Just Can't Let Her Go

Louis Tomlinson, member of One Direction, accused of being in a relationship with Harry Styles, in a "relationship" with Eleanor Calder, sassy, older than others. He's alone all the time....unless he's with her. Her. Katrina Prior.

"It's okay

not to be okay

when I'm with her..."

That is...until he is not with her.

Authors Note: Harry is bi in the fanfiction :-) I love Harry with all my heart and wouldn't judge him if he was. Thank you for reading!


3. Chapter 3

Katrina's POV


After I got a shower and changed into actual clothes, father got in the car.  And he is now driving the both of us to Louis.  This should be very intersting.


"Kat,"my father said after a while turning down the music.  I looked at him, his old eyes made me feel guilty.  "How did this happen?  I thought I raised you well?  Now you have to go out with adults who are in no good bands?"


"You did raise me well dad, Louis and I are in love, why can't you accept that?"  I groaned plugging my earphones in and zoning out.  My wifi wasn't working so I couldn't text Louis to tell him we were coming.  Surprises aren't his favourite thing.


Louis POV


"Morning," Harry said to Niall and I when he walked in.  Niall nodded but I couldn't bring myself to say anything.  It was kind of normal though, he just sat in front of me with a banana.


"What's the schedule?" Niall asked nobody imp-articular.  A huge plate of left over pizza sat in front of him, which he was devouring.  Knocking came from the front door, Harry fled from the awkwardness to catch it.  Voices were talking and I thought I heard Katrina's voice.  No, just me imagining it, I smiled at the thought of her though.  And then she was there.  Standing in front of me. Her face was pale and she was shaking her head pointing to the door.


Then her father came inside looking angry.  Harry and Niall didn't exactly know Kat but they understood who she was.


"Can I please talk to my daughter and her friend alone?" his voice boomed.  The boys ran upstairs leaving us alone.




"Don't.  Don't even speak," her father said.  It was understood by only a few people that I was with her.  Management, the boys, and my heart.  "How could you be with her, my 17 year old daughter?"




"You are about to turn 22 correct?" he said pacing the room.  


"Yes sir," I spoke slowly and calmly.  Kat stood in the corner, her face set in stone.  Her dark eyes were locked on mine.  I wanted to smile but I couldn't bring myself to.


"If I ever see her with you again...I will kill you," her father shuttered the words.  "Say your goodbyes now."


Kat's mouth hung open and she watched her father walk out of the house.  When the door slammed she ran to me.  I lifted her in a hug gripping her waist tightly.  I could feel her tears crash onto my neck.


"He will kill you," she confirmed.


"So this is it?" I asked her my chin wobbling.


"I love you though," she cried hugging me again.  Her hands clutched my back and then she looked into my eyes.


"I love you to," our lips clashed together and I set her on the counter.  She ran her fingers through my hair and I kept my arms around her.  She was my world being taken away.  When we separated , her face wouldn't leave the ground.


"This isn't over," I whispered in her ear.  She nodded and started towards the door.  When she reached it she turned and took another look at me.


"I can't move on from this.  I love you.  This isn't over," and then she left.  Out of my arms.  Her father had to do this.  Not knowing how it affected me.  She knew I was leaving for tour in 2 weeks.  I wouldn't be back for 1 year.  She was going to tell her parents before then and see if she could come with us.  The plan seemed childish now seeing her father had just shut everything down.


"Louis, where is Katrina?" Harry's voice came closer to him.


"She's gone.  She's never coming back and now-" I was cut off by Harry's embrace.  It was unexpected and warm.  I felt weird.  I wasn't developing feelings for Harry, I was just surprised at how much confidence Harry had.


"I'm-I'm sorry for making you feel- weird," Harry said folding his hands behind his back and stepping back.


"I don't really want to talk about it now, but thanks...for this,"I said walking away.


Harry's POV


I could see it in his face when I turned the corner.  He was sad like I had been when I came out.  Louis stood up and walked out of the room.  We hadn't talked in months let alone been in physical contact.  It was hard to see him like that and hugging him was instinct.  After I had told them, Louis found me in my room.




"Har-Harry," Louis said entering my room where I was sitting on my bed.  I looked up and nodded at him.


"I can't be friends with you anymore.  I love you to death, but I can't have any more rumors.  I can't do this anymore.  Just don't talk to me, sorry," Louis had said.  Then he left leaving me heartbroken.


*flashback over*


"You're welcome," I answered when he left me alone.  Again. 



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