomorrow at noon?” my mom asks being the curious person she is. See we are leaving a month early because we want to get to know the place a little better before we start school in August.

“Well I was thinking of going to the mall to get some new clothes before going over there since we do have some different stores. Then we will go to Laurens house so she can get her things. Then come back soo I can finish packing.” I say without taking any breaths.

“That sounds like a very productive day.” My mom smiles. “You take you sisters so you can spend your last day with them.” I agree with my mom and then go upstairs to get ready.

I decide to wear a black floral crop top that stops above my belly button, my high waisted jean shorts, and my Doc Martins. Lauren ends up wearing my yellow floral dress with some black converse. I just love that we have the same style.

All six of us leave at around noon. “We should make a video!” Christina shouts before we leave. See the six of us have a YouTube account and it’s called Cimorelli, because we are all Cimorelli’s. Well not Lauren but she looks so much like us that we pretend that she is one of us. Lauren and I look at each other before nodding our heads at her. She get out of the car and quickly runs to get the camera stuff. 

She comes back and hands Kath the stuff before she buckles up and heads off to the mall. At the mall we decide to go to Forever XI, Sephora, Papaya, 5.7.9, and a couple other places. As we are about to leave Lauren walks past Victoria Secret.

“OOO I need to go in here real quick. Uhm you guys can go to like Starbucks if you don’t want to come in.” she says implying to everyone but me. They never go in this store, especially Dani since she is only 13, so they got off to Starbucks.

We walk in and Lauren goes straight to the sets. These sets that contain of a bra and a certain type of underwear, a thong.

“Well I'm guessing that you are planning on finding a fancy guy to wear that you meet at Greenwich?” I ask with a smirk on my face.

“You got it sista” she laughs.

After about 30 minutes, she insists on me letting her buy two sets for her. I gave in and then she finally paid and we grabbed the girls and left.

We ended up not filming a planned video but we did a goodbye type video. We went to Lauren’s house so she could get her three suitcases and went back to my place. For the rest of the day we went to the park, and beach to remember all the memories that we are going to be leaving here.

By the time we go back to the house it is time for dinner. We and take showers and head off to bed so we could be ready for tomorrow.

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