The Boy With The Bruises(Harry Styles)

"What happened to you, Harry? Why are you afraid to let me touch you?"

Harry Styles is broken. He moved to America as a foster, his mother sent to jail for brutally abusing him and his father long dead. He keeps himself away from other people, snapping at them when they get too close, and at school that earns him a reputation of a bully and everybody is afraid of him. The truth that nobody knows is that he is afraid of them.

Serenity is a small girl, and sensitive to the touch. The tiniest thing can bring tears to her eyes, and she hates it. She wants to be stronger, but she just can't do it.

When she meets Harry, he frightens her and she wants to push him away, but she finds it impossible. Fate seems to bring them together, because Serenity and Harry can help each other in ways they can't imagine.
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1. Chapter One

When I first saw him, I was slightly frightened. Maybe because he was a new student and had the look of another potential bully. He walked into class slow, hunched over. Guarded, I suppose. He was dressed in all black, black hoodie and black jeans. The color on him was strange, for he was pale. So very pale, and his skin was creamy, glowing like the moon. His eyes, a gorgeous green color, contrasted with the black-and-white demeanor of the rest of him. They were like splashes of color on his face. His right eye stood out greatly against a dark bruise that circled it. His hair didn't match the rest of him, either. Dark chestnut-colored curls circled his face, and they seemed almost too adorable for the rest of him.

As students walked past him to their seats, he looked around for one to claim his own. I shifted nervously in my seat as his eyes lingered on the desk next to me. I sat in the back row, next to a corner seat that had always been empty. It had been that way all year, and most likely because it was the farthest from the exit. 

Inwardly, I groaned as he walked up to the chair he had been looking at and sat down. I expected him to ask if the seat was available, but he just sat like I wasn't there, staring straight ahead. It was almost as if he was purposely ignoring me.

But really, who was I to judge? I didn't like to socialize with people either. I was prone to cry easily, and it was a real problem at age seventeen. It wasn't something I could control, either. I cried at the littlest things; like stumbling in the hallways or someone playfully making at joke towards me. And when I did cry, I desperately hated it because it made me seem so idiotic. 

I turned my attention away from the boy as the last few students trickled into the classroom. An average Wednesday afternoon, last period. People were antsy to leave. I just wanted to leave so I could see my boyfriend, Chris. I rested my chin in my hands and smiled as I thought of his name. I pictured him in my mind; his blond hair, his tall figure, his tan skin. 

He was tall, buff, and tough, whilst I was plain, small, and sensitive.

Even my name sounded puny. Serenity. My friend Aliza said it sounded graceful and beautiful, but I thought it made me look weaker and smaller than I was.

I wasn't short, exactly, but I was thin and breakable-looking. I had dark wavy hair that ran down my back and blue eyes. My looks were plain, but okay. Bullies liked to pick on me for another reason; and it was simple: they liked reactions, and I reacted overly to everything. Obviously. Most of the time, the bullies were idiots that my, may I say small, group of friends were able to snark off. But sometimes, there was that one comment that would actually affect me. Of course, I would cry at least a little bit anyways, but few things really hurt, and when they did, they hurt.

All in all, I was downright pathetic, and even I could acknowledge the fact. But Chris could always make me feel a little bit better, and I loved him for that. He never made me feel bad about myself in any way. It was weird, though, because at school Chris was a known troublemaker. He got into fights, mouthed off to teachers, and had shitty grades-the works. Whenever he saw me outside of school, though, he was soft and gentle. It was almost as if his tender side was a side he could never show during school, and afterwards he really let it through. I was aching to see him, because the day before I hadn't been able to at all.

I looked at the clock on the wall over the door just as the the bell signaling the start of class rang. Right on cue, our history teacher, Ms. Empthen, walked into the classroom with her heels clicking. She carried a briefcase, which, by the way, looked quite ridiculous, and there was a pencil tucked behind her ear. Most kids at our school classified Ms. Empthen as the strict teacher.

"Good afternoon, class." 

A few students mumbled in response, and she rolled her eyes at the lack of enthusiasm as she made her way to the computer, about to check the classroom announcements like she did every day.

"Happy birthday, Christy...Drew, you're leaving twenty minuets early..." As she read along her voice sounded bored. "Class average of the month so far is eighty-nine, step it up a bit, folks...Oh!" Her voice had gotten noticeably higher and more excited. "We have a new student from...from England! Can they introduce their self?"

Everyone turned to look at the boy sitting next to me, whom had kept so quiet I had actually forgotten about his presence. His head was down, but I could see that his eyes were squeezed shut, and I felt bad for him because I assumed he didn't like the attention. 

The teacher noticed him, too, obviously for the first time. "Oh, there you are. Can you stand up and introduce yourself, please?" 

He slowly stood up and looked at Ms. Empthen expectantly as if he wanted her to tell him what to say. 

She looked a bit taken aback. "What's your name?" 

Looking down, the boy mumbled something so softly even I couldn't hear it.

"What's that, honey?" The teacher asked, briefly revealing her very unseen soft side. 

"Harry." He repeated, and I gasped as I heard his voice. It was low and gravelly, and his English accent was thick. Overall, it was extremely attractive.

"Harry Styles." 

Ms. Empthen smiled. "Okay, Harry, can you tell us why you moved to America?" 

Harry looked the teacher straight in the eye this time.


Ms. Empthen's smile lasted longer than one normally should, but then she said, suddenly cool and reserved, "If that is something you don't wish to share with us, then that is perfectly fine."

Harry nodded and sat down.

I felt a familiar sense of timid fear start to creep into me as I glanced again at Harry. But it was beyond frustrating, because I had no idea why I was starting to feel scared of him. He just seemed so...closed. Like a mouse trap that would snap your finger off at the faintest touch. 

Ms. Empthen continued class normally after that, talking about the early nineteen hundreds in Europe. 

Usually that topic interested me, but I was too distracted by Harry to listen.

In the back of my mind I wondered why Harry had caught my attention so much, especially since he frightened me. I should've been blocking out any thoughts I had about him. But I dismissed my interest in him being because he was from England, and I enjoyed topics like geography and history, enjoyed learning about new places. 

The things I noticed about him, though, had nothing to do with where he came from. The things I noticed about him were things I would not normally notice with people; the way he smelled faintly like peppermint, how the middle finger on his right hand was crooked like it had been broken multiple times, and how the boots he wore looked worn and rugged, like the rest of him.

I just couldn't stop looking at him. I was sneaking little glances from the corner of my eye or whenever he looked the other way. I didn't hear a single thing the teacher said for the entire period, all because of that strange boy sitting next to me. The funny thing is, I didn't notice the time whirling by, didn't notice the clock ticking or the time left in the period dwindling down. 

So imagine my surprise when the bell rang. I stood up, dazed, and wondered worriedly if we were assigned homework. Never had I completely tuned out an entire class, although I tuned out the world frequently at home. Briefly, I considered asking Harry if had homework, but he had left the classroom before I could tell myself no.

As the students rushed out of the classroom, I timidly walked up Ms. Empthen. Her black hair was pulled up into a bun, and her little nose was stuck in a textbook. She looked up as I approached, and I couldn't help but think that she looked slightly like a cat, with intense almond shaped green eyes and pointed eyeglasses. 

"Excuse me, um, did we have any homework today? I'm sorry, I just spaced out."

She looked at me for a second, then turned around, gesturing towards the blackboard behind her. An assignment was written in big letters on it. "Serenity?"

I laughed, embarrassed, and dropped down in the nearest desk, pulling out my agenda and a pencil. "Sorry," I muttered, then began quickly scribbling out my homework. 

Ms. Empthen looked at me as I wrote, tapping her jaw with her finger.

"You know, I was thinking you would be a good person to show Harry Styles around," she said thoughtfully, and I looked up in surprise and distaste. "Normally, we wouldn't need this for a new student, but considering he's from England and all, it would be good if he got a look around and was taught some things they didn't do over there." 

I cleared my throat, frustrated. I didn't want this job. Shyness was a problem just as much as crying for me, and I didn't want to have to show someone around who scared me.

"Um." I said as I hurriedly put my agenda and pencil back in my schoolbag. "Can I think about it?"

Ms. Empthen looked annoyed. "Well, I can find somebody else to-" 

"Okay, I'll do it." I said, and ran my fingers through my hair. I told myself I had said yes because I was doing my teacher a favor-in reality I was just a pushover. 

Ms. Empthen nodded. "Thank you, Serenity. Have a good evening."

Smiling weakly, I walked quickly out of the classroom into the empty halls, and when I reached locker I wanted to slam my head in the door. It wasn't just because it was Harry. Even if it was an actually approachable looking person I still wouldn't want to show a new student around, and it was solely based on my shyness.

The fact that it was a mysterious British boy made it a hundred times worse.

Slowly I packed my things in my schoolbag, grabbing my history and math book for homework reluctantly. Homework had lately been piling up on me, and sometimes I had wanted to give up. 

But my dream of going to Harvard had kept me going. People thought I had it the bag, with scoring a twenty-two hundred on the SATS and and being part of extracurricular activities like Science Olympiad and some sports a year ago. I wanted to stick it out through the end, though, and getting a C in a class would break my run. 

I sighed as I slammed my locker door closed, then slung my bag over my shoulder and quickly turned around. 

A small shriek protruded from my lips as I collided with a hard chest. As I looked up and saw the face of Harry Styles, my hands hit his arm and pushed it back, making him drop the books he had been carrying. He went rigid.

"Oh, gosh, I'm really sorry!" I dropped to the floor and started hurriedly collecting his books. 

When I was about to put them back in his hands I gasped. He had been trembling violently, more then I thought he had been. It was as if he was being electrocuted. I couldn't comprehend why, and I blindly worried if he was having a seizure for a maniacal second. 

My hand grazed his, though, and that seemed to make him snap out of whatever was happening to him. Angrily, he snatched the books away from me, all but ripping them out of my hands. I flinched away from his rough touch.

"Watch where you're going, bitch!" He snarled, then tore off down the hallway, stumbling a bit because his legs had been trembling also. 

I stared after him for a second, and of course I started to cry. I pressed my hand to my mouth and whipped myself around, stalking to the side entrance of the school.

As I threw the door open the sun hit my face. I leaned against the brick wall of the school and looked across the schoolyard, my vision blurry from my tears. Furiously I wiped them away, sniffling a bit as I leaned my head back, turning my face towards the sun with my eyes closed. 

I stayed there in that position for a minute, and when I opened my eyes I jumped. 

Harry stood by the front entrance doors a couple yards away, watching me. I couldn't see his face very well, but I knew it was him. He took a couple steps down the entrance stairs in my direction, but I quickly turned around and crossed the grass to get to the sidewalk. 

Before he was out of my sight I turned around once and saw him, still standing in the position I had last seen him in. 

As I walked home, a couple more tears spilled out, but I was really too busy thinking of him to cry.


Hello, this is my first story on here. I'm brand new, so I know that it won't get hardly any reads. But the people that do read it, please comment what you think! Thank you so much. I'll update a couple times a week. I love you all! -JuliaRose

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