Just Can't Let Her Go

Louis Tomlinson, member of One Direction, accused of being in a relationship with Harry Styles, in a "relationship" with Eleanor Calder, sassy, older than others. He's alone all the time....unless he's with her. Her. Katrina Prior.

"It's okay

not to be okay

when I'm with her..."

That is...until he is not with her.

Authors Note: Harry is bi in the fanfiction :-) I love Harry with all my heart and wouldn't judge him if he was. Thank you for reading!


4. Chapter 4


Katrina is 20 years old, Louis is 24

Throughout the years the boys have become the opposite version of themselves.  Punk One Direction ladies and gentleman.  All of them are single and fans of one night stands.  Niall and Harry are the drunks of the group.  Zayn and Liam are just sex gods and Louis?  He is waiting for Katrina, but she hasn't shown up in three years.  Let's just say he has busied himself with other girls.  Katrina has....changed.  You could say she has become her alter-ego as well.  Tatoo's? Yes.  Piercings?  Yes.  It's her rebel phase, except it doesn't look as if it's going to end well.  


Louis POV

"Good Afternoon Chicago!" Harry Styles's voice boomed violently through the ginormous stadium.  I glanced in his direction.  Still the same Harry on the inside but the outside had changed so much.  Tattoo's covered his body as well as piercings.  On the inside he was still sad and depressed Harry "Harold" Styles as always.  Still in love with me, but somehow moved on.  He told everyone he was bi 2 years ago and started having hook ups every chance he got. 


The crowed shrieked and yelled louder and louder.  Burn and Crash their new album was double platinum and sold out 2 seconds from opening.  Girls filled their concerts in every city now that they were older.  They were crazier.  At every place I look for her, but she has neglected to show up.  Fans that have stayed for 6 years still hadn't left them.  New fans tried to enter but were pushed away by our "princesses".  Funny name now that all of them now probably had hidden tattoo's and piercings only in at concerts.  


"How have we all been?" I yelled to them.   A variety of answers came shouting at them.  The band had almost broken up many times, but they had stuck together.  Now the fighting was only about girl's and drinks.  


The concert was going amazing then....I saw her.  Her hair was bleached blonde and she had piercings on her face.  Even though I was the same way it was appalling to watch the sweet girl I had once known and loved turn into this.  She used to have been confident yet shy and now she looked like a downright bad girl.  She was standing next to another girl who was jumping and singing along.  Kat sat down and stare down at her bright phone screen.  I tried to concentrate but I couldn't remember my lines to the songs.  The boys quickly covered for me and I just mouthed random syllables while staring at her.  The someone tapped her on the shoulder and she followed him towards the back exit of the stadium.  They went outside and the urge to follow them was building slowly inside me.  Kat's friend had ran up to the front of the stage and was whispering into Niall's ear.  He nodded and told a security guard to lead her backstage.  I would question her as soon as the concert was over.  


"Thank you Chicago, you have been wonderful," Liam shouted to the crowd.  The lights dimmed and we all walked off stage.  I followed Niall to where he was going and the girl sat waiting on a red couch.  


"Where's Kat?" I asked her.  The girl grimaced at me and rolled her eyes.  She was beautiful but a total bitch, what was Kat doing hanging out with her?


"She's in the alley on the left side.  Probably hooking up with Ashton,"the girl spoke slowly and drawn out.  Niall leaned her back on the couch and started kissing her slowly.  I left before anything got to intense.  


I sprinted down the hallways and flung myself out of the side door.  It was cold and foggy outside.  The alley smelled like rich alcohol and smoke.  Cardboard boxes were stacked everywhere and a drunk fan was leaning against the brick wall.  I led her inside before coming back out.  I couldn't hear anything but decided to venture into the alley.  Smoke was coming from an open vent on the side of the wall.  


"God Kat, it's been to long," groaned a male voice.  I ducked under a barbed wire and found Kat and some dude pressed against a wall.  She had her arms loosely around his neck and her feet wrapped tightly around his waist.  I was unnoticed but not for long.  


"Kat?" I asked.  My voice came out higher than usual but it got their attention.  




"Kat?" said a high voice.  I opened my eyes to uncover a dark figure covered in the hazy fog.  He was tall and looked pretty fit.  Ashton dropped me and I walked forward.  Wait.  This guy was way familiar.  It was none other than Louis Tomlinson.


"Louis?" I asked sending chill bumps all over my skin.  His dark arms were tinted with ink and holes in his delicate skin.  I flinched when he took a step forward.  His eyes were darker and somehow frightening.  


"What are you doing here?" he asked.  I studied the sound of his voice and how deep it had gotten.  The way his hands crossed protectively over his chest.  The way he pulled his bottom lip by the lip ring into his mouth and bit hard.  


"My friend, Blakelyn wanted to come.  I only came so I could meet Ashton,"I explained dully.  The old me was gone.  I couldn't still be attached to him.


"What happened to you?" he sounded disgusted.  


"What happened to you?  I just changed that's all.  Became the real me,"I snapped back at him forcefully.  Ashton stood by my side.  


"I..I guess I changed t-"  He was cut off by the door slamming open.  A boy with blonde and purple hair was pushed out without a shirt on.  Blakelyn jumped in his arms and he turned and pressed her into the wall.  They kissed deeply and the boy moaned before either of them noticed us.


"Kat,"Blakelyn said running over to us.  She pulled her dress down from where it had come up and hugged Ashton and I lightly.  "Sorry that this guy interuppted you two's make out scene, but he insisted upon knowing where you were, do you know him?"


"He's an old friend of mine, before I met you,"I told her.  The guy walked over to us and introduced himself as Niall.  Another band guy Blakelyn picked up.  She got whatever she wanted usually but she wasn't spoiled rotten.  She had picked me up right after Louis and I broke up and fixed me.  She dyed my hair and convinced me to get a tattoo.  I was suspicious at first, but she was a real friend actually.  Her biggest dream was of course to make it big as an actress, to do that she decided to bribe her way there.  No work.  This wasn't the first celebrity she dated/hooked up with. Ashton was her younger brother by 1 day.  They looked nothing alike mostly because they had both dyed their hair and gotten tattoos and piercings.  


"You should all come and stay at our place tonight," Louis offered after an awkward silence.  Niall agreed at once but us outsiders were lenient to go.  Louis turned to Blakelyn and smiled.  "You and Niall have unfinished business to pick up."  He had won.  Blakelyn smiled and followed Niall back inside.  I grabbed Ashton's hand and chased after them.  I heard Louis following us.  I kissed Ashton on the cheek and heard Louis sigh behind us.  Time for a long night.     



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