Just Can't Let Her Go

Louis Tomlinson, member of One Direction, accused of being in a relationship with Harry Styles, in a "relationship" with Eleanor Calder, sassy, older than others. He's alone all the time....unless he's with her. Her. Katrina Prior.

"It's okay

not to be okay

when I'm with her..."

That is...until he is not with her.

Authors Note: Harry is bi in the fanfiction :-) I love Harry with all my heart and wouldn't judge him if he was. Thank you for reading!


5. Chapter 5

"This place is freaking huge,"Ashton remarked when we got out of the car.  It was the first word he had spoken since the alley.  


"It's nothing compared to the one is LA," replied on of the other band members.  I knew like 2 of their names Harry and Louis, and Niall from the alley.  Harry was drunk and leaning on Louis for support.  I followed everyone else up the stone pathway.  It was very nice scenery and it was a perfect night.  


"The guest room is that way," pointed Niall down the long hallway.  I nodded and rocked back and forth on my feet, nobody had moved.  


"We should all stay in the theater room and watch a film," slurred Harry.  He tripped towards a door and unveiled the theater room.  Chairs, couches ,and blankets were soon pulled to the center.  Harry collapsed in a couch and fell asleep immediately.  Niall and Blakelyn ran off into another room as well as Zayn and some other girl who had just appeared.  Louis, Liam, Ashton, and I were left the only ones awake.  Ashton and I took a pull-out couch while Louis took a reclining chair and Liam on the floor. The put in a scary movie and we all stayed silent for quite a while.


"This is a very boring party, lets spice it up a bit?" Liam said standing up and straightening his clothes. 


"How so Payne?" Louis crossed his arms over his chest and yawned.  I tried not to stare at him for too long. 


"Josh is having a party tonight, us four could hit it up. Yeah?" Liam asked us.  Louis and Ashton immediately nodded, but I stuttered to answer. 


"C'mon Kat," begged Ashton pulling me up.  I gave in eventually. They woke Harry who got way to excited about going to a party.  We left the others to continue in their activities and got in an expensive car.  Liam drove and Louis sat passenger seat.  Harry sat in between Ashton and I so we could tame him if he tried to do something stupid. 


"I remember you," Harry whispered in my ear. He threw around my shoulders and looked out the dark window.  "You're the one who came to the house a few years ago.  You and Lou had to call it off."


"Yeah," I said continuing the conversation.


"So how long have you two been together?" asked Liam from the drivers seat turning down the blaring music. 


"We aren't together," I answered taking Harry's arm off of me.  Louis laughed in the front seat lightly and tried to cover it up with a cough. "Problem Louis?"


"No.  Yes actually.  How did you turn into a slut?" he was forward. 


"Shut the fuck up Tomlinson.  I'm not a slut.  Don't act like you haven't changed either," I said getting out of the car when Liam parked.  The front yard was full of drunk college kids dancing wildly.  I walked inside the house and looked around for a drink.  A few boys were standing next to the table full of red solo cups.  I squeezed past them and grabbed one.  I knew Ashton and Louis would come to find me, but I didn't want to be found.  The first sip made my head a little fuzzy, but I knew that I just needed to forget everything for a while.  I walked down the hallway and was immediately slammed into the wall by some dude.  It was Harry, if possible, even drunker.  He kissed my neck and grinded his body against mine.  I let him for a second then slipped past him outside. 


"I'm not a dog," I said when a boy whistled at me.  He laughed and walked away. 


"Katrina," Louis said pushing his way through the crowd.  I turned around and tried to walk away but he grabbed my shoulder and made me face him.  "Please, can we just talk?"


"No, I don't like you," I slurred picking up yet another drink. I downed it in a few seconds and Louis slapped it out of my hand. 


"Why would you do this?" he acted like an adult, always ruining the fun for me.


"You aren't my father.  Stop acting like you own me, I want to party," I imitated his accent without knowing. 


'How about I take you home?" he asked pulling me towards the car.


"How about I have another drink?" I picked up one off of a table and raised it to my lips.  Right before the liquid touched my lips it was out of my hands.  Louis through me over his shoulder and tightened his grip around my waist. 


"You smell different," I spoke unknowingly.  He shook with laughter. 


"What do I smell like now?"


"Like shit," I giggled.  "I'm kidding, don't cry.  You smell like an adult."


"Okay, that makes sense.  Let's talk," he sat me down on the hood of an unfamiliar car.  I slid back and laid down.  The stars were out and very plentiful.  "What have you been doing hanging out with that girl?"


"Blakelyn?  She's nice.  I like her. We are friends.  She taught me how not to feel, not to care.  It started after daddy said I couldn't be with you, I found her.  She gave me an attitude adjustment," I got off the car and tried to lift the hood up, but Louis sat down.


"Can I teach you then?" he asked me pushing the hair out of my face.  "To care."


"Will it hurt?" I asked like a scared little girl in a doctor's office.  Suddenly everything disappeared, the pounding music, dancing drunks, everything but him.


"It will, but I'll be here," he caressed my cheek, then it all came back.  I pushed away and started to walk backwards. 


"I can't," I slurred turning around walking into the streets.  My heels clanked on the pavement and I pulled out my phone.  Matt's number was already plugged in so I pressed call awaiting his answer. 


"Hey Kitty Kat," he answered.  He had moved out a year ago and into his own apartment.  He wasn't a disappointment though unlike me. 


"Come get me please," I tried to sound a somber as possible.  I told him the address and he said to wait out front.  I hung up and sat on the curb of the street.   

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