Don't Forget Where You Belong

Lisa and her best friend Lauren are two best friends who are super shy but are well known around school because of their parents. The get accepted to a top notch college in England and take their journey.


4. 4

I run to find Lauren almost at my house. Well that would have been bad if my family heard her.

“Hey! I’m right here.” I call out before she could get to my house. She turns around and I can tell she is relieved at the sight of me.

“Where the hell were you? I looked all over.” She said. I look down knowing I would have had to tell her sooner or later.

“I was with Ryan” I start to slowly walk away.

“What? Why? What were you guys doing that took you twenty minutes?” she looks pissed now.

“I…I was breaking up with him” I close my eyelids as I wait for her reaction. She was taking too long to answer. I open my eyes and she just stood there in awe.

“You were what? Wait how long?” she looks more okay than pissed.

“Three months. And I was breaking up with him because I know I am going to find someone in Greenwich and he is going to find someone at UCLA.” I explain

“Wow, well I’m kinda mad because you never told me but I’m okay. How about we go home? Need to get some sleep before the big day tomorrow”

We walk to my house and head up to ‘our’ room. We change into pajamas and before you know it be are both sound asleep.



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