Don't Forget Where You Belong

Lisa and her best friend Lauren are two best friends who are super shy but are well known around school because of their parents. The get accepted to a top notch college in England and take their journey.


2. 2

Lauren's POV

I can't believe we got our own house! And it's a beach house on top of that! "Thank You So Much Mom and Dad" I said to my best friends’ parents, pulling them into a big hug. I call them mom and dad only because I am at their house more than my own and they told me to call them that.

I honestly could not stop smiling. This is gonna be epic! Living in a house, with my best friend. I ask the Costello’s if I could stay the night and of course say yes. Lisa and I look at each other and know exactly what we will be doing tonight.

For some reason Lisa has a shit load of siblings. There is Dani, Amy, Christina, Katherine, Mike, Joey, Nick, Alex, and Christian. I decide to take the time to call my mom and tell her about what Lisa’s parents did and that I will be staying the night and she approves. My mom is the head of the Special Victims Unit and sadly couldn’t make it to my graduation because she is on a case. I don’t mind this because she is doing what she loves and I support her 100 percent.

I can't wait to finally move to my dream place, England and start college! It's gonna be awesome! The Freedom, Boys, Better Education, Boys, Parties, and again BOYS! Yeah I know, I'm boy crazy. Isn't every girl? Anyways, Going to college with Lisa will be such a fun and great experience! It will be so sad to leave my family, but I'm so happy, WE GOT ACCEPTED TO GREENWICH!

Lisa's POV

I'm still so shocked that my parents bought us a house. This is so awesome! Usually, we Cimorelli's don't spend so much money on things. The most expensive thing I ever bought was a $200 camera.

I don't like being spoiled. It's not right. "LISA! Amy wants to know if we should tell our fans that you and Lauren are moving" Dani shouted from across the hall "Not Yet!" I shouted back. This is one of the bad things that will affect us. We won't be able to post our videos of us singing anymore.

Me, Katherine, Christina, Dani, Amy, and Lauren, have been in our group since 2007. We're just 6 girls, trying to become famous. But now, I guess it will only be 4. It would be so awesome if everybody could move with us to England.

That would be amazing.

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