Emma Smith ( new version)

My name is Emma, I'm a 16 year old teenager that has a lots of hobbies like singing, dancing, going to parties and being a directioner. I think my life is very similar to yours, cause as a teenager I love doing things that only a teen of my age can understand me, isn't it? And here I'm writting a new version of my life, that has some changes and some things in common to the other movella 'Emma Smith'.
I hope you enjoy my life... hehehe


2. One Direction is closer than I thought

After happening somethings that I have never thought that would happen, I entered the red car thanking a lot both of them. And asking how exactly the meeting would happen.
- Sorry, but what's your name?? Because usually I don't enter the car of someone that I don't.... Know the name! - I saw those words slipping out of my mouth.
- Ham, my name is Daisy. And it's a plesure to meet you. - She said almost having a car crush because of looking behind the seat to see me. - And you usually don't enter the car of people you don't know, isn't it?- I agreed shaking my head. - But I'm certain that those people don't take you to meet One Direction. - I agreed with a smile upon my face.
- What's your name?? - Jenny asked.
- My name is Emma. - I said.
- Mom, if you don't know, you can call her Emma, because that's her name. - Jenny said in an ironic way.
Until that moment, I have really liked both mother and daughter. And that's why I like crazy people, hehehe, if I didn't, I wouldn't like me!
F*ck! - I said when I broke one of my nails.
I could only listen to people laughing and I thought it must be because of my bad words, hehe.
I was so excited to know 1D, but the problem was my fear of they letting us waiting for them or they not coming.
I started talking about me to Jenny and she told me everything about her. And the more I knew about her, more I liked her. Our conversation could last until the rest of my life, because I thought it wouldn't have an end. But the unexpected happened. The conversation has had an end :( , but the EXCELLENT news were that we got to the place where we would meet 1D. And a good thing is that now I know Jenny's age, and she is 17 years old ( 1 year older than me ).
I think you don't know where the meeting would take place. I will just give you an advice: a snack bar where someone of 1D LOVES going! Do you know the answer yet?? If you thought it was Nando's, you got it right! And if you thought it was another thing: I'm sorry but it wasn't at that time :( !
The thing that I was scared to happen happened. They didn't go to Nando's. After waiting for one hour, Jenny's phone started ringing and she attended:
- Alo, who are you? - She said angrily.
- Hi, I'm Paul. I think you know me and I'm calling you to say that....
Jenny interrupted him, saying:
- I know what you will say, you will say that we can't meet 1D anymore. But, it's not anymore, I wouldn't meet them anyway. I can't trust those people and competitions. And I know that you aren't Paul, of course you aren't!
Listening to these words, I thought Jenny would spoil the chance, so I ripped the cellphone from her hand and listened to his words, and they were:
- Ok, if you don't want to meet them, you don't need to. I just called you for you to come to the studio and know them and almost everybody that works with them, even me. - Paul said.
- oMg! Is it true? So wait for us cause we are going right now, just give me the address, please.
-[#]\_%^*+=+*!~!\?£\=~€€?.!\ - he gave me the address and we got in the car to go there.
When we got there we didn't blink or breath, we were just appreciating the beautiful view that was the outside studio.
- Are you certain that it's here??-Jenny asked me with the opened mouth.
- Yes, I'm almost certain. - I said, in doubt.
A manager "checked" and let us enter the studio. When I was entering I said to Jenny:
- Your first step in this studio must be with the right feet, ok? - I'm superstitious, I forgot to say, he.
And she agreed with the head, entering with the right feet.
The first known person that I have saw was Paul.
- Are you the one who called me? - Jenny said.
- Don't you know that he is Paul? - I said
- Yes, I know him but I think he is arrogant and that was just after he called me. - She said.
- Are you certain that HE is arrogant? - I said.
- Do you mean that I am arrogant??
- No, I don't mean anything.
When we entered the door that was written: studio. I just took a breath and saw 2 boys, and they were Louis and Niall. I ran as fast as I could and jumped in Niall's back. I started kissing his face and I noticed that I was just dreaming. Poor me, I know myself, and I also know that I wouldn't do it.
I was just emphasizing the fact that I have seen Niall and Louis together. Jenny stopped, started walking quickly and then gave a hug in both Niall and Louis without them expecting it. They immediately looked at me and made a signal for me to come near them. Of course I did, but I don't know how was shy, because most of the times I'm super popular, hehe.
I got near them and they hugged me asking my name, because they already knew Jenny's.
- My name is Emma, Emma Smith - I said.
I was not believing in what I was seeing and then, I couldn't see anything anymore, because someone covered my eyes with his hands. And I knew that they were hands of a man, a sexy man with sexy hands.
I took those hands off of my face and looked back. I just couldn't believe in what I was seeing, I was seeing Harry. Yes, Harry Styles.


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