The Boy With The Bruises(Harry Styles)

"What happened to you, Harry? Why are you afraid to let me touch you?"

Harry Styles is broken. He moved to America as a foster, his mother sent to jail for brutally abusing him and his father long dead. He keeps himself away from other people, snapping at them when they get too close, and at school that earns him a reputation of a bully and everybody is afraid of him. The truth that nobody knows is that he is afraid of them.

Serenity is a small girl, and sensitive to the touch. The tiniest thing can bring tears to her eyes, and she hates it. She wants to be stronger, but she just can't do it.

When she meets Harry, he frightens her and she wants to push him away, but she finds it impossible. Fate seems to bring them together, because Serenity and Harry can help each other in ways they can't imagine.
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2. Chapter Two

I didn't go to school the next day; thankfully, the night before I had gotten sick.

My mother was very concerned, but I wasn't phased. When I got upset, say the least, I had a very weak stomach. Add that to the list of weak things about me. 

Anyways, my mom insisted for me to stay home when I woke up on Thursday morning.

Groggily, I sat up in my bed and rubbed me eyes. "Why?"

My mother looked down at me. "Well, in case you're still contagious, if you ever were, it's best if you do." She placed her hand on my forehead, as if she could really tell my temperature by doing so.

I swatted her hand away, then turned around in my bed so my back was facing her. "Okay, fine." I didn't exactly want to stay-high school, you know. I'd most definitely have a lot of make-up work to do the next day. But I was tired, and not in the mood to argue. I fell back asleep before my mother had left my room.

Hours later, I was fully awake and was making some tea in the kitchen. I'd changed from my pajamas into some jeans and a tee shirt, hoping not to feel as lazy as I had when I first woke up. I knew, though, that I'd be basically doing nothing the entire day.

Really, I didn't like staying home on school days. I hate missing out on things, and catch-up work even from one day was a pain in the ass. I considered driving to school; I'd missed my first two classes already, but it would be better than nothing. I quickly changed my mind, though, when I thought about one person:


I didn't want to have to see him again. Of course, I'd have to sooner or later, but I'd rather have had it later. As later as possible. 

Once I thought about him, he didn't leave my mind. I'd thought about him all of last night, too; but they weren't good thoughts. Here was another example of an asshole who would pick on me every possible chance he got. It wasn't a good feeling, knowing I'd have to add Harry's name to the long list of them.

But I'd also thought about exactly what had happened the day before, analyzing it. I'd never seen anyone shake the way Harry had- it was like he was frightened for his life. It shouldn't of scared him that much. If he had been walking as close to the lockers so I had actually had hit him by just turning around and walking two steps, he should've seen me beforehand, and therefore I shouldn't of startled him as much as it appeared that I did.

Maybe I was wrong; maybe he was extremely unobservant and he hadn't seen me. And maybe me running into him had really, really scared him. But the whole thing was just so weird and unlikely, and I didn't understand it at all.

I sighed and left the kitchen with my mug of tea in my hand, shuffling my feet as I walked to the living room.

"I don't even like tea," I muttered to myself as I put the mug down on the coffee table. Settling down on the couch, I sighed, and wondered what on earth I was to do the entire day.

Just as I was thinking that, though, I heard a knock on the front door. Startled, I raced to the door, looking in the peephole before I opened it.

"Hey!" I said with a grin as I opened the door. Chris was there, leaning against the door frame with a small smile on his face. "Why're you here?" I tried to figure out how he could've known that I had stayed home- we weren't in any of the same classes, and of course I hadn't told him.

"I saw you weren't at lunch," Chris said, kissing my forehead as he stepped into the house. "Didn't want to be there, anyways, so I skipped and came to check if you were here."

Lunch- I glanced at the clock on the stove before shutting the front door. It read twelve-oh-seven, and I was sort of surprised that I hadn't realized it was so late into the day. "I'm glad you're here," I told Chris, heading to the living room at a leisurely pace. "It seems like I haven't seen you in forever." 

"It has been forever," Chris said solemnly, following me to the couch to sit. "Two whole days." 

I laughed as I got comfortable next to Chris. "Don't make fun of me, I just said it felt like it." I rested my head on his shoulder, sighing from contentment this time instead of boredom. 

"Why did you stay home?" Chris asked suddenly, putting his arm around me. Here we go, I thought. 

Chris was good, he really was, but he was a rather protective boyfriend. Maybe it was because he worried about me, I don't know. He just always seemed to need to know where I was every second of every day. 

"Because I felt sick last night," I replied shortly, hoping, with doubt, that he would'nt ask for any more information.


I scrunched my nose and looked up into Chris's brown eyes. "What do you mean? Why did nature choose me to get a stomach bug?" I didn't want to tell him I had gotten sick because I was upset about what Harry had said the day before. "There's really no reason why I'm sick, Chris." 

Chris shook his head, looking right back at me. "Serenity," He said in a firm tone. "You're never sick." 

I groaned. He was so pushy, and it was almost like he knew that someone had upset me. "Well, then it's about time, right?" I tried, though I was pretty sure he was going to get me to spill it soon enough.

"Just tell me why you stayed home, Serenity." Chris spoke firmly again, and for a moment I got annoyed at being treated in a childlike manner. But I reminded myself that he was really only trying to help, then reluctantly said, "Okay, I did stay home because I was sick. I threw up last night."

"Why?" Chris asked again. I moved my head away from Chris's shoulder, irritated, then snapped, "What? A girl can't throw up?" 

"Not you, Serenity," Chris hummed in a patient sort of way. He was right; I couldn't remember a time I had been sick other than the night before. It just irked me, how he couldn't let go and trust what I was saying. But I told him anyways, grudgingly, but I did.

"I was upset," I sighed. "Someone called me a name." I made a face at how it sounded, like a child complaining to their mother.

Chris looked at me expectantly, and I rolled my eyes. "It was the new kid, alright? Harry Styles. He, uhm, called me a bitch, but really, I don't care anymore." 

Chris shook his head. "I call throwing up caring," he muttered in an angry tone. "Why'd he do it?"

I explained that I had ran into Harry, causing him to drop his things. I left out how he had been shaking, and how I had cried on the way home. "I have a really weak stomach, so it didn't affect me all that much, " I said, though it wasn't that weak.

"What the fuck is his problem?" Chris steamed, almost talking to himself. He stood up and stretched, then looked down at me on the couch. "I have to go."

"Where are you going?"

"Teach the little shit a lesson," Chris snapped, heading to the front door.

I jumped off of the couch and followed him, getting in front of him before he was able to reach the door. "Are you seriously serious?" I asked with a disbelieving laugh. "You're going to be that kind of boyfriend?" I didn't like the thought of him hurting Harry, and I wasn't completely sure why.

"Yeah," Chris said, trying to sidestep away from me. "I am."

Suddenly I was pissed off. I could take care of myself. It was just one shitty comment, and I didn't like how Chris was acting about it.

"You listen to me," I snapped. "You're not going to do anything to Harry, or talk to him, or look at him." I hadn't even known I could talk with so much force. "I'm sick of you treating me like a, a kid or something. I can take care of myself."

"When you're staying home from one damn name, it's hard to think you can take care of yourself!" Chris said, exasperated.

"Just leave him alone, okay?" 

Chris pushed past me and out the door, and it was easy to tell he was as pissed as I was. "No promises," he spat on his way out.

"You better watch yourself!" I yelled before slamming the door shut. That had been our first fight, and it was a pretty stupid one. But I swore to myself if Chris did anything, we'd be through. And it wasn't for Harry, not at all. It was the principal, for him to respect what I had asked him to do.

No, it wasn't to protect Harry at all.

I think.


Hey, ya'll, so this really is a filler chapter. I'm sorry, you're probably saying, one of those already? I just already have an idea for some things coming up, and I'm anxious to write then, so this kind of sucked. Sorry, babes. But yeah, I'm eager for the next few chapters, so they'll be up really soon! Thanks for the people that read this, please say what you think! -<3JuliaRose<3

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