I Trusted You

Elizabeth Horan is of course Niall Horan's brother, He met some guys on Omegle that change his life, but what happened to Elizabeth? Niall forgot about her, and whenever she asks something, He either says 'Go away...' Or even worst that breaks her heart.. 'Fuck off, No one likes you'. When he first said that, She was heartbroken, she couldn't even stop crying. She doesn't like the other 4 lads that he met.. It was al there fault.. Or was it?


1. 1

I bolted in the door with my report card

"NIALL! GUESS WHAT!" I yell at my brother, He ran out the room and hugged me

"What?" He asked, I showed him my report card. He looked up at me, I just stood there smirking.

"Did you forget?" I asked

"Uhhh No..?" He said questioning it

"Ugh, if I get a good grade, You'll take me out for ice cream!" I said annoyed at his forgetfulness

"Well, Sorry!" He laughed while smirking

"Now, lets open this bad boy up!" He said still laughing and opening the package up

"Writing - 100%

Science - 87%

Reading comprehension - 98%

History - 77%

Geography - 100%

and Mathematics -40% ? Liz, You need to do better in math.." He said reading it

"Im sorry Nail" I smirk at calling him Nail

"Don't call me Nail, Call me Niall!!" He yelled playfully

"Fine, Nail.." I laughed

"That's it.." He attacked me playfully as I laugh while he tickles me

"N-Nia..-" I couldn't even finish my sentence because I was laughing to hard

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