Don't Forget Where You Belong

Lisa and her best friend Lauren are two best friends who are super shy but are well known around school because of their parents. The get accepted to a top notch college in England and take their journey.


1. 1

I could not believe it. I was finally graduating after 13 years of school. I knew I had college. But let’s admit it college is like 100 time better than high school. Right? I mean you only have to take however many classes you want a day, there are hot guys everywhere you go, and most of all the partying. Honestly, I am sitting in my graduation ceremony right now not even paying attention. The snobby, annoying girl who is #1 out of the whole 567 of the seniors is giving the longest speech ever. Why not zone out? I just could not wait until I got my diploma and finally left this place I called school. It was so boring. The only people I loved were the chorus, band, and drama kids.

 I felt a pinch and fell out of my daydreaming or whatever you call it. I look to my right and there sat Lauren, my best friend. I guess she noticed I was daydreaming and snapped me out. I guess our row was next and I did not even notice it. I saw the beginning of the row get up and the rest follow in lead. “Eleanor Calder” I heard my other best friend's name being called and a bunch of people cheering. More people who I didn’t really know get called. “Lauren Casanova” There she goes, about to be handed her diploma. 10 seconds later, she is handed her diploma. “Lisa Costello” Oh my gosh can I really do this? I'm so nervous. I hear my nine other siblings and parents cheering for me. Well that boosted my confidence.

I walked up the step and there was standing Mr. Nichols, the principal with my diploma. I walk up to him and shake his hand. “Congratulations Lisa, you did it” “Thank you Mr. Nichols.” He handed me my diploma and gave me a handshake then I went to the end of the stage. There stood Lauren waiting so she can put the string that hangs on the right of the cap to the left. When I got to her, she did so and we gave each other a hug. I had to wait for the next person to come to me so I could do the same.

After another hour and a half, everyone were called. Our principal said a few last words and then he said, “You are now the Graduated class of 2012.” After that, the only thing I saw were hats flying, silly string, water balloons, and many more things. Lauren and I decided not to throw our hats because we wanted to save them along with our gown. We then celebrated a little and then went towards our family.

We went to my house after pictures with friends and family. I had a huge graduation party inviting the entire band, chorus, drama kids, and other friends. It was awesome because I lived in a mansion on the beach so we just swam in the ocean. It was awesome.

After most people left, Lauren was still there. Both of us got a present from my parents. We had no clue what it was. The one thing we hoped for though was that it was going to deal with London.

“Okay so since all four of you got accepted to University of Greenwich, we bought you a beach house right down the street from the school” my mom says to us. No way! My parents did not just say that. I look to my right and Lauren is screaming and jumping up and down. I just stand in total shock. I cannot believe it. Our dreams were coming true.

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