Just Can't Let Her Go

Louis Tomlinson, member of One Direction, accused of being in a relationship with Harry Styles, in a "relationship" with Eleanor Calder, sassy, older than others. He's alone all the time....unless he's with her. Her. Katrina Prior.

"It's okay

not to be okay

when I'm with her..."

That is...until he is not with her.

Authors Note: Harry is bi in the fanfiction :-) I love Harry with all my heart and wouldn't judge him if he was. Thank you for reading!


1. Chapter 1

Is it bad? That everyone believes in Elounor...but we aren't really together.  Is it bad that I have believers in Larry....it isn't even real.  Is it bad...that nobody knows about her.  And is it bad...that we shouldn't be together?  She is almost 6 years younger than me and it's a sin to be with her.  The first time I saw her I was 19....she had been 14.  It was when One Direction had just formed, she was one of the first fans.  I remember running into her at a coffee shop on our first trip to the America's.  She was with a couple of friends and they had started freaking out right there.  I was confused and pulled them to the side.  She hadn't said anything though.  In the middle of my conversation....she made a cat noise.  I kind of did a double take and her friends were laughing.


"Katrina Prior, Kat," she had introduced herself confidently.  I shook her hand with my mouth agape.  Were all American girls like this?


After that she had slipped her number in my back pocket when she thought I hadn't noticed.  I did and called her right afterwards.  She answered a little bewildered and we had a whole conversation.  Ever since, I have been spending a lot more time with her.  Now that she is 17 and I am 21 we have to keep it a secret.  Management doesn't like me seeing her, but their afraid I'll expose Harry's secret.  They have me a cover-up named Eleanor, she is nice, but I am not really into her.  I'm into Kat.  She's the most imperfect thing I have ever seen, I need her and she needs me.




"Louis we simply can't just tell everyone about us," giggled Katrina.  I was apparently on another rant about management and she was calming me down.  She was a laugh-er this one.


"Exactly what's going to stop us," I plead to her.  We are hiding in the shadows of a not well known restaurant.  It's in the dark circle of town, down a dirty alley.  The place itself is quite nice and relaxing.  Music plays,  lanterns hang low on the ceiling, waitresses skate around taking orders.  It was our place.


"I don't want you to," she says seriously leaning across the booth.


"And," I ask closing my eyes.


"You love me and will always protect me," she says kissing me.


"I will always protect you,"I echo behind her.  She sits back down looking slightly flushed by the sudden PDA(Public Display of Affection).  If there is one thing about her she is confident in everything she does, says, and see's.  It's the small things that get to her though, afraid of being judged.  I judge her.  For her beauty though.  Light makes her hazel eyes sparkle, her short hair in at her shoulders. The dress she has on actually fits her body shape unlike some other girls.  She's is modest, yet confident.  She is strong, but only around certain people.  She is defensive, for me.


"It's almost 12:00 Louis, I need to be getting back,"she frowns in my direction with a pouty face.  The truth is I should have been back at the boarding house an hour ago.  The dreaded curfews.  Of course mine though is true to the word, I am on a date.  Her's though, is a well thought out vindictive lie.  She is supposed to be studying with her friends but instead she is with me.  It's the whole Romeo & Juliet thing we have.  I am an international superstar and she is small town girl.  She should be a screaming fan and me and arrogant superstar.  We both like to disobey fate though, so that is why we are together.


"I know,"  I say making it quick.  I pay like a gentleman and she waits patiently by the door.  I see her flattening her hair, brushing her dress off.  It's every detail I memorize that keeps me hooked.  As soon as I think I know her, something surprises me.  I walk over to her lacing our fingers and we walk out.  Her high heels clatter on the pavement of the alley.  We walk into the streets and run walk to the car parked across the intersection.  She sits down and turns the music on immediately.  It's never awkward silence between us.  There isn't really talking all the time, just sitting or watching a film.  A song she must know comes on because she starts to hum along.  Suddenly, I am humming along to.  It's Skinny Love by Ed Sheeran.


Her voice is the perfect pitch not to high or deep.  She doesn't think she has any talent in the singing field but I beg to differ.  Her voice is even and she hits all the right notes.  I grin to myself for she is too immersed in the music to notice.  When the song ends she turns her head from the window to me.


"Hello," I say putting my eyes back on the dark road.  The lamp lights are dim but I can see quite far.  


"Hey," she answers me closing her eyes and leaning back on the seat.  We arrive at her house around 12:00 p.m., she gets out and walks to the window.  It's cracked slightly open and she shoves her purse in.  Before she leaves she turns and runs back to where I wait by the curb.  We hug and I spin her in a circle.  Her shoes touch the pavement and when my eyes open all I catch is the tip of her head sneaking in.  

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