Just Can't Let Her Go

Louis Tomlinson, member of One Direction, accused of being in a relationship with Harry Styles, in a "relationship" with Eleanor Calder, sassy, older than others. He's alone all the time....unless he's with her. Her. Katrina Prior.

"It's okay

not to be okay

when I'm with her..."

That is...until he is not with her.

Authors Note: Harry is bi in the fanfiction :-) I love Harry with all my heart and wouldn't judge him if he was. Thank you for reading!


2. Chapter 2



I let the smile creep onto my face as the window snaps shut behind me.  Even though I am sneaking around it still feels perfect and just right.  My room is quite small but it doesn't bother me.  I'm taking my heels off before I realize the hall light is one.  My house has 3 bedrooms, one for me, one for my older brother, and one for the parents.  Someone is awake.  "Please be Matthew," I pray. My pulse quickens as I peek my head outside.  No sound is there just light.  I pull a robe over what would be considered my "skimpy" dress in my house.  Tousling my hair to look like I just woke up I walk into the lounge.  My father sits reading in the big chair.  He's strict and doesn't like me getting home this late.  He doesn't notice me at first so I think I have a chance to run.  At the last moment his eyes travel upward and land on me.  He doesn't look angry just like a worried parent.  I walk to him and lean against the doorway that leads to the kitchen.  His eyes haven't left me yet.  


"We can talk in the morning," is all he says.  Then he gets up, switches off the lights, and leaves me in the dark.  I come back into my room and shut the door silently.  Without changing I take off the robe, stay in my dress, and crawl under the pink barbie doll comforter I've had since I was six.  Without a doubt I will be punished in the morning or early afternoon, whenever I wake.  It takes me a while to fall asleep but when I do my eyes are fixed on a poster of One Direction.  The band Louis is in.  I have posters of him everywhere, my parents think I am an obsessed fangirl.  I just have a mural to my boyfriend on the wall though.  


Louis's P.O.V.

It's hard to hide my smile when I walk into the room.  The mates look at me when I walk in.  I know I am in trouble with Modest, but it was worth being with her.  


"They want to see you Lou," Zayn speaks up.  My smiles dampens a little but I confidently walk into the conference room. Sitting before me are men wearing very expensive clothing.  All their faces are straight and their mouths in a fine line.  


"You can't be with her," one of them openly states immediately.  I laugh silently.  We have this argument at least once a week.  Ever since Harry announced his love for me, I have announced my love for her.  Harry came out about 3 months ago.  Every one took it very well, except me. He knows I love him, but not like that.  I can't look at him the same way.  The rest of the boys treat him the same, but I just can't.


"I love her," that's the only thing I said before I walked back out. The arguments erupted behind me but I just sat next to Niall and we talked about nonsense.  


Katrina's P.O.V.  


Waking up was the hardest part of the day.  I came into the kitchen to my whole family sitting around our brand new kitchen table.  I looked strangely at my brother who raised an eyebrow.  He was 18 and a senior at the high school, he was not a morning person so he laid his head down.  


"Katrina, we need to have a family meeting now," my father put down the paper and slid his jacket off. His arms were crossed and his eyes focused on me.

"About me?" I asked guiltily.  


"About how you snuck in last night," he said.  My mom looked up aghast at me.  Matthew lifted his head and smiled.  Our family had the same discussion 2 years ago about him. 


"I was at dinner," I wasn't lying.  If they asked me who I was with what would I say?  I was with Piper and Charlie last night.  They wouldn't believe me for a second.  I already told them the couple were going out for a film.  Piper was my best friend she would cover for me.  I should be honest right?  I was with my 22 year old boyfriend who is in a band.  That's going to sound great out loud.


"With who may I ask?" my mother snapped. 


"Louis," I grimaced like I had just been burned.  This was going to be an extremely long day.  Week.  Month.  Life.


I explained to my parents who Louis was leaving out his age and career.  I told them where we met and how long we'd been together.  My mother asked about his age though.  


"He's 21," I whispered.  My family has sadly been blessed with good hearing.  Matthew spit out his cereal and dad stood straight up.  Mother gasped loudly and I thought she would faint.  


"Hell no," my father yelled.  "I need to talk to this man, where is he?"


"He's in a band, they are really busy," I said pleading him. 


"It's not like he's in One Direction or whatever.  He can't be that busy," Matthew said.  I stayed quiet.  "Kat, he's not it One Direction, is he?"


"He's Louis Tomlinson,"I sat back down shamefully.  Dad turned around and walked out of the house.  Mom started crying and ran after him.  


"Kat, do you love him?" asked Matt.  He was standing in the doorway now about to go into his room.


"I do, I do Matt, I can't help it," I cried into my robe.  


"Then it doesn't matter.  Age, sex, or anything.  If you love him, you can be with him," Matt smiled at me.  Matt gives me hope, that's why I love him too.

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